Join us at the 9th Annual OHS Leaders Australia Summit Be part of Australia’s largest gathering of senior Health & Safety executives 10th - 11th March 2021, Sofitel Hotel, Brisbane Join us at the 9th Annual OHS Leaders Australia Summit Be part of Australia’s largest gathering of senior Health & Safety executives 10th - 11th March 2021, Sofitel Hotel, Brisbane Register Interest Testimonial Video Summit Themes Key themes and topics are developed by our
standing committee and advisory board from
the country's most respected workplace Health &
Safety heads . These will be addressed over the course
of the OHS Leaders Summit Australia.

Join us at the 9th Annual OHS Leaders
Australia Summit

10 – 11 March 2021, SOFITEL HOTEL

Join the gathering


The 9th annual OHS Leaders Summit will once again bring together over 150 of the country’s leading health, safety and wellbeing executives over two days. The gathering will take place on the 10th and 11th March 2021 at the Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane.

You will have the opportunity to hear from over 35 local and international speakers via keynotes, workshops, panel discussions and roundtable sessions.

You will also be able to personalise your own agenda and maximise your time out of the office by engaging in only the most relevant sessions for your business.

Various networking functions will be held over the two days in the shape of refreshments breaks, lunches, breakfasts, networking drinks and dinner, giving you the chance to interact and catch up with your peers in a very relaxed setting.


Laurie Shelby

Laurie Shelby

Vice President, EHS, Tesla

Jamie Ross

Jamie Ross

Head of Zero Harm, Spotless

Elle Osborne

Elle Osborne

Global HSE Director, Baker Hughes

Greg Hewson

Greg Hewson

Executive General Manager – HSEQ, Broadspectrum



The summit program is a draft and is subject to change.

Arrival & Registration


Welcome & Introduction

Tyron McGurgan, CEO, Focus Network


Master of Ceremonies

Andrew Barrett, Chief Connector, Safety on Tap


Andrew Barrett

I love solving challenges with people. I also love sharing. There are so many challenges to work on, and many being solved every day - let's [...]

Opening Keynote Presentation – Leading for HSE, Can You Accept Feedback?

Elle Osborne, Global HSE Director, Baker Hughes

As we go into a world of even bigger data fuelled internally and externally, we need to prepare our leaders to accept feedback and act on it.


Elle Osborne

Elle Osborne is an HSE leader who partners with the operations Team of PPS to work towards creating a safer, competent, and operationally [...]

Keynote Presentation – Decluttering: Breathing Life Back into Safety

Kym Bancroft, Head of Health and Safety, Queensland Urban Utilities
Decluttering safety systems is not simply a matter of throwing things out. Kym will explore how Urban Utilities, as part of its safety cultural transformation journey, identified what clutter is (vs what it is not), how the clutter was created and how they have implemented a robust and defensible approach to making changes to reduce safety clutter; and how to measure this.


Kym Bancroft

Experienced in the design, development and implementation of evidence-based Safety and Wellbeing Cultural Change processes, I can simultaneously [...]

Panel Discussion – how IRT Group and Australia Post are cutting injuries and future-proofing an ageing workforce


Maria Payne, National Safety Partner, Australia Post, Retail
Campbell McGlynn, Head of People & Culture, IRT Group
Terry Wong, General Manager, Move 4 Life

Campbell McGlynn (Heal of People & Culture, IRT Group), Maria Payne (National Safety Partner, Retail, Australia Post) and Terry Wong (General Manager, Move 4 Life) review their experience in implementing the Move 4 Life SYSTEM. This discussion will look at what’s worked, what’s been learned and what to think about if you’re trying to address sprain and strain injuries or confronting issues associated with an ageing workforce.


Maria Payne

Maria Payne is the National Safety Partner for Retail in Australia Pos – a network of more than 700 outlets and over 6,000 employees. Maria [...]

Campbell McGlynn

Campbell McGlynn is Executive General Manager, People & Culture at IRT Group, one of Australia's largest non-profit, community-based seniors [...]

Terry Wong

Terry Wong is General Manager of Move 4 Life.  He is dedicated to eliminating the impact and cost of sprain and strain injuries and [...]

