Join us at the 11th Annual OHS Leaders Australia Summit Be part of Australia’s largest gathering of senior Health, Safety & Wellbeing executives 1 - 2 March 2023, Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast Join us at the 11th Annual OHS Leaders Australia Summit Be part of Australia’s largest gathering of senior Health, Safety & Wellbeing executives 1 - 2 March 2023, Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast Register Interest Testimonial Video Summit Themes Key themes and topics are developed by our
standing committee and advisory board from
the country's most respected workplace Health &
Safety heads . These will be addressed over the course
of the OHS Leaders Summit Australia.

Join us at the 11th Annual OHS Leaders
Australia Summit

1 – 2 March 2023,

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The OHS Leaders Summit Australia is the country’s premier event for senior health, safety and wellbeing executives, and in 2023 we will once again see this elite group come together.

Taking place on 1-2 March 2023 at the Royal Pines Resort in the Gold Coast, the 11th annual OHS Leaders Summit is THE MEETING PLACE for over 150 Directors of Health, Safety and Wellbeing from across Australia.

The program features some of the most senior Health, Safety and Wellbeing leaders from across Australia and overseas, while more than 35 presentations will be taking place over the two days via keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and targeted roundtable discussions.

You will also be able to personalise your own agenda and maximise your time out of the office by engaging in only the most relevant sessions for your business.


Dr Sidney Dekker

Dr Sidney Dekker

Professor and Director, Safety Science Innovation Lab, Griffith University

Nicola Davies

Nicola Davies

General Manager Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Healthscope

Skye Buatava

Skye Buatava

Director, Research and Evaluation - BRD, Centre for Work Health and Safety NSW

Sally McMahon

Sally McMahon

Safety and Wellbeing Specialist, IAG


The summit program is a draft and is subject to change.

Arrival & Registration


Welcome & Introduction

Tyron McGurgan, Chief Executive Officer, Focus Network


Master of Ceremonies

Andrew Barrett, Chief Connector, Safety on Tap


Andrew Barrett

Andrew loves solving challenges with people. He also loves sharing. There are so many challenges to work on, and many being solved every day - [...]

Opening Keynote Presentation – Towards ‘Better Governance’

Chris Jones, Chief Safety & Wellbeing Officer, Department of Corrections NZ/ Ara Poutama Aotearoa

Despite due diligence obligations being written into New Zealand’s legal framework almost seven years ago, there’s a strong consensus that few Boards are fulfilling their duties well and that health and safety governance isn’t adding much value to organisational efforts to keep people healthy and safe – a focus on compliance, lagging indicators, and paperwork continue to dominate New Zealand Board discussions.

In this session, Chris will share insights from the cross-industry ‘Better Governance’ project and will outline a new vision and set of guiding principles for a reimagined approach to health and safety governance. He will also share some of the award winning approach to health and safety governance he has implemented in New Zealand’s Department of Corrections.


Chris Jones

Chris Jones is Chief Safety and Wellbeing Officer at the Department of Corrections, where 9,000 staff work to support and manage 40,000 prison [...]

Speaker Session – 5 Steps To Strengthen The Resilient Capacity Of Your Organisation

Dr. David Provan, Chief Executive Officer, Forge Works
  1. Understanding the science-based capacities for resilient performance
  2. Evaluating the presence of existing resilient capacity
  3. Developing and enhancing operational performance through new capacities for resilience


David Provan

David is an experienced safety professional with an ongoing commitment to practice, research and learning. He is currently the Managing Director [...]

Keynote Presentation – Making Stuff Stick

Terry Wong, General Manager, Move 4 Life
  1. Ever implemented a program, initiative or change in process that has failed to stick?
  2. Discover the latest in learning transfer, habit formation and buying behaviour and how it might help your safety or wellbeing program stick
  3. Discover how to leverage critical personal, psychological and environmental factors to build a sustainable program
  4. Learn some tips and tricks from the implementation of a movement-based physical wellbeing program, across a range of industries and budgets


Terry Wong

Terry Wong is General Manager of Move 4 Life, an organisation which is about helping people to MOVE Better & LIVE Better. Move 4 Life [...]

