Interview – Mal Chia, Head Of Operations, Pushh Fitness

MyBudget Chia Mal BW

Mal Chia is a full-stack marketer, senior leader and technologist. He helped launched Uber and UberEATS in Australia and co-founded the South Australian operations, leading an agile marketing team. He is currently the head of marketing and digital at MyBudget, where they are building the future of money.

Q: How long have you been in the marketing industry?

A: 13 years

Q: Over this time what are some of the big changes positive or negative you have seen in the industry?

A: Data has really come into focus and digital has obviously been a huge game changer across every level. Marketers have a lot more control of their marketing than ever before, but at the same time the fracturing of media means most marketers are spread too thin and are constantly feeling they are behind the 8-ball. As a consequence, I’ve seen marketers burn out faster but the ones who have been able to embrace change, taken ownership of their marketing programs and learned to move quickly are really thriving.

Q: How do you maintain success and company growth with the rapid industry changes?

A: Don’t be afraid to try new things and be prepared to fail. Focus on your strategy and do what’s important – it’s super easy to get distracted. Know what your funnel looks like and how you’re going to measure each stage. Having the right metrics can quickly alert you to what really needs your attention

Q: Are there any companies that you see as an example of great marketing and why?

A: I’m totally biased but I love Uber’s marketing and how it has evolved from when we were a scrappy startup to a global behemoth. Xero has done an unbelievable job making accounting software cool. Hubspot practice what they preach by demonstrating the capabilities of the product with all their marketing.

Q: What are the latest trends and behaviours you predict will be surfacing on the market over the coming 12 months?

A: Automation will make it easier for brands to scale their marketing and communications with less agency support whether it be performance marketing, content or social. We’re barely scratching the surface of what data can do with many of the big brands only now starting to build teams of data scientists and engineers.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have received within your job over the years?

A: What do you want people to say about you.

Q: What is one key takeaway you hope our CXO audience leaves with after hearing your presentation on site?

A: Beware of shiny new objects. If you don’t have a goal and a plan – run away!