Networking Break


One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 1 – Integrating Health and Wellbeing with Safety

Jamie Ross, Head of Zero Harm, Spotless

For 99% of human history we all did a great job of working together, trusting and caring for each other, and focusing on what mattered most to keep ourselves safe and alive. What has happened in the most recent 1%? Why do our innate human fears and psychological conditions formed thousands of years ago now create huge challenges to changing behaviours and creating strong safety cultures?

Drawing on the latest global psychological and anthropological research, supported by fascinating real-life stories, this presentation explores how our world has inherently changed around us as humans, and how those changes impact directly on organisational culture and performance. We look at how modern-day factors - continuous states of distraction, the 'technology tsunami', and the increase in micro-laziness - are creating even more challenges for organisations seeking to improve performance.

The audience are left with memorable stories and concepts, plus practical techniques to apply what has been learnt from traditional societies, in order to influence their people to better engagement and performance.


Jamie Ross

Jamie is the Head of Zero Harm for the Spotless group, responsible for leading the business towards best practice in risk management and [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 2A – Peers Supporting Peers: Enhancing Psychosocial Safety at Work with a Peer Support Program

James Sclater, Senior Organisational Development Specialist, Assure Programs

A Workplace Peer Support Program is an integrated approach to supporting the psychological health and safety of employees, by leveraging existing collegial support at work. This presentation will explore the best practice use of peer support programs in the workplace including an effective communication strategy, the recruitment and selection of peer supporters, training, ongoing support and evaluation, as well as some of the common pitfalls and lessons learned


James Sclater

James Sclater is a Registered Psychologist with a Master in Organisational Psychology. He has consulting experience spanning all industries in [...]

Workshop 2B – Using Artificial Intelligence to Democratize Ergonomics in the Workplace

Kent Hatcher, CPE, Director of Consulting and Ergonomics Engineer, Velocity EHS

Until recently, quantitative assessments for identifying musculoskeletal disorder risk factors in the workplace required in-depth training, competency, and practice. Ergonomics teams would get bogged down by the dreaded “paralysis by analysis” and spend valuable time finding issues in the workplace versus spending time fixing them.

With recent advances in technology including artificial intelligence and computer vision, it is now possible to democratize ergonomics—involve everyone in optimizing the workplace.

Ergonomics teams can be equipped with tools that help them solve problems more accurately, quickly, and effectively. This session will explore the role of technology, how to increase team effectiveness, and scale ergonomics across an enterprise.


Kent Hatcher

Kent Hatcher, Director of Consulting and Ergonomics Engineer at VelocityEHS’ Humantech, partners with companies to develop, manage, and sustain [...]

Keynote Presentation – The most influential tech trends that will impact the safety profession in 2021

Matthew Browne, Chief Executive Officer, Donesafe
Matthew Browne discusses the most influential technology trends in the safety industry as well as Donesafe's crystal-ball predictions for 2019.


Matthew Browne

As one of Donesafe’s two founders, Matthew Browne is driving one of the fastest growing safety startups in Australia. Matthew works closely [...]

Networking Lunch


Keynote Presentation – A Practical Approach to Thinking Differently – The CHEP Journey

Craig Johnson, Senior Manager Safety Health and Environment Asia Pacific, CHEP

‘Safety Differently’ was first explored as a concept within CHEP in 2018, in the search to better understand human behaviour and their response to workplace conditions. The change arose through the realisation that one of the key measures of safety was plateauing and the introduction of a new approach to safety management would open more opportunity for greater improvement.

The presentation explores the CHEP journey through the Safety Differently lens; from its beginnings, to building wider engagement throughout the business. It looks at some of the key learnings along the way, and how CHEP adapted, to eventually bring about a change in the way the business responds to situations that arise in the workplace.


Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson is the Senior Manager, Safety Health and Environment, Asia Pacific for CHEP and holds over 14 years’ experience with CHEP in [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 3A – Topic to be confirmed

Naveen GV, Managing Director & Global BD Executive New Subscriber Development, Gensuite
Gensuite is a leading, cloud-based EHS software solutions provider that enables diverse companies to foster safe & sustainable workplaces worldwide. Our fully configurable solutions are designed to solve today’s toughest industry challenges – empowering companies to protect employees, minimize environmental impacts, to achieve functional program goals & objectives.
Our leaders were the first Gensuite end-users – and we continue that legacy every day, as we partner with our global subscriber group to continuously evolve & hyper-personalize our solutions to address growing & changing global needs.


Naveen GV

Naveen G.V is an Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Management professional with 20 years of experience spanning across Government, [...]

Workshop 3B – Improving Workplace Psychological Health and Safety with Technology

Jason van Schie, Managing Director, Flourishdx

“A psychologically healthy and safe workplace is one that promotes workers' psychological wellbeing and actively works to prevent harm to worker psychological health, including in negligent, reckless or intentional ways”. This definition assigns two responsibilities to employers: 1) prevent harm; and 2) promote wellbeing.

This workshop will explore how risk management and health promotion can be deployed at scale with FlourishDx to enable proactive (as opposed to reactive) mental health care for employees. The important role of the line manager and how they can be empowered to lead psychological health and safety at a work group level will be discussed.


Jason van Schie

Jason van Schie holds a Masters of Applied Psychology (Occupational), and has been working as a registered psychologist since 2005. Based in [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 4 – Unlocking the Barriers to Learning: When Wrong is Right

Campbell Warren, Group Manager HSEQ, Coates Hire

Past, present and future views of safety, despite all their differences, will inevitably agree on one thing: evidence-based practice is the key to learning. But what age-old societal burden prevents us from unlocking evidence that currently exists within our businesses; the evidence that we so desperately need to improve?

This presentation redefines what should be accepted as evidence in an increasingly complex world, and through making one small (yet very difficult) change, shows how we can make evidence-based practice our modus operandi.


Campbell Warren

Campbell has worked extensively across Mining, Construction, Utilities and Equipment Hire. Very early on in his career, Campbell saw first-hand [...]

Roundtable Session – Enhance ROI by Establishing a Consistent Methodology for Supply Chain Risk Management

Tony Webster-Smith, Regional Vice President - APAC at Avetta
Outsourcing is a key component to your supply chain with a significant business ROI. However, there are risks that are introduced with such strategies—only half of buyers say they monitor supply chain risk, and over 60% of suppliers fail to meet project requirements or qualifications for the job. We will discuss how to manage those risks, moving beyond decentralized emails and spreadsheets and into a centralized supplier data collection and evaluation methodology. With the right approach, your team will obtain the proper safety and insurance information and view potential risks across all of your supplier relationships, helping you evaluate suppliers properly, improve supplier quality, safety and sustainability.


Tony Webster-Smith

Experienced Regional Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry. Skilled in HSE Management [...]

Roundtable Session – Safety Culture vs Safety Strategy… what comes first?

Jen Jackson, CEO & Founder - Everyday Massive
Every heard the expression, culture eats strategy for breakfast? Well, that's because strategy is so damn good for you.

Come join the Everyday Massive team to hear what organisations such as Amazon, PepsiCo, Probuild and Queensland Urban Utilities are doing to design their safety cultures. And spoiler alert... it all starts with strategy.

In this roundtable we'll dive into:

What safety leaders need to think about to align their safety programs to organisational outcomes. How to bring all stakeholders on the journey with you — and have them as raving advocates. The key safety experiences that have the most impact on people.


Jen Jackson

CEO and founder of Everyday Massive | The Employee Experience Company Published author or How to Speak Human (Wiley, 2018) Keynote speaker on [...]

Roundtable Session – Reducing risk and maximising benefit – how should you be assessing your new hires?

Philip Paysden, General Manager – WorkCare, APM WorkCare

Health Assessments are always a contentious issue – should we, shouldn’t we – why bother and if so what is worth assessing?

This interactive workshop looks at best practice in physical and psychological best practice when assessing the health of your current and future employees.

