Join us at the 11th Annual OHS Leaders Australia Summit Be part of Australia’s largest gathering of senior Health, Safety & Wellbeing executives 15th - 16th March 2023, Gold Coast Join us at the 11th Annual OHS Leaders Australia Summit Be part of Australia’s largest gathering of senior Health & Safety executives 15th - 16th March 2023, Gold Coast Register Interest Testimonial Video Summit Themes Key themes and topics are developed by our
standing committee and advisory board from
the country's most respected workplace Health &
Safety heads . These will be addressed over the course
of the OHS Leaders Summit Australia.

Join us at the 11th Annual OHS Leaders
Australia Summit

15 – 16 March 2023,

Join the gathering


The OHS Leaders Summit Australia is the country’s premier event for senior health and safety executives, and in 2023 we will once again see this elite group come together.

Taking place on 15th – 16th March 2023 in The Gold Coast, the 11th annual OHS Leaders Summit is THE MEETING PLACE for over 150 Directors of Health, Safety and Wellbeing from across Australia.

The program features some of the most senior Health, Safety and Wellbeing leaders from across Australia and overseas, while more than 35 presentations will be taking place over the two days via keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and targeted roundtable discussions.

You will also be able to personalise your own agenda and maximise your time out of the office by engaging in only the most relevant sessions for your business.

Various networking functions will be held over the two days in the shape of refreshments breaks, lunches, breakfasts, networking drinks and dinner, giving you the chance to interact and catch up with your peers in a very relaxed setting.

Whilst we are all adjusting to the ‘new norm’ and adapting to the challenges and opportunities that COVID-19 brought for us all, we are committed to deliver a great event in a well-managed and safe environment.

We have introduced new event protocols to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all our sponsors, attendees and staff whilst continuing to deliver strong opportunities and engagements.


Perry Logan

Perry Logan

Vice President, Corporate Safety and Health, 3M

Nicole Copeland

Nicole Copeland

Vice President - HSSE Professional Services, Wood

Gus Worland

Gus Worland

Founder/Director, Gotcha4life

Danielle Odd

Danielle Odd

Group Head of Safety Strategy, Nine Entertainment



The summit program is a draft and is subject to change.

Arrival & Registration


Welcome & Introduction

Tyron McGurgan, CEO, Focus Network


Opening Remarks – Master of Ceremonies

Andrew Barrett, Chief Connector, Safety on Tap


Andrew Barrett

Andrew loves solving challenges with people. He also loves sharing. There are so many challenges to work on, and many being solved every day - [...]

International Opening Keynote Presentation – How safety II and safety differently are guiding the next stages of safety development (Virtual)

John Green, Vice President Global HSE, SNC-Lavalin (UK)
The world of work has changed significantly over the last 24 months and the world of safety has experienced similar shifts in thinking in recent years. Will these new philosophies influence safety in the future and will these changes be significant and sustainable? This session will explore these conundrums.


John Green

Director level Risk Professional with considerable experience, and commercial acumen in the oil, petrochemical, aviation, utilities and [...]

Keynote Presentation – Combining Agile Work Methods and New Views of Safety

Nicole Copeland, Vice President - HSSE Professional Services, Wood

We live in VUCA times – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.  As Safety professionals with a reputation of strict risk aversion, the inability to adapt our practices to the changing pace of the workplace is a pitfall.  Using Agile work methods can help, and is a critical future skill according to the World Economic Forum.

Many organisations are now using or at least exploring Agile work methods.   Scrum is the most popular Agile work method. The number one purpose of Scrum is to reduce business risk, but it also supports learning from what works well and learning from failing safely.  Scrum backs the ability to succeed under varying conditions, eliminating paper bureaucracy and creating obsession with end-user needs in designing your product or service – namely your Safety systems and support to your front-line workforce.

This workshop explores the synergies and shares practical examples of using Scrum as one pathway to operationalise new contemporary views of safety, such as Safety II, Safety Differently, and others.