Networking Break


Keynote Presentation – Power skills: do OHS and Operational leaders have the skills to influence intergenerational teams and shape the future of high-risk work?

Jen Jackson, Founder & CVO, Everyday Massive

OHS teams and Operational leaders are adding a suite of power skills to their development plans to ensure they can influence and motivate teams, generate-buy in, and build trust with generationally diverse workforces.

In this highly engaging presentation Everyday Massive will:

  • Explain what power skills are and why they’re important in work and life
  • Unpack the skills that underpin influence, trust, and psychological safety
  • Share what the most sought-after power skills are for OHS teams and Operational leaders
  • Take delegates through a live showcase of power skills programs being delivered in high-risk industries around the world


Jen Jackson

Jen Jackson is the founder and CVO of AFR Fast 100 company Everyday Massive — an award-winning human experience company dedicated to improving [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 1

David Tregoweth, General Manager, Opal ANZ
Title and Synopsis coming soon


David Tregoweth

Senior leader in safety, risk, quality and environment, with expertise across a variety of sectors, industries and leadership roles. Key [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 2A – 9 pitfalls that can cause your OHS software implementation to fail (and how to succeed instead)

Dr Manuel Seidel, Founder & CEO, EcoPortal

Technology has the potential to transform the way your organisation does and sees safety, yet several factors play into whether you succeed or fail at realising positive change.

Having worked alongside hundreds of organisations to implement safety software, Dr Manuel Seidel understands the common obstacles faced by OHS managers on the road to digital transformation and what it takes to overcome them.

He’ll cover:
  • How to avoid common mistakes when implementing OHS software using real stories from organisations across Australasia;
  • Tips for navigating the paradox of choice in vendor selection;
  • How to ensure the technology partner you select can continue to meet evolving Health & Safety needs;
  • Key considerations that will aid smart decision-making throughout the implementation process.


Dr. Manuel Seidel

I am passionate about transforming traditional 'box tick' and compliance-focused health & safety, sustainability and risk management systems [...]

Workshop 2B – Bringing Critical Risk Management to Healthcare workplace safety

Nicola Davies, General Manager Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Healthscope

How Healthscope are adapting the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) critical control management approach to strengthen the frontline controls and drive down serious injuries to the workforce. Having purposeful conversations around the critical risks and conducting critical control checks is becoming part of the safety rounding routines @Healthscope, balancing the safety of our people with the care of our patients.


Nicola Davies

Bio coming [...]

Keynote Presentation – What Does the Convergence of EHS & ESG Mean for your Existing Technology Stack?

Matt Browne, Director and Technology Advisor, HSI DONESAFE

Today's fast-paced distributed workplaces are accelerating in complexity by the day. Fuelled by the need to become deeply connected at every level, workplaces have become increasingly disconnected. Unfortunately, this disconnect is rapidly widening as the need to capture more data and the need to connect this critical data contextually is forcing business leaders to create even more data siloes and introduce more point solutions to address the challenges of today's complex workplace. Ultimately EHS and ESG Leaders are tasked to deliver across the multitude of ever-growing use cases, KPI's, KRI's, and compliance measures within a deeply fragmented workplace ecosystem using yesterday's technology stack.

This session highlights some practical ways EHS and ESG leaders of large enterprises can navigate this complexity while meeting some of the most demanding asks of tomorrow's workplace.

Learn how:

  • EHS and ESG can work together as one, and how you can leverage the overlap between the two to realise ROI.
  • To practically use technology to increase employee participation in your EHS & ESG program that can uncover your 80% blind spot.
  • To tackle psychosocial and psychological safety within your EHS/ESG program.
  • Your technology framework can unify how your organisation sees, understands and actions risk, compliance & governance in real-time.


Matthew Browne

As one of Donesafe’s two founders, Matthew Browne is driving one of the fastest growing safety startups in Australia. Matthew works closely [...]

Networking Lunch


One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 3A – Adaptable, Scalable, and Efficient Training and Competency Management for Employee and Contractor Health, Safety, and Wellbeing

Sharon Macquarie, Head of Global Training, Avetta

Learn how to employ technology to automate training and competency management, remove manual processes and reduce administrative costs for greater efficiency.

