Closing Keynote Presentation – Safety Culture Action Enabled Strategy

Fred Bonewell, Chief Security, Safety & Gas Solutions Officer – CPS Energy

Fred held the closing keynote presentation where he spoke about safety culture and action enabling strategies to create a safe
workplace including the safety responsibilities of all business parts.


Fred Bonewell Chief Security & Safety Officer at CPS Energy as a direct report to the President & CEO he oversees all of CPS Energy’s Enterprise & Public Safety, Cyber & Physical Security, Fleet Operations, Business Continuity, and Labor Relations. As a result of a behavior-based safety program, the company continues to experience a reduction in employee accidents through the promotion of safety awareness. A similar approach is being implemented externally to encourage safety among contractors as well as customers.

Bonewell has more than 30 years of progressive leadership experience in employee health and safety, risk, workers’ compensation, and labor relations. In 2016, he was recognized by the National Safety Council for Distinguished Service to Safety. He has worked for Louisville Gas & Electric, Florida Power & Light, and Enel Spa based in Rome Italy.

Bonewell is a graduate of Indiana State University.

Keynote Discussion – Leadership for Today’s 24/7 Safety Problems

Don Wilson, Vice President – SafeStart

Since the vast majority of injuries and accidental deaths occur outside the workplace, many organizations are trying to determine how their current safety management system will protect their employees 24/7. For most companies, the cost of off-the-job injuries is higher than on the job, and command and control strategies have had little positive effect.
Employees need to be introduced to practical tools that can be used every day to reduce injuries both on and off the job.
This session explored how you can recognize the repeated critical errors that are made in virtually all injuries and drastically reduce injuries 24/7.


Over 25 years of experience in Instructional Design, Vocational Education, E-Learning, Industrial Education and Health & Safety Training. Motivational speaking on 24/7 safety, 24/7 safety concepts and Leading SafeStart 24/7 concepts.

As a motivational speaker on 24/7 safety and 24/7 safety concepts, Don has been a frequent presenter at Corporate Health & Safety Meetings, as well as NSC, ASSE and VPPPA conferences at both the national and local level. He has also presented briefings on 24/7 safety to the leadership of all branches of the U.S. armed services at the Pentagon, and has taught classes on various subjects at safety schools and organizations across North America and in many other countries around the world. Earnings from speaking engagements go to Room to Read and ASSE, two organizations that provide educational and financial support to students around the world.

Roundtable Discussion – Influencing Skills for HSE Professionals

Carl Sall, Associate Vice President Health and Safety – WSP Louis Berger US, Inc

In today’s challenging environment, health and safety professionals have the skills to implement management systems, but many lack the skills to convince Sr. Management to take the lead or approve critical programs.
This roundtable was host to an open discussion on various techniques on how to influence and persuade people.
Some of the techniques discussed may have been found as ethically and morally questionable, but it is important to know and understand them so they will not be used by others to influence you. Participants needed to understand that there are many more techniques than what were discussed, but the techniques that were discussed are some of the most commonly used.


Carl Sall, CIH, CSP: has 25+ years’ experience in health and safety. He has worked in a variety of positions to include military, government, and private industry. Mr. Sall has developed and managed a multiple health and safety programs both in the United States and overseas. Currently, he is the Associate Vice President Health and Safety for WSP and has previously served as the chairman of the Leadership and Management Committee for the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

Roundtable Discussion – Risk Assessment; Best Practices and an Overview of the Bridgestone Safety Philosophy

John Pace, Director, Safety and Health – Bridgestone HosePower

This session covered an overview of Bridgestone’s safety fundamentals global management system, and some general examples of the businesses mission to serve society with superior quality. It also covered Bridgestone HosePower’s operations and how risk assessment influenced their original equipment manufacturing, mobile service, and service branch operations.

To serve the intent of the breakout session and promote interactive discussions, John then solicited examples of best practices from the group, and offered insight to those who inquired if principles of the Bridgestone Way could be applied to their own company.


An experienced and performance driven senior leader. A track record of effective project management and strategic leadership in the execution of environmental health and safety initiatives, and implementing effective programs in corporate and regional roles, combined with advanced industry knowledge and training, to deliver measurable results and add to overall organizational quality.