Nicole Copeland

Nicole is a driven and enthusiastic OHS professional with 25 years of experience in diverse global organisations holding operational and HSEQ [...]

Speaking Presentation – Do Positive Deviants hold the secret to preventing workplace injuries?

Terry Wong, General Manager, Move 4 Life
  • Positive Deviants are often misunderstood individuals who stray from the norm and produce extraordinarily positive results. Discover how uncovering who they are and what they do, can be the key to success in preventing workplace injuries.    
  • Discover specific examples of how this approach has been used to deal with common issues of musculoskeletal injuries and the ageing workforce. 


Terry Wong

Terry Wong is General Manager of Move 4 Life, an organisation which is about helping people to MOVE Better & LIVE Better. Move 4 Life [...]

Networking Break


One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 1 – Leveraging innovation to create safe and healthy workplaces across multiple geographies and cultures

Rebecca Steiger, Workplace Health and Safety - APAC, LATAM, MENA, Amazon
To create a safe and healthy workplace, companies are looking for ways to use technology to manage risk and get better data, faster. The right information drives key safety decisions and inspires innovation that can lead to a safer working environment. Ultimately, technology can help save lives, but how do companies select the right technology and implement controls that continually improve workplace health and safety? Hear from Amazon’s Jane Bourke to learn about innovations and technological advancements that create safer workplaces for Amazon’s growing network of employees across the APAC, MENA and LATAM regions. Whether it’s feedback from associates or real-time risk controls, Amazon is pioneering the way that businesses can use technology to improve safety in the workplace.


Rebecca Steiger

Senior Manager in Work Health & Safety providing strategic, governance and technical leadership in all corners of the globe. Experienced in [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 2 – Return to the office – awkward! So what are you doing about it?

Peter Simpson, Global Head, Safety and Security, Standard Chartered Bank

In this dynamic and interactive session Peter will be talking about how Standard Chartered has navigated the return to the office for their workforce, and he will be taking multiple live polls so delegates can join in the discussion.


Peter Simpson

Over 25 years of leadership in the areas of safety, health, wellbeing, risk, security, and quality & assurance. Qualifications in safety and [...]

Keynote Presentation – The Next Normal: How to build more resilience and a better workforce

Matthew Browne, Chief Executive Officer, HSI - Donesafe

A discussion on the nature of unpredictability, and the disruptions it has had on organisations. How we can get back to “normal” and build a more agile business and employees.


Matthew Browne

As one of Donesafe’s two founders, Matthew Browne is driving one of the fastest growing safety startups in Australia. Matthew works closely [...]

Networking Lunch


Keynote Presentation – The evolving OHS leader – from safety policeman to performance enabler (Virtual)

Perry Logan, Vice President, Corporate Safety and Health, 3M
  • Addressing the new challenges in the way we approach workplace health and safety
  • Influencing a safe and health work culture – from non-managerial employees to the boardroom
  • Aligning safety to the business strategy through negotiation and influence


Perry Logan

Professionally focused on better protecting the health and safety of people and communities. Energized to expanding the science of human exposure [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 3A – The Needs Haven’t Changed – Just the Delivery! (Virtual)

Rob Fisher, President and Director of Operations, Fisher Improvement Technologies

Developing sustainability and resilience in an organisation requires an understanding of how and why people succeed and fail.  This science has developed into what many call "Human & Orgainsational Performance", or HOP.

Rob will talk about the concepts of HOP through the lens of over 300 successful global deployments. He will describe how the science and concepts can be practically applied through a process of Education, Integration, and Sustainability to increase organisational capacity and resilience.


Rob Fisher

Rob is a pioneer in Human and Organisational Performance and all aspects of performance improvement including incorporating the understanding of [...]

