In this interview, our Founder and CEO, Tyron McGurgan, sits down with Kurt Warren, GM of Health Safety at Hansen Yuken. They delve into the remarkable work Kurt has recently undertaken to shift the mindset of their workforce. By being transparent about the mistakes made, the challenges ahead, and the upcoming changes, they have significantly increased employee engagement and driven a safety culture that cares.

Some of the key talking points covered off within the interview include:

  • Leadership and Change: Kurt shares how the leadership at Hansen Yuncken emphasized the need for safety improvements without adding more rules, which attracted him to the role. He discusses the journey of transforming the organization’s safety culture, involving listening to employees and facilitating open, honest conversations.
  • Initial Challenges and Approach: In his first few months, Kurt focused on understanding the organization’s different divisions and their unique cultures. He encouraged employees to share their insights through structured methods like the “workers’ insight tool.” This empowered employees and led to increased engagement among workers.
  • Open Sharing and Collaboration: Kurt emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge and best practices openly within the industry. He notes that Hansen Yuncken has made its safety initiatives publicly accessible.
  • Handling a Fatality: The conversation touches on a significant fatality that occurred, where Kurt and his team chose to share the incident details publicly to prevent future occurrences and support the affected family, a decision supported by their legal team.
  • Impact and Influence: Kurt reflects on the broader impact of their initiatives, noting increased interest and adoption from other organizations, both within and outside the construction industry. He highlights the ongoing influence of their work on improving safety practices and fostering a collaborative industry culture.