Understanding high-risk industry training best practices, e-learning trends and future developments in worker competency management.

Explore meaningful analytics for a safer workforce. Hear common workforce competency challenges and how businesses have overcome them.


Sharon Macquarie

Workforce competency specialist - Vocational education advocate - Training efficiency expert - Education industry [...]

Workshop 3B – How does Health & Safety get the most out of Artificial Intelligence?

Speaker coming soon

Health and Safety (H&S) can greatly benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology by improving work processes and enhancing worker safety. Voice-based AI can streamline and automate various H&S tasks such as hazard & incident reporting, safety inspections, and risk assessments.

AI can be used to automate routine tasks such as data entry, freeing up staff for other tasks. AI can also be used to improve communication with employees, for example, by providing real-time language translation for employees where English is their second language.

Additionally, AI can be used to help H&S stay up to date with the latest regulations and best practices, by providing relevant information and guidance in real-time.

With the help of voice-based AI, Health & Safety can create a safer work environment, improve their operational efficiency, and gain valuable insights into their operations.


One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 4 – Managing Workplace Aggression & Violence when Customers Aren’t Trainable

Kylie Fraser, Director Safety, Security and wellbeing, McDonalds
A journey through strategies and tactics used by McDonald’s is keeping our people safe from aggression and violence in the workplace.


Kylie Fraser

An experienced National Senior Manager and HSE generalist with an extensive breadth and depth of knowledge, backed up by excellent business [...]

Roundtable Session – Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Continuous Improvement for Workforce Health & Safety

Edwin Chan, Director, Account Management - APAC, Avetta
Ilche Vojdanoski, Account Executive, Avetta

Explore ways to gain stakeholder buy in, achieve best practice, and access support for delivering continuous improvements for worker health and safety. Discuss organisational requirements and goals, ways to establish a plan, and how to implement workforce management for employees and contractors.


Edwin Chan

A self-motivated professional working in the SaaS space to enhance and improve client relationships. I am strong in client relationship building, [...]

Ilche Vojdanoski

A business professional that has experience delivering successful results through leading: - the development and execution of customer focused [...]

Roundtable Session – How to break the chain of command and create a culture that speaks up for safety. Insights from high-risk industry

Jen Jackson, Founder & CVO - Everyday Massive

We’ve given teams permission to stop for safety.
We’ve asked them to speak up for safety.
We’ve reminded them that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

And do they stop, speak up, and take responsibility?
Or do you feel like you’re shouting into the wind?

OHS teams continue to battle for real estate when it comes to corporate messaging. So, how do we get our communication to cut-through? How do we embed our safety messages? How do we get teams to connect with our content?

In this highly engaging roundtable session Everyday Massive will:

  • Provide a practical framework for creating human-centred communication that cuts through the noise and connects with operational teams
  • Showcase some of the most creative and clever human-centred safety campaigns
  • Share a best-practice case study from a company that recorded 1000s of quality hazard reports from the frontline, just weeks after a ‘speak-up for safety’ campaign


Jen Jackson

Jen Jackson is the founder and CVO of AFR Fast 100 company Everyday Massive — an award-winning human experience company dedicated to improving [...]

Roundtable Session – The role of EHS in ESG: Collaborating on the future of ESG

Karen Mealmaker, Director EHS, EY

EY will host a facilitated conversation with participants on the role of EHS in answering the big questions facing the current ESG agenda, and will examine how EHS professionals can utilise their knowledge and expertise in this space. Discussion topics will include:

  • The challenge of setting clear and transparent ESG Goals
  • How to engage employees and stakeholders for effective communication & collaboration on material ESG issues
  • The critical role of data in driving ESG decisions
  • More effective use of technology in enabling progress in ESG


Karen Mealmaker

An experienced corporate health, safety and wellbeing specialist. Worked across Victorian industries including utilities, retail and property [...]

Roundtable Session – A deep dive into the cornerstones of a successful OHS digital transformation project

Dr. Manuel Seidel, Founder & CEO, ecoPortal

Technology projects fail at a rate of 69% and OHS software is no exception! Join Dr. Manuel Seidel, Founder & CEO at ecoPortal, in this interactive session to explore what it takes to realise a successful OHS digital transformation.

