Trends in Cybersecurity – Andrew Milroy

Andrew Milroy, Founder, Veqtor8

APAC organisations are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. As digital transformation accelerates, attack surfaces expand and create fertile terrain for malicious actors. Current controls are woefully inadequate and new approaches to cybersecurity need to be adopted.

In this session, leading cybersecurity industry analyst, Andrew Milroy, discussed the key trends in cybersecurity in 2022 with a focus on new ways in which APAC organisations can mitigate digital risk.

Risk, Visibility & Protection in a Distributed World – Justin Ong

Justin Ong, APAC CISO, Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Cybersecurity attacks are like COVID-19, they are becoming much more sophisticated,spreading like wildfire.

With connected world of DX, every business must address security risks beyond its own, to include remote working, IoT, Industrial 4.0 as well as customers, partners of its supply chain and value chain.

In this session, we discuss how a complete relook for security management of total risks is required to protect, detect as well as respond effectively and timely.

CIO TRACK – Driving Operational Success and Maximise Business Revenue Through Aligned Partnership – Adil Antia & Jacky Koh

Adil Antia, SVP, Senior Partner – Technology & Solutions, FPT Asia Pacific
Jacky Koh, IT Director, KrisShop (a company of Singapore Airlines)

Technology has drastically evolved the way we do business.
Enterprises may engage a technology partner as part of their digital ecosystem, that brings excellent digital experiences for operation and productivity growth.


Key Takeaways from this session, in partnership with KrisShop:

  • Insights to market trends that has accelerated the need for innovation and transformation
  • Case Study of KrisShop:
    • Mind-set shift brought about by global supply chain disruption and the importance of digital capital
    • Thriving in the digital age through aligned partnership and win-win collaboration
    • Driving business values by becoming a consumer-centricity organization.

CISO TRACK – Has the Cyber Security Industry got it wrong when it comes to Data Security? – Reinhart Hansen

Reinhart Hansen, Director of Technology, Office of the CTO, Imperva

In this session, Reinhart examines what data security leaders should be focusing on to modernise their data security programs and strategy so that they keep pace with the modern requirements for monitoring and securing data in their environments.

Topics/discussion points:

  • Why traditional data security controls have not kept pace with today’s demands.
  • With so many large-scale data breaches being reported, where was the SOC?
  • What data protection strategies can CISO’s adopt to help modernize their data security playbooks?
  • The need for AI, ML and behavior analytics in cybercrime detection, prevention, and investigation.

CIO TRACK – Innovation in Digital Transformation – Mustafa Sabuwala

Mustafa Sabuwala, Principal – Financial Services, HCL Technologies, Singapore

In this session, Mustafa covers some examples of innovative use of technology by traditional enterprises to manage the challenges of digital disruption in areas of customer acquisition, servicing and workforce development.

He also discuss how the technology organization can support innovation for business by identifying latest technology, vendor identification, people training, change management and productionizing new transformation experiments.

CISO TRACK – Emerging AppSec Trends in 2022 and Beyond – Randeep Chhabra

Randeep Chhabra, General Manager, AppScan, Asia Pacific & Japan, HCL Software AppScan

Randeep spoke about the need for organizations to address security earlier in the software development life cycle. If they prioritize speed without security in app development, it can lead to an uptick in critical vulnerabilities with disastrous results.

While the security technologies across networking and operations are more commonly implemented to high standards, we see unique challenges and trends faced by clients in implementing effective application security programs.

Here are the main key points discussed in the HCL Software roundtable session:

  • How are CISOs improving processes to integrate security into DevOps, and what challenges do they face?
  • What are the practices, techniques and strategies that can be used to achieve better application security?
  • What are the key trends for 2022 and beyond?


A live journey of business transformation made possible via disruptive cyber protection technologies – Ken Soh

Ken Soh, CIO and Director, e-Strategies, BH Global

Keypoints discussed include:


1.       The cultural and cyber security mandates for business resiliency in the new world norm.

2.     Why continuous disruptive innovations are so important today

3.     The critical success and failure factors for a transformative CISO to happen.


CISO Track – Securing Endpoints and Ensuring Compliance – Matthew Burns

Matthew Burns, Associate Vice President, BigFix, Asia Pacific & Japan, HCL BigFix

Entreprises are under increasing pressure to protect data from breaches. Security professionals must re-evaluate their security software to adjust for new threats and risk.

Keypoints discussed in this session with Matthew:
• How enterprises are dealing with compliance challenges around distributed workforces
• What are the trends around data breaches, and how organizations can defend against those risks
• How organizations can consolidate security toolkits and software, therefore reducing complexity


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