“We focused on 4 areas – Product, Process, People and Technology”, says Will emphasizing the need for a plan in the absence of which we plan to fail or make ourselves extinct.

  • Product – Identifying the consumer behaviours and defining product strategies around them are keys to successful transformation. Mobile, Video and Data Analytics were three main pillars of this strategy. Consumer trends are heavily increasing on mobile, people are time-poor and want to consume content on the go. A mobile first strategy is key to success with focus on unique value propositions. The video advertising spend growth rate is at, and continues to grow at, double-digit figures. The dollars are there – so we needed to provide inventory to capitalise on this demand. Placing the audience at the heart of everything we do. Maximise the value of our
  • audience to improve monetisation. Developing concepts targeted at audience growth among high value consumers. Data is the key asset. Finding it, analysing it, consolidating it and monetising it is paramount.  Get data in one place and create services to dynamically expose information.
  • Process – We had clear roadmaps which everyone signed up to with regular innovations days.
  • People – We brought in new talent, re-booted the organisation and established a supportive culture. This created a high performing team that drove agile adoption.
  • Technology – We introduced the right operational infrastructure to support rapid development. This enabled to establish a scalable and high quality platform with speed to market. Strategically embracing the cloud-enabled infrastructure on Amazon Web Services, Test Automation (unit and e2e) triggered from the build server and Continuous delivery by automating integration and deployment resulted in an unprecedented transformation of the Pacific Magazines business.

“Focus on these aspects and change into a Tech savvy, high performing , startup like organisation to execute the vision for growth and success”, concluded Will in his engaging and thought-provoking session at the CIO-CISO Leaders Summit on how companies need to find their inner technology mojo to ensure survival in the fast changing marketplace.

“If I had 9 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first 6 sharpening my axe” – Abraham Lincoln

6.30 PM, a cloud-less night in 2030. Jason returns home. He has been thinking about getting married. Throw in voice instructions from wife and kids into the Alexa algorithm, aaahh!. “Welcome home Jason”, says Alexa interrupting his thought train. “Playing recording of the Boston Red Sox game you missed today” informed Alexa while the TV turns on and his attention is completely diverted into the game. “GO XANDER (Bogaerts)!”, yelled Jason, settling down into his recliner with a highball glass of Jack Daniels neat. The wedding and kids and their toys can wait for another day.