Our digital transformation journey – modernising a traditional FMCG organisation

Sara Drakeford, IT Director Asia Pacific, Hallmark Cards Australia presented “Our digital transformation journey – modernising a traditional FMCG organisation.”


In this session, Sarah and the audience navigated through the digital transformation journey undertaken by a traditional industry with a legacy technology landscape that evolved organically over 20+ years, in a business that is a subsidiary of a multi-national organisation and needs to work within a constrained framework. The case study covered where the company started and why, who we started with, the success rate – how do the company knows they made the right choice and succeeded when the statistics everywhere tell of a failure rate upwards of 80%? What was learned? Where to next?

Stage 1 of the journey is on the precipice of go-live. There is nothing more valuable than tapping into the knowledge and experiences of peers and in that context, Sara initiated a discussion – what would you have chosen? What would you choose next? Why? And explored alternative ways of working through a similar journey.

Sara is an experienced IT leader who has headed up IT functions in national and international organisations over 20 years with specific experience in the digital transformation journey primarily in the travel industry and more recently the FMCG space. Her strengths are in simplifying complexity and the delivery of organisational efficiencies primarily via business process improvement with technology aiding rather than leading the change.

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