Roundtable Discussion – Hybrid Behavior Based Safety Program

Solomon Egbe, Corporate Director, Health, Safety and Environment – Ports America

This session reviewed Ports America’s safety program, SAFE PORTS. A “hybrid behavior based” safety program that has become a very potent tool to effect post-merger integration in various marine terminal organizations and most specifically, Ports America Inc. There is a saying in the Maritime Industry that “when you’ve seen one port, you’ve seen one port – no two ports are alike”.
SAFE PORTS has been used to not only position Ports America, an organization that operates 80 marine terminals in 50 ports along the 3 coasts of United States, as a leader in safety in the Maritime Industry, but has produced extra ordinary results in the alignment of the subcultures within this organization that became the largest marine terminal operator following the merger of multiple legacy companies.
It’s Fatal 5 Program prevents fatalities; It’s Roadmaps Program outlines a systems approach towards safety excellence; Its GAP Analysis and Peer Review Programs identify weakened defenses and recommends corrective actions proactively; and Its Walkabout Program encourages the elimination of unsafe behavior, mentoring and coaching.


Solomon Egbe graduated from State University of New York Maritime College with a BSc in Transportation and a Merchant Marine Third Mate License. Attended the Graduate Program where he obtained an Advanced Certificate of Shop Brokerage and Chartering, then worked for V. Ships Ltd., the largest ship management company, as Technical Controller for Cruise Ships, Oil Tankers, Car Carriers and Bulk Ships.

Solomon then attended New York Law where he graduated with a Juris Doctorate, and then joined P&O Ports (which became Ports America) in Operations. Solomon became a Site Safety Manager in 2004, then Site Safety Director, then Regional Safety Director, and now Corporate HSE Director with the Atlantic Division as his primary responsibility.

Workshop – Turning Conventional Continuous Improvement Processes Upside-Down Through Positive Work

Stacey Lucas, Head of Environmental/Safety, Ziegenfelder

This workshop explored a case study on a corporate program called +Projects where:
• Successful work is defined and recognized based on all factors of success (e.g., scope, schedule, budget, safety);
• You can determine why success has occurred through a causal analysis;
• Establishing what positive actions need repeated across the company to assure success is repeated by choice, not chance.


Ms. Lucas is the Head of Health, Safety & Environmental with Ziegenfelder.

She has 25 years of HSE, risk and sustainability experience with particular expertise in enterprise-wide culture transformation. Ms. Lucas has worked globally across many industries including oil and gas, power generation, food processing and manufacturing.

She has held senior leadership roles in the energy sector, a global consultancy and served as a Technical Advisor/Executive Committee Member for several entities including a High-Tech/Machine Learning Start-up, and a $1.2B and $1.4B global medical device/pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Workshop – Effective Engagement – Moving from Empowering to Enabling

Ray Fisher, Advanced Error Reduction and Training Manager – Fisher Improvement Technologies

This workshop allowed attendee’s to learn from a pioneer in human and organizational performance how incorporating personality diversity into how people see and manage risk helps move people from simply being empowered to stop work and get help, to enabling them to effectively engage in a way to prevent errors and incidents.

Effective engagement and enabling also drive better use of near-miss and near-hit reporting and analysis. Using the lessons learned from engaging the volunteers for Superbowl 51, Ray provided an ‘intentional communications’ tool that everyone who attended will now have the ability to use.


Ray Fisher is currently the President and Director of Operations for Fisher Improvement Technologies (FIT), a Native-American (Cherokee) owned business that was recently awarded a Top-100 Native-American Owned Business in the US and a Top-50 Emerging Business in North Carolina by Ray has extensive experience in performing incident analyses, designing performance improvement systems, designing and improving corrective action programs, designing and running procedure programs, and educating staff from the senior leaders to the field. He is a sought-after mentor and trainer, and is routinely invited to speak at international, national and regional conferences on safety, procedures, performance improvement, human & organizational performance and incident analysis. FIT has most recently been recognized internationally as instrumental in reducing fatalities and serious / life-altering injuries in high hazard industries using human & organizational performance and procedure concepts.

FIT provides education and consulting services in Human & Organizational Performance Improvement, Incident Analysis and Corrective Actions, and Improving Procedures / Programs / Processes for multiple industries. FIT methodology has been deployed and integrated in over 100 companies in 20 countries and 10 different languages. Current projects include:
• Manufacturing, Industrial and Petrochemical
• Utility power generation, transmission & distribution
• Nuclear Operations
• Shipping
• Mining and refining
• Department of Energy and
• International High Risk.
FIT is known world-wide for the creation of practical application error reduction tools for use from the Senior Leaders to the hands of the field worker.

Workshop – Making Mental Health Matter – An Enterprise Experience

Catherine West, Global Director Health and Safety – Jacobs Engineering Group


Mental health concerns are an emerging risk that drive all key performance metrics, including safety. Developing a strategy to address these concerns in the workplace and normalizing conversations around the subject to reduce the associated stigma are paramount to building a culture of caring throughout the organization.

