Interview – Andrew Weyer, Chief Information Officer, DHL Supply Chain

andrew weyer colour 450x450For the last 17 years Andrew Weyer has lead customer centric professional services teams in DHL Supply Chain across Australia and New Zealand, Middle East and Africa.  They contribute to everyday life by ensuring the efficient operation of their customers supply chains.  They adopt and deliver innovative cost effective solutions leveraging the latest digital technologies and incorporating best practice standardisation for the benefits of their customers.






Interviewer: What do you feel are the biggest challenges IT leaders are currently faced with?


Andrew: With the speed of change, anticipating what is coming and catering for that in your solutions approach is a key challenge.  Building solutions than can be mixed and matched with new market introductions and ability to change small components of your overall solution is a key requirement of delivery. 


Interviewer: As a leader in the IT industry, what do you feel businesses can work on when it comes to their IT strategy?


Andrew: Change management today is more critical than ever before.  Understanding change and ability to drive cultural changes to technology and business approach are critical.


Interviewer: Things change so quickly in the IT industry, what does it take to stay on top?


Andrew: Continual re-education and collaboration. Engage and learn everyday!


Interviewer: Where do you see the industry headed within the next one to five years and what do you feel will be the biggest game changers?


Andrew: Wearables and Human natural interfaces (Voice, Sight, Hearing, emotion, movement) 


Interviewer: What is the best piece of advice you have received within your job over the years?


Andrew: Carpe Diem and be open to constant change.


Interviewer: What advice would you give to someone trying to excel in the IT industry?


Andrew: Think and talk like a customer.  Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. This applies to any industry not only IT


Interviewer: What do you feel is the hottest topic right now in the industry and what is its effect on the industry?


Andrew: Digital Twins and how this enables AI and Machine Learning to add real value. This is a game changer in terms of proactive alerting and responses to business   


Interviewer: What is one key takeaway you hope our CIO audience leaves with after hearing your presentation on site?


Andrew: All technology is great and can be very exciting.  You need to leverage the Technology capabilities and enablements to drive real business outcomes and value, including Digital Revenue streams



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