Workshop 3B – How to better manage your suppliers’ workers and understand the full level of competency each worker has when entering your site

Jo Dixon, VP APAC, Avetta
Synopsis coming soon


Jo Dixon

Bio [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 4 – Safety governance in practice

Wade Needham, General Manager, Fresh Country Farms of Australia
  • Safety Governance vs Safety Management – how do they differ?
  • Winning support for, establishing and operating effective Board Committees
  • How to move past Industrial Manslaughter as a driver for Directors?
  • Identifying the links between Safety Governance and ESG
  • Examining the rise in active institutional shareholders and how to harness


Wade Needham

Wade is working with forwarding thinking leaders in the agriculture and post farm gate industries to reduce the frequency and impact of ill [...]

Roundtable Session – Enhance ROI by establishing a consistent methodology for supply chain risk management

Jo Dixon, VP APAC, Avetta

Outsourcing is a key component to your supply chain with a significant business ROI. However, there are risks that are introduced with such strategies—only half of buyers say they monitor supply chain risk, and over 60% of suppliers fail to meet project requirements or qualifications for the job.

We will discuss how to manage those risks, moving beyond decentralized emails and spreadsheets and into a centralized supplier data collection and evaluation methodology.

With the right approach, your team will obtain the proper safety and insurance information and view potential risks across all of your supplier relationships, helping you evaluate suppliers properly, improve supplier quality, safety and sustainability.


Jo Dixon

Bio [...]

Roundtable Session – Transform traditional safety training into engaging learning experiences that build performance-driven safety cultures

Jen Jackson, Founder & CVO - Everyday Massive

Today’s post pandemic workforce demands memorable training across a diverse, geographically spread workforce. Whether it’s time to upskill, reskill, learn a policy, understand a process, address a risk, or meet compliance goals, ‘time for training’ is hot property in most calendars.Learn how we take a different approach to safety training through action-oriented learning experiences which put people first.

At this roundtable we will:
  • Explain how to transform safety training into learning experiences that engage people, drive change, and meet organisational objectives.
  • Discuss different learning modalities such as online, peer-to-peer, and facilitator-led.
  • Share what leading global organisations are doing to help their teams develop safety leadership capability and refresh their safety culture.


Jen Jackson

Jen Jackson is the founder & CVO of AFR Fast 100 company Everyday Massive. Everyday Massive is an award-winning employee experience [...]

Roundtable Session – WHS Transformation

Roberto Garcia, Partner, Ernst & Young

COVID-19 forced organisations to rethink HSW on the fly, revealing the inadequacies of the health, safety and wellbeing (HSW) systems on which businesses rely.

In the last two years, HSW visionaries who recognised that blindly following the system wasn’t going to cut it, adopted agile new practices – practices that were simpler, more flexible, more connected to business and only focused on critical risks.

HSW professionals have begun to ask themselves: “Why didn’t we make these changes before?”

To help the profession continue its transformation momentum, EY conducted interviews with HSW leaders across Australia and New Zealand, and asked them what worked during the pandemic and how this can become business as usual for HSW management in Oceania. Their collective experience suggests we need a very different approach to HSW. This session presents their insights and four core elements we have identified that can drive true HSW transformation.


Roberto Garcia

Roberto is a registered Psychologist with 20 years consulting experience across both private and public sectors, including Resources, [...]

Networking Break


Keynote Panel Discussion – Getting the Boards onboard


James Pomeroy, Director Global Health & Safety, Arup (UK)
Chris Jones, Chief Safety and Wellbeing Officer, Department of Corrections, New Zealand Government
Sarah Zeljko, Non Executive Director, Powerlink
Shane Durdin, Vice President HSE – Centre of Excellence, Jacobs
Christian Frost, Group Executive SHEQ, Ventia
  • What are the legislative needs of board members?
  • Guiding the board – how can WHS Leaders engage the Board to actively manage, monitor and review lead metrics and HSE risks?
  • How do you structure your board charter and committees?


Chris Jones

Speaker bio coming [...]

James Pomeroy

Speaker bio coming [...]

Sarah Zeljko

Sarah Zeljko is a professional non-executive director on the Boards of LGIA Super, Verbrec and Unity Water and is the Chair of the Boards of [...]