We’ll ask the tough questions and through the sharing of real-life stories facilitate a session that will leave you with practical steps you can take to:

  • Place your OHS system at the heart of you safety program;
  • Ensure all your stakeholders’ needs are catered for;
  • Manage change in order to achieve user acceptance;
  • Drive adoption and foster a positive safety culture.

This roundtable is ideal for those in the process of reassessing their existing OHS solution, or evaluating, selecting or implementing OHS software at their organisation.


Dr. Manuel Seidel

I am passionate about transforming traditional 'box tick' and compliance-focused health & safety, sustainability and risk management systems [...]

Networking Break


Keynote Panel Discussion – WHS and the C-Suite – How Safety is Embedded at Aurora Dairies Though the Long Range Planning & Operating Model


Ben James, CEO, Aurora Dairies
Gavin Merriman, Workplace Health, Safety & Environment Manager, Warakirri Asset Management
Wade Needham, Director ESG & EHS, Natural Resources
  • How a strong operating model contributes to Safety as a by-product
  • How Aurora Dairies integrates WHS into CAPEX planning (Infrastructure Upgrades) and Project Execution
  • How Aurora Dairies won the WorkSafe Victoria Award ‘Commitment to Workplace Health & Safety on a Farm‘ category. - And what’s next on the horizon.
  • How WHS Professionals can best support a CEO, including how to support M&A Due Diligence activities and what are the components of a success integration of a new asset
  • How a CEO manages diverse stakeholder ESG expectations such as integrating the risk appetite of investors, asset manager, employees, industry and the public
  • How supporting and being part of consultation forums through industry bodies improves WHS across an industry


Gavin Merriman

25 years employed to manage safety. Masters of Applied Science (OHS) Apprenticeship under Bill Shorten - Australian Workers Union I have [...]

Ben James

Bio coming [...]

Wade Needham

Wade is working with forwarding thinking leaders in the agriculture and post farm gate industries to reduce the frequency and impact of ill health on [...]

Roundtable Session – The NBN – Connecting Safely Evolving the Safety & Wellbeing Function Design to Enable a Contemporary Safety & Wellbeing Leader-led Culture.

Grace Singh, General Manager - Safety, Wellbeing and Governance, People and Culture, NBN
Cade Evans, Executive Manager, Business Partnering, NBN
Rachel Solomon, Executive Manager, Enablement, NBN
Nathan Anderson, Executive Manager, Assurance and Industry Engagement, NBN

This session will share a Leadership Team’s journey in resetting a Safety and Wellbeing strategy, it’s team functional design and flow of work to evolve within a maturing organisation. A business moving from build to operate, maintain and grow across Australia.

The team will share insights on role design, stakeholder engagement, employee and strategic partner listening approach, concepts in the flow of work, engagement and communication tone and resetting accountability as a function to lead as we intend to operate. Work in progress to achieve the desired state of a contemporary safety and wellbeing practice, approach, service model considerations, strategic partnerships, and performance monitoring that aim to enhance the people leader, partner and employee experience across the Safety and Wellbeing domain.


Grace Singh

Grace Singh joined nbn in March 2022, and leads the Safety, Environment, Health and Wellbeing and People Data and Risk and Compliance Practice areas [...]

Cade Evans

I am a pragmatic HSE Leader with over 15 years of demonstrated experience improving health and safety culture and performance in large scale complex [...]

Rachel Solomon

I am an experienced leader and modern-thinking Safety & Wellbeing professional with a passion for engaging with people. I have experience in policy [...]

Nathan Anderson

Nathan has been working at nbn for over 2 years and is now responsible Safety and Wellbeing Assurance and Industry Engagement. Having come from a [...]

Roundtable Session – Show Your Strategy: A practical workshop on WHS Strategies

Amanda Clements, Group HSE Manager, Strategy & Wellbeing, Mirvac

Ever wondered how your health and safety strategy stacks up? Or how it could be improved to get better traction and results? Here’s your opportunity to answer both those questions and many more in this participant-centred workshop designed with maximum learning in mind!

