Innovation through Technology; Evolving your Network in a Hybrid World

Lyncoln de Mello, Head of Cloud and Infrastructure, Brennan IT

As an industry leader, working closely with Australian businesses for over 20 years, the team at Brennan IT have witnessed rapid growth in the Hybrid IT world; this evolution has now finally reached the network.

When cloud technology began to revolutionise the way companies managed their IT, many moved all of their infrastructure there, anticipating that a full cloud-based environment would be their end goal in the future.

Although this worked for some smaller businesses whose primary need was mobility, most of the mid-size or larger companies that Brennan IT work with identified a need to maintain an on-premise footprint. Security and compliance were the main drivers for this, but there were many others; maintaining full ownership of sensitive data, supporting bespoke legacy technologies.

A recent study by IDG found 90% of companies have plans to run a Hybrid IT environment. So, in a Hybrid world, with the imminent adoption of 5g networks and an ever-growing need for bandwidth, how do they ensure their network can keep up?

This roundtable discussion from Lyncoln explored the process of evolving your network in a hybrid world.

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With nearly 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Lyncoln is currently accountable for the performance of the Cloud and Infrastructure practice within Brennan IT, including the creation and execution of strategy, revenue and profit growth, and excellence in delivery. Lyncoln has a strong track record in expansion and innovation.