Shane Durdin

Responsible for developing and enabling implementation of Jacobs’ strategy for health, safety, environment, security and organizational [...]

Christian Frost

Christian is the Group Executive for SHEQ at Ventia. He is an experienced leader having worked in large, complex organisations and [...]

Roundtable Session – Performance safety – an athlete’s perspective

Ben Kirkbride, Head of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, Gamuda Australia
Dan Collins, Speaker | Mentor - Winners at all levels | Performance Coach | Olympic Medalist and World Champion,
This session will explore the key aspects of safety performance from an athlete’s perspective and provide insights as to how OHS professionals and practitioners can approach performance.


Ben Kirkbride

Ben is a passionate and proven HSE professional with more than 18 years' experience in leading and managing a range of Health and Safety, Quality [...]

Dan Collins

Dan has spent his life dedicated to the art of excellence - being at his personal best with unwavering commitment to his goals. From preparing [...]

Roundtable Session – We are ready for our next step in Safety, but we don’t want more rules, checklist & procedures

Kurt Warren, National HSE & Quality Manager, Hansen Yuncken
  • Hansen Yuncken’s 3-year “Work Differently” strategy, from theory to practice
  • Developing and implementing a roadmap to greater success – engagement insights and hurdles?
  • A year and a half into building capability - evidence-based improvements so far
  • Anchoring our next horizon – where are we heading?


Kurt Warren

Kurt is a highly accomplished, insightful & business focused safety executive offering over 20 years’ experience in a range of safety [...]

Roundtable Session – Accelerate change and progress through the power of storytelling

Amanda Clements, Founding Director, The Collective Lab

As Health & Safety professionals, we are in the business of change, be it implementing a strategy, innovating, or enabling continuous improvement. All of which requires great skill to explain, persuade, inspire and influence others.

A powerful way to do that is through the use of sharing real life stories. It’s so powerful in fact that you can get commitment to a strategy in minutes that may otherwise have taken weeks if not months. Yet referring to research, figures and stats still reigns supreme, often resulting in slow action or no action at all.

In this session, Amanda will provide insights into the power of storytelling and how it can accelerate change in your organisation. You will be provided with a framework and practical tools for crafting highly impactful stories that will help you tap into this important skill. Amanda's hope is this will assist you in your quest for positive change and meaningful progress when it comes to work, health and safety.


Amanda Clements

Amanda's mission is to help great teams do extraordinary things. Using an integrated and holistic systems approach, one of her strengths is [...]

Roundtable Session – Pandemic Risk Management in the last 180 days – examining the legal and medical impacts for companies

Danielle Odd, Group Head of safety Strategy, Nine Entertainment
Shailendra Tripathi, Director of Health Safety and Wellbeing, Optus

This roundtable session will discuss the potential implications post-Covid for health and safety legislation. This will be an opportunity for delegates to join the discussion and question panellists what are the significant issues for employers in both the workers' compensation and WHS spheres?

Delegates will hear from Danielle Odd, Group Head of Safety Strategy, Nine Entertainment and Shailendra Tripathi, Director of Health Safety and Wellbeing, Optus on how they are collectively solving the challenges on COVID-19 risk management, testing, reporting, communication and bringing business back to normal.

Drawing on their experience they will delve into leadership impact, people, benefits, safety culture and strategic improvements that can be made by making people feel safe during a pandemic.


Danielle Odd

I am a passionate and enthusiastic Health Safety and Wellbeing Leader dedicated to ensuring compliance but more so making HS&W meaningful [...]

Shailendra Tripathi

Director of Work Health and Safety, Wellbeing and Claims management. Shailendra has expertise in Quality, Safety and Environmental systems and [...]