We’ll aim to surface the best of what is and what could be, when it comes to designing and implementing a health and safety strategy. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice your inquiry skills whilst learning from others at the same time. This workshop is all about you and your peers - no slides, no one speaking at you, no sitting and drifting off!

You will need to bring a hard copy of your current strategy and be willing to share it in a small group. To make the most of this workshop, have a think beforehand about questions you would ask a peer about their strategy… maybe it’s about communication, or how it was developed, or measuring impact…what you learn is completely up to you!


Amanda Clements

My mission is to help great teams do extraordinary things. Using an integrated and holistic systems approach, one of my strengths is being a [...]

Roundtable Session – Taking and integrated approach to managing psychosocial risk

Gina Ayers, Global HSE Director, The Arnott’s Group

To manage Psychosocial Risk, businesses must take an integrated approach by focusing on the three areas of;

  • Preventing Harm from occupational psychosocial risk
  • Promoting Health through wellbeing education, understanding and awareness and providing employees with the tools and capabilities to enhance their psychological fitness
  • Providing Care to employees experiencing psychological harm


Gina Ayers

My journey into Health, Safety & Wellbeing started from a strong desire to help other people. It was during my time working as an [...]

Roundtable Session – Using data analysis to enhance safety controls and training

Kenan Hibberd, Executive Manager, People, Culture and Safety, Unitywater

Unitywater's experience in analysing hazard, incident and injury data to validate critical risks, support a transformation in safety reporting and guide controls enablement that has lead to an improved safety management system.


Kenan Hibberd

Kenan has worked in executive safety and human resources roles for public sector, national and international organizations across the healthcare, [...]

Free Time


OHS Leaders Networking Drinks Reception


OHS Leaders Networking Dinner

2h 30min

Networking Breakfast


Opening Keynote Presentation – Managing Customer Aggression within RetailCo and Contact Centre environment: A success Story

Maurice McCarthy, Managing Director, Customer Success, Optus

The impact of Customer Aggression and violence on staff can be debilitating. The level of aggression can range from being subtle to serious physical harm and can include eye rolling and sneering, yelling, calling names, standing over someone. shoving, tripping, grabbing, hitting, punching, threats with weapons and sexual assault.

In this session we will share our story in managing Customer Aggression within RetailCo and Customer Contact Centre environment and what an effective management looks like.


Maurice McCarthy

Maurice McCarthy is an experienced telecommunications executive who joined Optus in August 2017 as Vice President, Retail and Channel Sales. In [...]

Keynote Presentation – Seizing the opportunity: Using EHS in the pursuit of organisational transformation

Robert Garcia, Partner, EY

EY will explore the relationship between EHS and the business transformation agenda through an industry interview with electricity distribution and transmission organisation, TasNetworks. In conversation, Roberto Garcia (EY) and Ed Chetcuti (TasNetworks) will:

Examine how TasNetworks has used the framework of Integration, Simplicity, Focus, Agility to respond to the changing landscape of work. We will explore how each of these themes have been leveraged to support TasNetworks in aligning to broader transformation objectives with the aim of:

  • Building a stronger and more sustainable organisation
  • Streamlining and simplifying the way EHS is managed within the organisation
  • Recognising the key role EHS plays in overall business transformation, specifically:
    • Minimising process duplication
    • Maximising the link between human and systems thinking
  • Consider the role EHS plays in the ongoing evolution and growth of ESG
    • What knowledge and skills do EHS professionals bring to the ESG agenda?
    • How do we elevate our work in EHS leadership in support of ESG?


Roberto Garcia

Roberto is a registered Psychologist with 20 years consulting experience across both private and public sectors, including Resources, [...]

Keynote Panel Discussion – Q&A – How to Connect with and Engage the Board. Q&A from the Director’s Chair


Victoria Taylor, Non-Executive Director, Water NSW, Hort Innovation Entreprenareal Agri-technology, Rice Marketing board NSW
Robyn Clubb, Non Executive Director, Elders Limited
Patrick Murphy, General Manager HSE, Origin Energy
Andrew Barrett, Chief Connector, Safety on Tap

Effective senior health and safety professionals must have a clear strategy to engage with your Board.

