CIO Track – Driving Your Competitive Advantage with Cloud-First Identity and Access Management – Dragan Vladicic

Dragan Vladicic, Senior Manager, Solutions Engineer, Asia Pacific, Okta

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This Okta roundtable session with Dragan revolved around the subject of “hybrid state” under which many organizations are operating their IT environment these days.

And while the efficiencies of a cloud-first approach are well established, organizations and their employees find it difficult to move back-and-forth between their SaaS apps on one side of the hybrid state, and those legacy applications that need to remain within the on-premises data center.

Keypoints discussed:

  • How can security and IT teams provide employees with a seamless, yet secure, experience as they need to access both SaaS and on-premises applications
  • How can organizations leverage a cloud-first approach to better manage their applications as well as identity and access management (IAM)
  • What are the best ways for organizations to leverage newer technologies to help scale their infrastructure to meet customer needs
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