Free Time


OHS Leaders Networking Reception


OHS Leaders Networking Dinner

2h 30min

Networking Breakfast


Opening Keynote Presentation – Setting the scene at the executive level – why health and wellbeing should be on the CEO agenda

Chanelle McEnallay, Chief Risk Officer, Ramsay Health Care
  • Creating workplaces where we can actively work towards a good environment for all our workers, regardless of their mental state
  • Examining the nexus between workforce wellbeing and productivity and innovation
  • How do we manage enterprise-wide structural change, which is often essential, but so often is badly handled and can be crippling for some individuals?


Chanelle McEnallay

Occupational Risk, Safety and Workers' Compensation Specialist Background in Health, Construction, Mining and Rail Director UNE Foundation [...]

Keynote Presentation – Building mental fitness

Gus Worland, Founder, Gotcha4Life
  • Mental Fitness - with the focus on building emotional muscle, and social connection and making a significant impact in raising the mental state of men, women, their families and communities.
  • Meaningful Mateship / Talk and communicate. Build a deeper level of chat with your friends, family and others in your community. Don’t worry alone.
  • Speak up, reach out- encouraging everyone to speak up, reach out and develop the skills and connections needed for mental wellbeing.


Gus Worland

A compassionate bloke, Gus wears his heart on his sleeve. But that heart was shattered the day news arrived that Angus - his friend, mentor and [...]

Keynote Panel Discussion – The silent pandemic – addressing mental health in the workplace


Brooke Dwyer, Senior Manager, Qantas Group Employee Wellbeing & Mental Health, Qantas 
Jenny Harris, GM, Workplace Safety & Regional Shared Services HR, Country Road Group and David Jones 
Jim Kelly, Director Health & Safe Design, Safework NSW
Rebekah Ganim, Group Head of Safety, Sunrice
Dr Robyn Littlewood, Chief Executive Officer, Health and Wellbeing Queensland 
Workplace mental health has been catapulted to the top of the management agenda this year. What behaviours can employers incorporate to create a safer, more supportive workplace culture? This session covers the best practices for creating a positive work environment that truly supports employees.
  • What can employers tangibly do to foster a healthy workplace culture?
  • What kinds of mental health initiatives and resources are proving effective?
  • Mindfulness, ERG groups and other tools to help find balance


Brooke Dwyer

Holding various People focused Program Management roles across the Qantas Group over the last 10 years, Brooke now leads the Employee Wellbeing [...]

Jennifer Harris

  A HSE profession with extensive executive experience in health and safety leadership, strategy and team management. I have a broad range of [...]

Jim Kelly

Jim is an experienced people leader, passionate about supporting business to harness the full potential of their people through harm reduction [...]

Rebekah Ganim

Bio coming [...]

Dr Robyn Littlewood

Dr Littlewood is a highly experienced paediatric clinical dietitian with more than 20 years’ experience. Dr Littlewood is also a leading [...]

Networking Break


One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 5A – The Digital Leap for ESG Leaders: Eliminate Roadblocks & Deliver Investment-Grade ESG Data

Naveen GV, Managing Director & Global BD Executive New Subscriber Development, Benchmark ESG - Powered by Gensuite

In the current business scenario, it is imperative for OSH leaders, to understand the impact of key OSH performance metrics on the overall ESG performance of an organization.

Having a robust OSH digital ecosystem helps the operational leaders to make swift and intelligent decisions that directly contributes in strengthening the ESG vision of the organization and creating long term stakeholder value.

Join this session to know more about the evolving world of ESG and how OSH is a key contributor that propels ESG performance of an organization with the help of radical digitalization and effective use of analytics.


Naveen GV

Naveen G.V is an Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Management professional with 20 years of experience spanning across Government, [...]

Workshop 5B – Using artificial intelligence to democratise ergonomics in the workplace

Samuel Gerges, CPE, Sr. Ergonomics Engineer, VelocityEHS

Until recently, quantitative assessments for identifying musculoskeletal disorder risk factors in the workplace required in-depth training, competency, and practice. Ergonomics teams would get bogged down by the dreaded “paralysis by analysis” and spend valuable time finding issues in the workplace versus spending time fixing them.

With recent advances in technology including artificial intelligence and computer vision, it is now possible to democratize ergonomics—involve everyone in optimizing the workplace.