Whether you want to start engaging with your Board directly, or you want to tune-up how you most effectively understand, engage with, and leverage your Board members for health and safety, this session will provide you with direct access to a panel of diverse and highly experienced non-executive directors to help you improve.


Victoria Taylor

My professional interests revolve around how industry and government work together to achieve economic, environmental and social outcomes. I'm [...]

Patrick Murphy

Senior Health, Safety and Environmental Manager and serving as a Director on the Board of the Safety Institute of Australia. Patrick has over [...]

Robyn Clubb

Non executive director with particular experience in agribusiness and government business enterprises. Prior to directorship positions, spent [...]

Andrew Barrett

Andrew loves solving challenges with people. He also loves sharing. There are so many challenges to work on, and many being solved every day - [...]

Networking Break


Keynote Presentation – Future technological solutions in OHS and work related stress

Awadh Fazal, Health and Safety Lead - Asia Pacific, Coca-Cola Company

Reflect on current challenges of Occupational Health and Safety and what technologies are out there regarding health and safety. How to identify the right innovation/ technology needs of employees and how to identify psychological impacts of technology on employees.

In session we will cover;

  • What are the new OHS technologies being used in the industry? How levels of complexities in organizations play a part.
  • What are the right questions to be asked while selecting or proposing an innovative/technology solution
  • New technologies/innovations and relation with work related stress
  • Layers of Protection. How new technology can help against human errors and re-enforce right behaviours.


Awadh Fazal

Passionate and enthusiastic Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) professional dedicated to ensuring positive culture change and making HSE [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 5A – Innovations that Save Lives: Advanced Tech Strategies for OHS Leaders

Chandan T, Associate Subscriber Development Director, Benchmark

Stay ahead of the curve in OHS practices! OHS leaders like you have a critical task at hand - to ensure the safety of an organization’s most important assets, its employees.

Additionally, gaining real-time visibility into risks and opportunities and performance trends across the enterprise is important to drive continuous improvement.

In this session, Benchmark Digital’s experts will explore how AI, ML, and other advanced tech are empowering OHS leaders to enhance workplace safety and save lives!


Chandan T

Bio coming [...]

Workshop 5B – A Wholistic Approach to Injury Prevention: How Addressing the Link Between Psychosocial Factors & MSDs Impacts Your Success

Sam Gerges, CPE, Sr. Ergonomics Manager & Consultant, VelocityEHS

A large body of evidence demonstrates substantial effects of work-related psychosocial hazards on risks of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) injuries, mental health disorders, and cardiovascular disease which are some of the costliest occupational health problems in many countries. In addition, studies demonstrate that the development of these injuries is not only closely related to the physical aspect but the psychosocial aspect of MSD risk factors.

Psychosocial risk factors cause physiological changes in individuals when perceived stress outweighs a person’s coping mechanisms. This, in turn, results in an increased likelihood of developing an MSD. Addressing psychosocial risk factors such as low job control, high or low work demands, poor support, poor organizational change management, low recognition and reward, poor workplace relationships and poor environmental conditions is a problem all industries are currently facing. It is integral for an injury prevention program to address these hazards to improve the health and well-being of employees.

This presentation will define psychosocial hazards, model how they increase the likelihood of musculoskeletal disorders, and suggest possible steps organisations can take to identify, assess, and control these hazards as part of a wholistic injury prevention program.


Sam Gerges

Samuel Gerges, Senior Manager of Consulting at VelocityEHS, partners with companies to develop, manage, and sustain health and safety, [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 6 – From operational to performance, a practical approach to addressing psychosocial risks

Jenny Griffiths, Group Manager HS&W Implementation, Westpac

Session will provide an overview of Westpac Group’s journey in addressing psychosocial risk from traditional safety approaches to integration into business performance. Jenny Griffiths, Group Manager, HSW Implementation will cover the evolution of Westpac’s HSW strategy in the area of workplace mental health and practical examples of integrating psychosocial risk management into business operations.


Jenny Griffiths

Bio coming [...]

