Making Digital Transformation Stick: The Journey of Collaboration Excellence

Tanya Freeman, Group Director Information & Digital, Urbis

Digital Transformation is often directed solely at customer interaction however, driving efficiency internally requires an equivalent focus. Success is often a secret recipe and transforming your colleague’s everyday can turn an ally into a cynic. Stresses of a small team and big aspirations are a daily challenge. There is a bold way forward: Tanya Freeman guided attendee’s through how Urbis made collaboration a journey of excellence.

Tanya discussed the key ingredients to your team’s journey in successful digital transformation.

Key stories were:
1. Small team, big ideas – Motivating your IT leadership team to think bold
2. Taking the leap – with allies and grassroot MVPs and innovation tools
3. Growing the tech team for free, embedding the culture
4. Reuse: Ditch the 80/20 rule – capture value at every angle

Transforming and creating the future way of working, Urbis is changing the way colleagues work every day.

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Tanya Freeman is a performance driven IT executive.
Boasting over 20 years’ experience, Tanya has developed and delivered IT strategies and roadmaps to improve stability, build capabilities, drive financial benefits, enhance architectural and governance processes.
Her contribution to strategy, delivery and operational groups, has allowed Tanya to deliver large-scale change across people, process and technology in complex environments.
A leader in her field, Tanya has created environments that support team performance and development, and ultimately deliver outstanding customer value.

Technology Leadership for The Future

Ross Dawson, Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Strategy Advisor & Founding Chairman, Advanced Human Technologies Group

Technological change is feeding on itself, with cloud economies of scale driving costs ever-lower, open platforms spawning new possibilities and now AI designing AI. Leaders need to clearly envision the potential future shape of business and enterprise technology to prepare effectively today. In a world of distributed value creation the most successful companies are becoming platforms, pushing technology management beyond organisational boundaries, raising pointed data and security issues. AI is not just reshaping the nature of work across organisations, but also optimising, automating and transforming every aspect of the IT function from threat detection to application development, with cognitive offloading supporting the shift of technology staff to higher-order expertise.

Top IT departments will continuously evolve their structure, workforce, and practices to manage both core and rapidly emerging technologies.

Leadership is at the heart of this transformation, engaging, educating and guiding boards, executive teams and staff to create the secure and highly successful organisations of the future.

This keynote presentation from Ross Dawson discussed technology leadership in an everchanging industry.

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Ross Dawson works globally as a futurist, keynote speaker and strategy advisor, inspiring audiences with an deeply positive and pragmatic focus on the potential of the future. He is Founding Chairman of the Advanced Human Technologies Group of companies, spanning professional services, web publishing and software development, and the bestselling author of books including Living Networks, which The New York Times credited with predicting the social media revolution.He has delivered keynotes and strategy workshops in over 30 countries for leading organisations such as American Express, Coca-Cola, Commonwealth Bank, Dubai Ministry of Finance, Gartner, Google, IBM, KPMG, Macquarie Bank, Oracle, Procter & Gamble, PwC, Roche, Telstra and Visa. Frequent media appearances include CNN, Bloomberg TV, SkyNews, ABC TV, Today and Sunrise shows, Washington Post and many others.

Shifting Gears to Data Curation and Digital Workforce Management for Integrated, End-to-End Process Automation

Matt Hanmer, VP Sales, Australia & New Zealand, AntWorks™

Whilst the use cases for stand-alone Robotic Process Automation are numerous, it’s fast being recognised that traditional RPA alone serves only to automate tasks, whereas most enterprises are seeking end-to-end process automation as their goal. Scaling an initial RPA proof of concept or deployment beyond task automation is a struggle for many organisations. AntWorks™ has taken a different approach by using a business process lens to review the challenge. By developing the next-generation Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) with the industry’s only fractal-science-based technology, you can now access and automate all your data inside one platform to achieve straight-through processing.

  • Curate: Make your data available and usable by improving readability, accuracy and accessibility
  • Integrate: Leverage an integrated technology platform that automates and learns your business
  • Automate: Enable measurement, management and mobilisation of your Digital Workforce

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Matthew Hanmer is the Regional Vice President, Sales, A/NZ and South Pacific of AntWorks™, a global artificial intelligence and intelligent automation company. He leads all sales efforts across the region, working with clients and C-suite leaders on implementing artificial intelligence solutions that deliver maximum ROI and exceptional business outcomes.