Ergonomics teams can be equipped with tools that help them solve problems more accurately, quickly, and effectively. This session will explore the role of technology, how to increase team effectiveness, and scale ergonomics across an enterprise.


Samuel Gerges

Samuel Gerges, Senior Ergonomics Engineer at VelocityEHS, partners with companies to develop, manage, and sustain health and safety, ergonomics, [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 6 – Developing a psychologically safe workplace: the Australia Post journey

Fiona Andrew, National Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager, Australia Post

When reasonable efforts are made to protect the mental health and wellbeing of employees, a psychologically safe workplace is created. High levels of psychosocial risk in the work environment have the potential to generate employee mental health concerns, and/or exacerbate existing conditions.

The identification and mitigation of psychosocial risks, coupled with the provision of a supportive and healthy workplace has the ability to reduce the onset, severity, impact, and duration of mental health concerns, as well as produce happier and more productive employees.

In this session, Fiona will share Australia Post’s journey in creating a psychologically safe workplace.


Fiona Andrew

With a passion for supporting organisations to create mentally healthy workplaces, Fiona regards herself as fortunate to have joined the [...]

Keynote Presentation – What are the regulators saying and doing about psycho-social risks?

Katherine Morris, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Investigations, inquiries and prosecutions
  • Practical guidance material
  • Compliance support


Katherine Morris

Katherine Morris is a partner at Norton Rose Fulbright, specialising in work health and safety law. She has over 18 years’ experience working [...]

Networking Lunch


One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 7 – From symptoms to systemic – Evolving our approach to workplace mental health

Kym Bancroft, Head of Safety, Environment & Wellbeing, Asia Pacific, Serco
David Burroughs, Principal Psychologist, Australian Psychological Services

Mental ill-health doesn’t discriminate and can impact anyone, including high performers. More than ever, it is imperative organisations strategically consider how they can improve their employees experience of work allowing them to flourish and thrive and adopt mental health as a positive concept.

Join Kym and David in exploring a practical case study in taking an evidence-based approach to mental health. They will share lessons learnt, successes and a roadmap for adopting a holistic approach to mental health.



Kym Bancroft

Experienced in the design, development and implementation of evidence-based Safety and Wellbeing Cultural Change processes, Kym can [...]

David Burroughs

David Burroughs has had a 20-year career as a strategist, consultant, psychologist and advisor working across a vast array of organisations and [...]

Fireside Chat – The Value of Community: Creating an Alliance to tackle workplace mental health

Kim Hamrosi, Executive Director, Corporate Mental Health Alliance Australia (CMHAA)
Dr Laura Kirby, Chief Mental Health Officer, Commonwealth Bank
Deanna Constantin, National Health and Wellbeing Manager, Coles Group
Melinda Upton, Chair, Minds Count Foundation

In today's fast-changing and connected world, the ability to draw together large groups of people, enables organisations to generate high impact. The formation of the Corporate Mental Health Alliance Australia (CMHAA) allows member companies to tap into a greater pool of resources to tackle the challenges associated with workplace mental health. The foundation of CMHAA’s premise is community. By leveraging our business communities, we have created the resources and opportunity to generate impact, amplify ideation, share and validate ideas as well as learnings.

Join CMHAA’s Executive Director, Dr Kim Hamrosi, along with Melinda Upton (Chair MindsCount and CMHAA Board Director), Dr Laura Kirby (Chief Mental Health Officer CBA) and Deanna Costantin (National Health and Wellbeing Manager, Coles Group) to discuss the value of forming an alliance, the challenges and opportunities as well as ways in which this coming together of a ‘community’ of like-minded organisations can create impact.


Kim Hamrosi

Passionately advocating for the role that corporate Australia can play in supporting the mental wellbeing of all Australians, Kim is proud to be [...]

Dr Laura Kirby

Laura is a qualified Organisational Psychologist with more than 10 years’ experience specialising in workplace psychological health and safety. [...]

