Interview – Shailendra Tripathi Head of WHS, QBE Insurance

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I currently head the Work health and safety team at QBE for Australia Pacific region. The role involved managing health and safety, WComp and life insurance Claims, Wellbeing at QBE for Australian, NZ and Pacific region. Prior to QBE, I have worked with Roads and Maritime services, Wesfarmers and United group within a similar capacity.

1) What do you feel are the biggest challenges safety leaders are currently faced with within their business?

The fast pace of change combined with the global context of WHS is quite challenging. Not all regions are as matured as others and this brings the challenge of implementing a coherent safety system. Also, the lack of experienced and good quality safety professionals is another challenge.

2) As a safety leader, what do you feel businesses continue to get wrong when it comes to their marketing strategy?

Making it a standalone agenda and still inclined heavily towards compliance. When it is marketed on its own within proper context to the business operations, it fails. AT some places safety is still made so complex that people do not get it.

3) What are the latest trends and behaviors you predict will be surfacing on the market over the coming 12 months?

Significant focus on Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Flexible and agile working, Wellbeing in general across all industries will have greater focus in the next 12-24 months.


4) What is the best piece of advice you have received within your job over the years?

Collaborate with business leaders and Keep it simple. This does the trick of getting safety to grass root levels as well as to the Board.

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