Matthew has more than 16 years’ experience as a senior executive and strategic consultant in enterprise IT. Before joining AntWorks, he led Infovista’s business in the South Pacific Region. Prior to that, he held a variety of high-level roles at Hewlett Packard Enterprise where he was responsible for leading activities around the merger of Micro Focus and HPE’s Software Division, and he also spent several years as a senior executive with Cisco, leading their sales divisions for security, data centre and cloud.

Widely regarded as a thought leader in the industry, he has a proven track record for solving complex client problems and developing collaborative enterprise IT engagements across a diverse range of industries and verticals.

Innovation through Technology; Evolving your Network in a Hybrid World

Lyncoln de Mello, Head of Cloud and Infrastructure, Brennan IT

As an industry leader, working closely with Australian businesses for over 20 years, the team at Brennan IT have witnessed rapid growth in the Hybrid IT world; this evolution has now finally reached the network.

When cloud technology began to revolutionise the way companies managed their IT, many moved all of their infrastructure there, anticipating that a full cloud-based environment would be their end goal in the future.

Although this worked for some smaller businesses whose primary need was mobility, most of the mid-size or larger companies that Brennan IT work with identified a need to maintain an on-premise footprint. Security and compliance were the main drivers for this, but there were many others; maintaining full ownership of sensitive data, supporting bespoke legacy technologies.

A recent study by IDG found 90% of companies have plans to run a Hybrid IT environment. So, in a Hybrid world, with the imminent adoption of 5g networks and an ever-growing need for bandwidth, how do they ensure their network can keep up?

This roundtable discussion from Lyncoln explored the process of evolving your network in a hybrid world.

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With nearly 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Lyncoln is currently accountable for the performance of the Cloud and Infrastructure practice within Brennan IT, including the creation and execution of strategy, revenue and profit growth, and excellence in delivery. Lyncoln has a strong track record in expansion and innovation.

A Mobile-First Strategy for Securing the Modern Digital Workplace

Luke Knowles, Sales Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, Wandera


Digital transformation is easy to talk about, but difficult to achieve. And securing the modern digital workplace can be a nightmare, with sensitive data moving to mobile and the cloud. In this roundtable discussion, Luke from Wandera presented a holistic strategy for protecting modern businesses that spans mobile endpoints, workers, and data.

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Luke Knowles is leading the regional expansion for Wandera into Asia Pacific & Japan and carries over 14 years as a specialist in mobile security. Prior to joining Wandera Luke held regional leadership and business development positions at MobileIron, Samsung and BlackBerry, having relocated to Singapore in 2010. Originating from Melbourne Australia, he built his earlier career at Singtel Optus over 10 years in various cities around Australia. Luke also holds a post graduate qualification in Business Administration from RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

How the Role of IT Leaders and Emerging Technology are Converging in the Future

Damien Scalzo, Chief Information Officer, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

This workshop from Damien explored the following in an interactive manner:

  •  How the role as technology leaders will change in the next 5-10 years based on IT megatrends and the shift in workforce skills;
  •  Which C-suite will win the battle over leading the technology function of an organisation: the CIO, CDO, COO, CTO, CXO, CFO or CEO?;
  •  What IT current megatrends will impact greatest on digitalisation and innovation journeys and which will be forgotten when the hype settles;
  •  How the way in which financial services are provided to businesses and customers will completely transform;
  •  Which corporates will succeed in innovating, and which will fail; and
  •  Who will win the innovation battle between corporates and start-ups.

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Damien is the CIO of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia/New Zealand.

For over 15 years, Damien has combined his business and technology experience as a CIO, Management Consultant, Systems Integrator and Chartered Accountant to help organisations use technology to add value to their core and new business processes across industries include Financial Services, Manufacturing, Utilities and Public.

Damien is passionate about technology and also spends time mentoring stratus to grow and scale.

Taking the ‘Jazz Hands’ out of your Digital Transformation

Glen McLatchie, Group Chief Information Officer, SKYCITY Entertainment Group

SKYCITY Entertainment Group knew they had to respond to the myriad of technology trends impacting their business but were faced with a decade of under investment across their entire technology stack.

Since joining in 2016, CIO Glen McLatchie set out a plan to tackle this technology debt, while addressing the relentless business demand for digital transformation and innovation.