Keynote Presentation – Criminal and civil law obligations to minimise risk of psychiatric injury

Katherine Morris, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

Examine the recent High Court case of Kozarov v State of Victoria [2022] HCA 12 in which the High Court clarified the manner in which Courts will assess whether an employee’s risk of psychiatric injury in the workplace is reasonably foreseeable to an employer, and therefore whether an employer has a relevant duty of care to proactively reduce the risk of injury, combined with the recent introduction of obligations under the WHS regulations to identify and mitigate work related psycho social hazards.


Katherine Morris

Katherine Morris is a partner at Norton Rose Fulbright, specialising in work health and safety law. She has over 22 years’ experience working [...]

Networking Lunch


One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 7B – Psychological Safety Needs to be Developed – Not Demanded

Rob Fisher, Founder, Fisher Improvement

There is a difference between empowering the workforce and enabling them. You can be safe without being operationally excellent, but you cannot be operationally excellent without being safe!

This interactive session will describe and discuss our experience on over 300 successful deployments of human and organizational performance, safety differently, and a holistic approach to the practical application of the science of psychological safety. Take some real ideas home to help you along your journey of improvement.


Rob Fisher

Rob is a pioneer in Human and Organisational Performance and all aspects of performance improvement including incorporating the understanding of [...]

Keynote Presentation – Designing Mentally Healthy Work for High Performance and Sustainability

Dr Laura Kirby, Chief Mental Health Officer, Commonwealth Bank

Despite significant advancements in the workplace mental health landscape over the last decade, mental health remains often approached from a medicalised or individual perspective. In the post-COVID world of hybrid working, this is also seen in the approach to managing core workplace issues of fatigue and burnout. Yet, these approaches continue to fail to address the root causal factors and holistically prevent psychological harm in the workplace. In this session, organisational psychologist, Dr Laura Kirby, will explore a systems-based approach to workplace mental health, and practical work design strategies that workplaces can implement to improve the overall mental health and long term high performance of its workforce.

This session will cover:

  • The relationship between high performance, sustainability, and mental health;
  • The opportunity to re-frame workplace mental health;
  • Taking a systems-based approach to manage workplace mental health, and


Dr Laura Kirby

Laura is a qualified Organisational Psychologist with more than 10 years’ experience specialising in workplace psychological health and safety. [...]

Fireside Chat – Work Design in Practise – Finding the Opportunities in Business Cycles to Influence Change


Skye Buatava, Director, Research and Evaluation - Better Regulation Division, SafeWork
Sally McMahon, Safety and Wellbeing Specialist, IAG
Christian Frost, Group Executive – SHEQ, Ventia
Brian Long, Group General Manager Health, Safety & Environment, Mirvac
Andrew Barrett, Chief Connector, Safety on Tap

Whilst health and safety in design is not a new concept to professionals and regulators, actual implementation remains difficult, fragmented or nonexistent.

Psychosocial risk regulations, and an increasing acknowledgement that good work doesn't merely prevent harm but is actually good for people, together present an enormous opportunity for WHS professionals to rethink how we find opportunities to inform the design of work to an extent that was previously unreachable.


Skye Buatava

Skye brings a wealth of experience and success to the Centre through senior leadership roles across the private sector in multi-national [...]

Sally McMahon

With over 17 years of industry experience, I don’t believe in ‘ticking boxes’, but in championing programs that achieve real and lasting [...]

Christian Frost

Christian is the Group Executive for SHEQ at Ventia. He is an experienced leader having worked in large, complex organisations and [...]

Brian Long

Globally influential Safety, Risk, Resilience, Wellbeing and Sustainability Leader, with a proven track record in delivering operational [...]

Andrew Barrett

Andrew loves solving challenges with people. He also loves sharing. There are so many challenges to work on, and many being solved every day - [...]

Master of Ceremonies Closing Remarks

Andrew Barrett, Chief Connector, Safety on Tap


Andrew Barrett

Andrew loves solving challenges with people. He also loves sharing. There are so many challenges to work on, and many being solved every day - [...]

Networking Drinks




We invite only the leading international and local experts to provide sessions on site, this allows for attendees to be taught by front-line executives that compress years of meaningful experience into a systematic, well organised learning program.


