Enabling New Approaches to Organisational Digital Innovation in the Post-Pandemic Era – Chris Bezuidenhout

Chris Bezuidenhout, Managing Director, CIB CIO APAC & Emerging Markets, Deutsche Bank AG

One of the main words that emerged in the post pandemic world is the word “Innovation”, especially in the IT and online industry.

In this session, Chris spoke about how all IT leaders are distinctively set to evolve into innovation leaders. They need to be competent enough and have the skills to envision and deliver technology-driven business change.

CIO Track – The Everywhere Workplace: Planning and Preparing for a Hybrid Workplace – Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj

Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj, Chief Information Officer, Torrens Global Education Services

Keypoints discussed in this session:

  • Rethinking communication, training and development, knowledge exchange and psychological needs.
  • Reimagining the office space while knowing the specific requirements needed for the home workplace.
  • Reinforcing integrity, security, privacy and liabilities policies while putting in place a contingency plan.

One on One meetings

The afternoon one-to-one meetings are under way at the CIO/CISO Leaders Australia Summit 2022 in Sydney.
Over 200, 30 minutes face to face meetings throughout the day with key industry suppliers and leading IT and IT Security executives.


CIO Track – Adopting AI to enhance your data and analytics capability – Jenny Wu

Jenny Wu, Director, Deloitte

Artificial Intelligence can do so much in modern days, from driving a car to helping discover new drugs for curing diseases.

One of the major computing methods and enablers of artificial intelligence is machine learning. The more data, the more the computer system improves.

In this session, Jenny focused on the common challenges many organisations experience in using machine learning (ML) methods to help with decision making, what it takes to integrate AI and machine learning into everyday business processes and explored potential routes to embark on the adoption journey.

CISO Track – AI and Cybersecurity – Dr. Sharif Abuadbba

Dr. Sharif Abuadbba, Senior Research Scientist, Cyber Security CRC Fellow, Data61 | CSIRO

Employing AI for Cybersecurity to solve challenges like cyber-attacks (such as cyber intrusion, data theft and data compromise) can be a double-edged sword as it can be used for both cyber defence and cyber-attacks.

In this session, Dr. Sharif focused on two aspects:

  • presenting a few real-world examples of developing novel AI based algorithms for cyber defence,
  • and exploring the security of deployed AI algorithms and developing corresponding countermeasures.

CIO Track – Creating an Agile, Resilient and Sustainable Organisation Through Digitalisation – Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson, Head of Group Technology, Charter Hall

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Drawing up a digital-first operation model.
  • Setting up a digital knowledge hub to showcase the impact of digital in transforming business.
  • Leveraging on new age technologies and collaborative ways of working to accelerate innovations.

CISO Track – Defend Your Data: Refuse the Ransom – Roland Browne

Roland Browne, Senior Systems Engineer & Cybersecurity Specialist, Cohesity

In this session, Participants learned what is the current landscape of Cyberattacks and how to handle and mitigate the threats to data and systems.

Topics discussed included:

  • How to protect backed-up data against ransomware attacks whilst improving team collaboration by eliminating platform, people, and process silos?
  • Why recovery is a key component of a good cyber security strategy?
  • How to rapidly recover data while reducing business impact?
  • What are the ways to strengthen data security and cyber resiliency?

CISO Track – Gaining complete cloud visibility as you scale – Lacework Roundtable

David Hayes, Area Director, Australia & New Zealand, Lacework
Ryan Johnson, Director, Sales Engineering, APAC, Lacework

More and more organisations are delivering innovation at record speed, while maintaining confidence in their overall security.

In this discussion with Lacework, participants learned the best practices and insights into how organisations have gained full cloud visibility and security saving them valuable time to focus on safely scaling their business in the cloud.

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