During this workshop, Glen shared the SKYCITY journey with tips and techniques that helped move the ICT function from cost centre to enabler – agreeing the business operating model and articulating the desired state, through to securing the funding and setting up the delivery capability.

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“I’m an experienced senior executive with an extensive background in delivering business and digital change on a global scale. I have a strong strategic orientation; having held several senior business and IT executive roles allows me to contribute to overall business direction alongside core technology and digital strategies.

I flourish in changing environments and my commercial acumen and pragmatic approach to business and IT problems have been honed in large European and Asian environments as well as across Australia and New Zealand. This wide breadth of experience has enabled me to become a highly successful leader of change.

I have a real passion for the development and investment in people, particularly long term strategies for personal growth and capability improvement.”

2020 and Beyond – Tomorrow’s World: Where is the Next Disruption Coming From?

Andrew Weyer, Vice President, Information Technology Australia, New Zealand, DHL Supply Chain

The biggest future revenue and profit impact of digitalisation is set to occur through the digitalisation of Supply Chains – McKinsey

Private life and business life have become increasingly characterised by an appreciation of and dependence on technology, making it a central part of daily interaction, decision making and competitive advantage. These changes are impacting our industry as well: digital innovation – from connected warehouses to new autonomous last-mile delivery services – is increasing the relevance and presence of logistics in everyday life making headlines and turning an age-old industry into an exciting place to drive change for the betterment of society – DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

During this keynote presentation, Andrew Weyer explored the latest DHL Trend Radar, and addressed:
– Social, Business and Technology Trends
– Sharing and Collaboration
– Developing and maintaining a competitive advantage.
– Encouraging staff to become entrepreneurs.
– Human Impact – Humans and Robots
– Growing security awareness.
– Securing more than just the edge.
– Humans – reducing human impact.

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Andrew has 29 years experience in IT leading customer facing delivery teams across Africa, Middle East and, for the last 5 years, Australia and New Zealand. Andrew also facilitates the IT agenda for DHL Supply Chain’s LIfe Sciences and Healthcare customers across Asia Pacific. Originally a Banker, Andrew also has extensive experience across Consumer, Life Sciences and Healthcare and the Logistics Industries. Andrew currently leads a team of 75 Certified Supply Chain Specialists, ensuring the continued supply of DHL Customer Product and helping DHL Supply Chain be an essential part of everyday life

CISO and CIO Metrics for the Board

Moderator: Luke Hannan, Master of Ceremonies,

Panellists: Keith Pinto, Chief Information Officer Australia, Lendlease
Megan Hemingway, Head of IT, Seven West Media
Daminda Kumara, Head of Cyber Security and Risk, Wesfarmers Industry and Safety
Faizal Janif, Chief Information Security Officer, Endeavour Energy


“Information security has increased visibility with the corporate board of directors. When the CEO says the board wants to discuss the security strategy, will you be ready?”

This panel discussion discussed risk-based approaches to security and prioritising investments and methods to ensure that your employee’s are aware of security risks and are involved in the security strategy.

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Today’s Toys, Tomorrow’s Tools – Securing IOT in the Enterprise

David Austin, Senior Vice President, Information Systems & Chief Information Officer, Six Flags

“We live in a time of unprecedented innovation and the number of IoT devices many of our employees have in their homes is exploding. Those devices won’t stay home for long! We are seeing a migration from the home to the office. Many of these devices “today’s toys” will find a place in the enterprise. The approach to onboarding these devices needs to be well thought out. Building the process to bring these devices on the enterprise network requires changes in the way we have thought about provisioning, securing, and long-term management.”

David’s opening keynote presentation discussed the proliferation of IoT devices in the enterprise, on-boarding and securing IoT devices on the corporate network, and the necessity of managing BYOD IoT.

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David Austin was named Senior Vice President, Information Systems & Chief Information Officer for Six Flags in December 2017. Mr. Austin had previously served as Chief Technology Officer at Berkshire Hathaway Automotive from December 2014 to December 2017, where he had operational responsibility for all technology across 100 business units, technology development, and leadership of the IT team. Prior to that, from May 2007 to December 2014, he served as the Vice President of Information Technology at Larry H. Miller Group, a company with many businesses that included The Utah Jazz and associated arena businesses, large mega-plexes cinemas, a 500-acre racetrack complex, and a large automotive business, where he led the IT team. Mr. Austin majored in Speech Communication at Fresno State University.

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