Visibility into the modern threat landscape: A people centric approach to defending against cyber-security attacks

Brian Hay, Co-Founder of Cultural Cyber Security, moderated a panel discussion around “Visibility into the modern threat landscape: A people-centric approach to defending against cyber-security attacks”. 

Panelists included:

– Tim Bentley, Vice President APJ, Proofpoint

– Hai Tran, Chief Information Security Officer. WA Police Force

Susie Costa, Senior Vice President, Head of Security Operations, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

This panel discussed how we can protect the way your business works today.

Human factors can demolish your cyber-security defenses at any time but, if you understand these new threats, you can defeat them, well before a siren sounds. In this panel discussion, the audience got to know the full menu of socially-engineered attacks, learned the who, where, why and how behind these new threats and tactics and what are our security leaders’ priorities in the current cyber threat landscape?

About Brian Hay
Cyber Security evangelist; thought leader; mentor; public speaker; executive roundtable facilitator; CISO advisor.

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