Sustainability – Setting long term, transparent targets to differentiate the company

Vinay Ramanathan, Head of EHS, Sustainability and Remediation, Nokia Corp delivered a presentation around  “Sustainability – Setting long-term, transparent targets to differentiate the company”

Following a decade of profound global shifts, including rising support for protectionism and populism, major advances in technology, and increasing environmental and social challenges, the term sustainability and corporate responsibility has caught on in the boardroom, courtroom and living room.

However, in an era of fake news, Whatsapp news and rising mistrust in the media, the creditability of the movement is under fire. As stakeholders become disillusioned and distrustful, sustainability reporting must prove itself – quantifiable goals, real achievements green or blue washing. And, all of it must be verified by an outside source.

This session will talk about how some companies are setting long-term, contextual, practical and transparent targets utilizing different approaches. It will cover:

  1. Market forces driving long term targets
  2. What is Science based targets
  3. How did Nokia go about setting long term targets?
  4. Reporting requirements and other considerations

With multiple years of management consulting experience, Vinay has a broad base of strategy and operational experience across large and mid-size companies, developing and implementing various transformational strategies such as business process outsourcing, organizational restructuring, strategic cost reduction, process improvement, and technology implementation.

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