Deanna Constantin

Bio coming [...]

Melinda Upton

With a career spanning over 25 years, Melinda has recently been appointed as the Asia Pacific CEO for corporate psych performance specialist’s [...]

Roundtable Session – Building personal protective factors and personal/team resilience to support health and wellbeing

Matthew Little, Chief Safety Officer (CSO), Goodstart Early Learning
  • Examining the impact of wellbeing on Australian workplaces and individuals
  • Workplace vs personal stressors - two primary approaches:
    • Identify hazards, assess risk, implement controls (root cause analysis critical)
    • Support workers and build ‘personal protective factors’

In this session Matt will promote a dynamic discussion with the attendees on: key wellbeing issues in our workplaces today; addressing burnout and anxiety; building a ‘help seeking culture’ within our working environments; and what is working well to build personal protective factors and personal/team resilience. Matt will share his own story of anxiety and depression and his best practice in managing wellbeing in the workplace.


Matthew Little

Matthew has been highly successful in HSE performance-improvement and culture-change, having achieved huge results for both Global Fortune500 as [...]

Roundtable Session – Mental Health in the workplace: The SafeWork NSW experience

Jim Kelly, Director Health and Safe Design, Safework NSW

Mental Health in the workplace: The SafeWork NSW experience

  • NSW Code of Practice: Managing psychosocial hazards in the workplace
  • Mentally Healthy Workplace Strategy support for NSW businesses


Jim Kelly

Jim is an experienced people leader, passionate about supporting business to harness the full potential of their people through harm reduction [...]

Roundtable Session – Is wellbeing working and what is the value of wellbeing?

Sean Silvey, Executive Manager, Safety and Wellbeing, IAG

Sean will explore how organisations have defined wellbeing in the past, what it is today and what it will look like tomorrow. He will invite the audience to participate in a dynamic discussion about how wellbeing is impacting people, performance and reputation.


Sean Silvey

A highly outcome focussed and strategic executive with outstanding relationship and change management skills. Proven resourcefulness and [...]

Closing Keynote Presentation – Psychological safety and the Boeing 737 Max (Virtual)

Ed Pierson, Founder, Ed Pierson LLC

Ed Pierson, a former senior manager at Boeing’s 737 Factory in Renton, Washington, raised concerns to his supervisors about the dangerously unstable production environment and risks to the safety of airplanes.

The factory was plagued with overworked employees, chronic part shortages, quality issues, and unrelenting schedule pressure to deliver MAX airplanes.

Ed recommended Boeing leadership shutdown production operations before both crashes, but sadly he was ignored. After the crashes he implored the leaders of the NTSB, FAA, and DOT to conduct a thorough investigation of the factory and to involve international accident investigators but was ignored again.

He shared his story with the U.S. Congress. In turn, Congress directed the FAA to conduct a proper investigation. Instead, the FAA focused on helping Boeing recertify the airplane.

In response, Ed conducted his own investigation and linked factory conditions to both crashes. He is determined to shine a light on the truth to help avoid future tragedies.


Ed Pierson

Mr. Ed Pierson is a safety advocate and whistleblower. He worked for the Boeing company for 10 years before retiring in 2018. In his last [...]

Master of Ceremonies Closing Remarks

Andrew Barrett, Chief Connector, Safety on Tap


Andrew Barrett

Andrew loves solving challenges with people. He also loves sharing. There are so many challenges to work on, and many being solved every day - [...]

Networking Drinks




We invite only the leading international and local experts to provide sessions on site, this allows for attendees to be taught by front-line executives that compress years of meaningful experience into a systematic, well organised learning program.


Keeping in line with the main goal of the event in achieving new relationships, we provide a huge amount of networking opportunities for attendees through breakfast, luncheons, cocktails and informal introductions.


Allowing both buyers and sellers the opportunity to engage with one another onsite in a series of prearranged business meetings. These provide both parties a great opportunity to build new relationships by interacting face to face.


