Transforming a 99-year-old appliance maker: the digital paradigm shift

Jai Thampi, Head, Digital Transformation & IoT at Electrolux Asia Pacific, delivered a workshop around “Transforming a 99-year-old appliance maker: the digital paradigm shift”

What if you were tasked to transform a market leading century-old corporation that is anything but digital-first? Where would you start, and how would you go about it? Jai Thampi discussed how Electrolux has embarked on a consumer-centric transformation strategy that is showing tremendous potential within just months of initiation.

About Jai Thampi
Jai Thampi is head of digital transformation & IoT at Electrolux Asia Pacific where he is reimagining the company’s future through launch of IoT-enabled connected appliances, digital innovation roadmap including new business models and services, M&A and partnerships, startup acceleration, partner engagement etc. Prior to Electrolux, Jai held senior leadership roles at Cisco, Belkin, and Philips.

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