Interview – Philip Paysden, General Manager, APM WorkCare

APM Workcare Philip Paysden 600Philip Paysden is currently the General Manager of APM WorkCare, leading the workplace health division of the Global Human Services Business APM. With 15 years of leadership and solutioning experience in workplace health in Australia and Europe. Philip has partnered with leading edge technology solution providers bringing together technology and traditional health solutions to large corporations. He is passionate about bringing workplace health into the digital age and is engaged in research and social media blogs.

Who are APM WorkCare and why should our delegates want to know more?

APM WorkCare is the workplace health business division of APM. The APM Group today is a global provider of human services with operations in 10 countries and employing over 5,000 people, APM also manage a caseload of over 350,000 people at any time and today have both the APM and Assure Programs brand in Australia. APM are truly a holistic end to end solution for wellbeing, injury prevention and injury management, with a local office in every corner of Australia. We bring to you the best of breed in trends, technology advances, and allied health expertise to provide you with the best solution and advice.

What do APM WorkCare see as some of the key challenges facing senior OHS executives within their space?

Understanding the complexity of employee wellbeing and how to achieve productivity in a dynamic environment. AI and wearable technology are becoming more prominent with some great opportunities to engage. There are also changes and pressures within compensation legislation systems across Australia, and APM can assist with the drive to achieve positive outcomes within these schemes.

What’s new in the market for APM WorkCare at the moment?

We’re talking to our customers about accessing the range of interventions available to them under Federally funded schemes, which support employees to stay at work if they or injured or ill and unable to do their job. We are also helping our customers get greater visibility of their inured workforce and achieve outcomes through technology.

What differentiates APM WorkCare’s range of services to other suppliers within their field?

APM are in a unique position, in part due to our disability service business, to deliver a range of services with a variation of funding. WorkCare are accredited in every state and territory and are able to provide a wide range of workplace health services including disability support and awareness training.
APM remain a true allied health values organisation with an Occupational Therapist at the helm. Everything we do is to enable better lives and bring productivity back to the workforce.

What are the key takeaways attendees will receive from APM WorkCare’s roundtable discussion?

The APM WorkCare Roundtable will highlight a number of case studies where technology has been used to deliver early intervention treatment and management services across, psychological, musculo-skeletal and general injury, saving workplaces time, money and improving outcomes and organisational culture.

What does the future look like for an organisation looking to work with APM WorkCare?

WorkCare will continue to build a broad corporate health capability, we recently welcomed ORS and Assure Programs to the Group and are expecting further announcements shortly. APM currently provide disability employment and education services and will extend these services along with helping our customers navigate the confusing work of technology. Organisations working with APM stand to benefit from the full breadth of organisations, services and expertise under the APM Group umbrella and our appetite for continual positive relationship growth and innovation.

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