Being able to experience different sessions is what makes this event unique; whether you are looking to attend an interactive workshop, roundtable, 1-1 meeting or panel discussion.


Interact and relax amongst your peers at the official Networking dinner where you will have the opportunity to be part of the entertainment.


The summit is personalised for YOU, this means that what is important to your business is important to us. We create personalised itineraries around sessions you want to attend, allowing for your time to be spent wisely while out of the office.




Should you wish to attend the 10th Australian OHS Leaders Summit on the 15th – 16th of March 2023, please purchase your tickets below

1 Ticket


  • Access to onsite mobile App
  • Meals & refreshments over the two days
  • One night complimentary accommodation at the Sofitel
  • Access to all interactive workshops, keynotes and roundtable sessions
  • Entry to pre-dinner Networking Drinks Reception
  • Seat allocated at the OHS Leaders Dinner
  • Access to Closing Networking Drinks Function
  • Access to all presentation
    slides and photos
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  • Access to onsite mobile App
  • Meals & refreshments over the two days
  • One night complimentary accommodation at the Sofitel
  • Access to all interactive workshops, keynotes and roundtable sessions
  • Entry to pre-dinner Networking Drinks Reception
  • Seat allocated at the OHS Leaders Dinner
  • Access to Closing Networking Drinks Function
  • Access to all presentation
    slides and photos


  • Access to onsite mobile App
  • Meals & refreshments over the two days
  • One night complimentary accommodation at the Sofitel
  • Access to all interactive workshops, keynotes and roundtable sessions
  • Entry to pre-dinner Networking Drinks Reception
  • Seat allocated at the OHS Leaders Dinner
  • Access to Closing Networking Drinks Function
  • Access to all presentation
    slides and photos


Psychological safety and the Boeing 737 Max (Virtual) – Ed Pierson

Ed Pierson, Founder, Ed Pierson LLC (please note the person on stage is the MC Andrew Barrett)   Ed raised concerns to his […]

Mental Health in the workplace: The SafeWork NSW experience – Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly, Director Health and Safe Design, Safework NSW Key takeaways from this session: NSW Code of Practice: Managing psychosocial […]

The Value of Community: Creating an Alliance to tackle workplace mental health – Fireside Chat

Kim Hamrosi, Executive Director, Corporate Mental Health Alliance Australia (CMHAA) Dr Laura Kirby, Chief Mental Health Officer, Commonwealth […]

Is wellbeing working and what is the value of wellbeing? – Sean Silvey

Sean Silvey, Executive Manager, Safety and Wellbeing, IAG Sean explores how organisations have defined wellbeing in the past, what it is today […]

Meet leading Health & Safety executives from a range of industries.

Interact and engage with some of the strongest and most powerful brands from across Australia.

'This year was even better than last! The calibre of attendees is like no other event in the Australian marketplace. This was a very impressive group of the countries most senior safety professionals and presenters, while the one to one meetings with suppliers has allowed me to really understand where I need to be investing. Count me in for next year.'



'Our First year we took a 7 meeting package, the second year we took a 14 meeting package and now in our 3rd year we were gold sponsors. Our business has now done 10x since working with the OHS Leaders team and we have already signed up to be diamond sponsor for 2021.'



'The OHS Leaders Summit continues to provide a fantastic opportunity to listen to peers, their journeys, opinions & lessons learnt. Once again I am going away feeling inspired and energised. Thank you.'



'We have joined this summit for the last 5 years and have been the major sponsor for the last 3. This event has been invaluable for our business, the opportunity to meet with the countries most senior safety leaders one on one has been fantastic. It all starts here at the summit and then it’s up to your teams to foster these relationships.'



'It’s the only event my colleague and I attend. High quality presentations, high quality providers, engaging workshops, and plenty of networking opportunities.'



'Great networking opportunity, with providers and delegates. Learnt new ideas, what is working well in the industry, international perspective was enlightening. Very positive experience and is refreshing to hear from new approaches in industry that are delivering results.'









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