Interview – John Kouroutzoglou, Information Security & Compliance Manager, Domain Group

Headshot 330x330John Kouroutzoglou has worked in both cyber and physical security for over 20 years. Some of the large global companies he’s worked for in the past include Alcatel-Lucent, HP and EY. John is currently at Domain in the role of Information Security & Compliance Manager.

John has worked across finance, technology, and government sectors.  He likes to combine learning’s from physical and personal security with cyber security and finds engagement with employees is stronger when he includes discussions on topics such as insider threats, fraud, personal security and competitive business intelligence.

Interviewer: “What do you feel are the biggest challenges Information & IT Security leaders are currently faced with?”

John: “The changing nature of compliance regulations place pressure on security and IT departments to retrofit security capability to comply. This is a big ask in particular for businesses which are multinational. ”

Interviewer: “As a leader in the Information Security industry, what do you feel businesses can work on when it comes to their security strategy?”

John: “I believe more emphasis should be placed on employees and processes. By that I refer to insider threats and business process compromise risks. These fields of risk are typically not well understood – they represent a vulnerability that can destroy a business.”

Interviewer: “Things change so quickly in the IT industry, what does it take to stay on top of the security?”

John: “I tend to stay informed by reading newsfeeds of various security publications such as: The Register, Krebs on Security and CPO Magazine. I am also a member of ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) where I receive daily articles about fraud and security risks. I also attend vendor events and symposiums to network and learn from peers. ”

Interviewer: “Where do you see the industry headed within the next one to five years and what do you feel will be the biggest game changers?

John:  “Cloud security will be front and centre as more businesses migrate to the cloud, with that I expect innovation in automated cloud security tools that will make security consistent and much more effective. I think this will make security much easier to scale and reduce the element of human error. Hopefully fewer breaches will result.”

Interviewer: “What is the best piece of advice you have received within your job over the years?”

John: “When it comes to difficult decisions, always act with integrity. You never know when you will be judged on your actions.”

Interviewer: “What would you say to someone trying to excel in an Information Security role?”

John: “Immerse yourself in learning, by that I am referring to bettering yourself at least every year with security-based education. You cannot stop learning, you will be left behind. ”

Interviewer: “What do you feel is the hottest topic right now in the industry and what is its effect on the industry?”

John: “Recent security breaches due to hacking – memorable ones include: Capital One, European Central Bank and the Bulgarian tax revenue office.”

Interviewer: “What do you feel the most passionate about within your business?”

John: “Getting employees involved in cyber security. I share real victim stories of cyber crime both organisational and individual. Stories resonate, employees relate and that drives cyber awareness.”

Interviewer: “What is one key takeaway you hope our CISO audience leaves with after hearing your presentation on site?”

John: “I will be focusing on some controversial, not well know security breaches and in particular sharing what went wrong, and lessons learnt post breach. I hope the audience comes out better informed on non-traditional security risks and the devastating consequences they have on organisations. I promise it will be entertaining!”

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