Discussions during this workshop included highlights of the Jacobs Global strategy to improving the overall good health and well being in the organization.


Catherine is the Global Safety and Health Director for Jacobs Engineering. Her role is to be a strategic partner for HSE stakeholders in the Lines of Business in supporting and facilitating evolving global health and safety programs and providing visible leadership and support to global programs in collaboration with operations in the USA. She has over 22 years of HSE experience in the manufacturing, aerospace, DoD and commercial automotive industries following serving in the Army Medical Services Corps.

She is passionate about driving effective safety cultures promoting the overall wellbeing of employees.

Keynote Presentation – Gensuite Solution of integrating H&OP into your Digitized EHS Management System

Doug Martin, Vice President, Gensuite
Jamie Britt, Leader, Business Development & Strategic Innovation, Gensuite
Jeremy DuMond, Sr. Global Director of Health, Safety, and Environmental, Wyman-Gordon

This session discussed Jeremy’s story of implementing H&OP and his journey that led to Gensuite. Discussions focused on:

• Initiating H&OP engagement at PCC-Wyman-Gordon Forgings, Inc
• Leadership engagement with H&OP program development expectations
• H&OP implementation
• On-going H&OP engagement opportunities and challenges
• Integration with Digitized EHS management system
• Gensuite solution of integrating H&OP into your Digitized EHS management system
• Future of H&OP at PCC-Wyman-Gordon Forgings in Gensuite.


Experienced Vice President Of Services with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in HTML, Visio, Risk Management, Data Analysis, and Business Process Improvement. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) focused in Management Information Systems from the University of Dayton.


Joined Gensuite in July 2019
• 10+ years of project management experience
• Managed global projects related to EHS and Regulatory for intermediates chemical manufacturer
• Working in partnership with business leaders and IT, led global implementation of tools and process improvements to support strategic initiatives
Projects included:
• Pharma, validated cGMP Document Management
• Product Stewardship
• SDS Authoring and labeling (MSDgen, Wercs, SAP EHS)
• Digitized EHS management tools
• Global Trade Compliance
• SAP Implementations
• SAP EHS Module
• HAZCOM programs
• Process Safety API RP 754
• Human and Organization Performance integration into Digitized EHS tools
• Certified Supply Chain Professional, ASCM (formerly APICS)
• ITIL Foundations Certified


Jeremy DuMond is the Sr. Global Director of Health, Safety, and Environmental for the Wyman-Gordon Division. He previously served as the Director of Operations for the Wyman-Gordon Houston facility. Before joining Wyman-Gordon, he spent 18 years in the integrated steel industry in various operational and regulatory roles.

Opening Keynote – The Curious World of Safety

John Green, Senior Vice President EHS – AECON


Safety has traditionally been about the elimination of negative outcomes (incidents, injuries, errors, malfunctions). While this approach has led to significant improvements it has also produced several problematic side effects: disengagement and disempowerment of people, increasing bureaucracy, loss of innovation and productivity. Furthermore, many organisations now struggle with plateauing safety records. Some industries even experience increasing injury and fatality rates despite unprecedented investments in safety.

Over the last 5 years, a growing number of organisations and thought-leaders have developed a set of ideas and practices that help organisations to overcome the current impasse.
This session explored the required changes to what safety leaders do and how it’s done as HS practitioners as well as the shifts in skills and competencies that are needed to make this paradigm change happen.


John has worked in the oil, gas, petrochemical, electronics, heavy engineering, construction and aviation sectors and has 40 years’ experience of industrial safety. He is recognised and respected as someone who does safety differently and as major force for change in how industrial safety is delivered.

He has spent periods living and working overseas with in the Dubai, Iran, Europe, Hong Kong, New Zealand, parts of the USA and has recently returned from a 5-year spell in Australia covering major construction operations in the southern hemisphere. He know lives in Canada.

He has held senior positions with Motorola, British Airways and Board level positions with McAlpine, Laing O’Rourke, Battersea Power Station Development Company and now AECON. He is currently the SVP and CSO for Aecon.

John holds qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Mgmt, Risk Mgmt, Change Mgmt, Psychology, Law and Philosophy and is currently studying towards a LLM. He is an advocate of doing safety differently and challenging traditional or orthodox thinking.

He spends any spare time that he has climbing in Europe and scuba diving across the world or any other pastime that requires exceptional risk management skills.

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