How the Role of IT Leaders and Emerging Technology are Converging in the Future

Damien Scalzo, Chief Information Officer, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

This workshop from Damien explored the following in an interactive manner:

  •  How the role as technology leaders will change in the next 5-10 years based on IT megatrends and the shift in workforce skills;
  •  Which C-suite will win the battle over leading the technology function of an organisation: the CIO, CDO, COO, CTO, CXO, CFO or CEO?;
  •  What IT current megatrends will impact greatest on digitalisation and innovation journeys and which will be forgotten when the hype settles;
  •  How the way in which financial services are provided to businesses and customers will completely transform;
  •  Which corporates will succeed in innovating, and which will fail; and
  •  Who will win the innovation battle between corporates and start-ups.

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Damien is the CIO of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia/New Zealand.

For over 15 years, Damien has combined his business and technology experience as a CIO, Management Consultant, Systems Integrator and Chartered Accountant to help organisations use technology to add value to their core and new business processes across industries include Financial Services, Manufacturing, Utilities and Public.

Damien is passionate about technology and also spends time mentoring stratus to grow and scale.