Emerging technologies and its applicability to education

Mitra Bhar, Chief Information Officer at NSW Education Standards Authority, delivered a workshop around “Emerging technologies and its applicability to education”

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, conversational platforms etc are having an impact on various aspects of our lives. The presentation focused on its impact on Education in general with a focus on K-12.

About Mitra Bhar
Mitra Bhar has been working in IT in the Public Sector for around 30 years covering all aspects of IT. She started her career in IT as an Analyst Programmer in the NSW Department of Agriculture. Mitra’s current role includes providing strategic direction for NESA in the midst of a fast changing technology landscape. One of Mitra’s objectives is to research new technologies and how they can be applied for the delivery of NESA services to its customers and stakeholders.


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