Keeping in line with the main goal of the event in achieving new relationships, we provide a huge amount of networking opportunities for attendees through breakfast, luncheons, cocktails and informal introductions.


Allowing both buyers and sellers the opportunity to engage with one another onsite in a series of prearranged business meetings. These provide both parties a great opportunity to build new relationships by interacting face to face.


Being able to experience different sessions is what makes this event unique; whether you are looking to attend an interactive workshop, roundtable, 1-1 meeting or panel discussion.


Interact and relax amongst your peers at the official Networking dinner where you will have the opportunity to be part of the entertainment.


The summit is personalised for YOU, this means that what is important to your business is important to us. We create personalised itineraries around sessions you want to attend, allowing for your time to be spent wisely while out of the office.




Should you wish to attend the 11th Australian OHS Leaders Summit on the 1st – 2nd of March 2023, please purchase your tickets below

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  • Access to onsite mobile App
  • Meals & refreshments over the two days
  • One night complimentary accommodation at Royal Pines Resort
  • Access to all interactive workshops, keynotes and roundtable sessions
  • Entry to pre-dinner Networking Drinks Reception
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  • Access to onsite mobile App
  • Meals & refreshments over the two days
  • One night complimentary accommodation at the Royal Pines Resort
  • Access to all interactive workshops, keynotes and roundtable sessions
  • Entry to pre-dinner Networking Drinks Reception
  • Seat allocated at the OHS Leaders Dinner
  • Access to Closing Networking Drinks Function
  • Access to all presentation
    slides and photos


  • Access to onsite mobile App
  • Meals & refreshments over the two days
  • One night complimentary accommodation at the Royal Pines Resort
  • Access to all interactive workshops, keynotes and roundtable sessions
  • Entry to pre-dinner Networking Drinks Reception
  • Seat allocated at the OHS Leaders Dinner
  • Access to Closing Networking Drinks Function
  • Access to all presentation
    slides and photos


Psychological safety and the Boeing 737 Max (Virtual) – Ed Pierson

Ed Pierson, Founder, Ed Pierson LLC (please note the person on stage is the MC Andrew Barrett)   Ed raised concerns to his […]

Mental Health in the workplace: The SafeWork NSW experience – Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly, Director Health and Safe Design, Safework NSW Key takeaways from this session: NSW Code of Practice: Managing psychosocial […]

The Value of Community: Creating an Alliance to tackle workplace mental health – Fireside Chat

Kim Hamrosi, Executive Director, Corporate Mental Health Alliance Australia (CMHAA) Dr Laura Kirby, Chief Mental Health Officer, Commonwealth […]

Is wellbeing working and what is the value of wellbeing? – Sean Silvey

Sean Silvey, Executive Manager, Safety and Wellbeing, IAG Sean explores how organisations have defined wellbeing in the past, what it is today […]

Meet leading Health & Safety executives from a range of industries.

Interact and engage with some of the strongest and most powerful brands from across Australia.

'This year was even better than last! The calibre of attendees is like no other event in the Australian marketplace. This was a very impressive group of the countries most senior safety professionals and presenters, while the one to one meetings with suppliers has allowed me to really understand where I need to be investing. Count me in for next year.'



'Our First year we took a 7 meeting package, the second year we took a 14 meeting package and now in our 3rd year we were gold sponsors. Our business has now done 10x since working with the OHS Leaders team and we have already signed up to be diamond sponsor for 2021.'



'The OHS Leaders Summit continues to provide a fantastic opportunity to listen to peers, their journeys, opinions & lessons learnt. Once again I am going away feeling inspired and energised. Thank you.'



'We have joined this summit for the last 5 years and have been the major sponsor for the last 3. This event has been invaluable for our business, the opportunity to meet with the countries most senior safety leaders one on one has been fantastic. It all starts here at the summit and then it’s up to your teams to foster these relationships.'



'It’s the only event my colleague and I attend. High quality presentations, high quality providers, engaging workshops, and plenty of networking opportunities.'



'Great networking opportunity, with providers and delegates. Learnt new ideas, what is working well in the industry, international perspective was enlightening. Very positive experience and is refreshing to hear from new approaches in industry that are delivering results.'









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