APM WorkCare with over 25 years industry experience in workplace productivity and wellness takes a critical look at health and pre-employment assessments in 2020. An interactive session including an expert panel and live demonstrations, we will look at:

  • The benefits of Medical (doctor) versus Functional (allied health) assessments when not mandated by regulations
  • A critical review of the best ways to Physically assess candidates
  • A critical review of the best ways to Psychologically assess candidates
  • Technology and online options – what is worth the investment, and what is not
  • Innovation in 2020 – what is the latest research and what are some things you can bring to your workplace to reduce risk and maximise benefit from your pre-employment investment.


Philip Paysden

Philip Paysden is the General Manager of APM WorkCare, leading the workplace health division of the Global Human Services Business APM. With 16 [...]

Roundtable Session – From Reacting to Learning, the Next Step in Organisational Effectiveness

Andy Shone, CEO, Southpac International

What gets measured gets done, or so we believe! Today many organisations are driven by metrics and dashboards. The result of this often means that we focus on efficiency, getting stuff done quickly, as opposed to being thorough, i.e. being effective. This mindset appears to be increasingly driving the familiar routine;

  • Deadlines are imposed for close out of the identified issues.
  • Quick fixes ensue.
  • Dashboards and reports drive action.
  • Problems recur.

The result of all of this, Management Systems become a convenient mechanism for managing administrative work (safety work) without affecting the safety of work.

Organisations need to move towards approaches that are more focused on learning and understanding. Approaches that accept the inherent complexity of the modern workplace, and in turn take systemic action to improve performance rather than falling back on simple explanations and familiar fixes.

Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) is an approach or philosophy that focuses on building an understanding of how organisations and people work together with the aim of enhancing performance. Specifically the learning team method is focused on taking the time to truly understand, with the aid of frontline personnel, how work is happening and the best way to make it better.


Andy Shone

Andy is the CEO of Southpac Group and is an active facilitator and consultant in Quality, Safety and Human & Organisational Performance. He has [...]

Networking Break


Keynote Presentation – Surviving and Thriving in a World of Innovation: Driving Workplace Safety and Health at Tesla

Laurie Shelby, VP EHS, Tesla

We all have to deal with a rapidly changing business world. Developments such as increased automation and intensifying global competition add complexity and stress to our daily lives. But what if you worked for a company like Tesla, where innovation and rapidly-paced change are part of your daily routine? Are there any lessons learned at Tesla that we can apply to our own dynamic work environments? Laurie Shelby, Vice President, EHS, Tesla, will share some of her challenges and lessons learned. As most know, Tesla seems to be constantly in the news these days, promoting the world's transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar energy, and integrated renewable energy solutions for homes.

Main points that meeting attendees will learn from your presentation:

  1. Process used for building a safety and health culture in a disruptive and innovated company.
  2. How to not let outside influences slow progressive safety – quiet the “less informed”.
  3. Process for designing safety into products and processes.


Laurie Shelby

Laurie Shelby joined Tesla Inc. as their EHS Vice President in October 2017. She leads worldwide EHS for approximately 45,000 employees in the [...]

Roundtable Session – Following the Leader

Greg Hewson, Executive General Manager – HSEQ, Broadspectrum

The importance of visible, felt leadership is well recognized in establishing a mature safety culture. But what forms should this take and what do good senior leadership actions look like? Is seeing and “feeling” senior leaders in the field enough? Many organizations have KPIs around Leadership Talks or similar activities. Senior leaders and Boards influence safety outcomes in many ways, and the biggest impact may not be due to what they say when in the field. Are we effectively using the skills and experience of senior leaders to critically assess the way work is planned and done? What is the right balance between general field conversations and ensuring “Safety 101”? In this roundtable discussion we will encourage participants to share thoughts and good practices around positive leadership involvement – what works well/ what doesn’t.


Greg Hewson

A senior HSE leader with a record of achievement and success in project execution, cultural step-change, strategic HSE management, systems [...]

Roundtable Session – Creating a Learning Culture

Amanda Clements, Zero Harm Manager Strategic Improvement - Roads, Downer
Sarah Colley, Group Manager – Innovation & Culture, Downer

Organisational learning is key to change and innovation. This experiential workshop will walk you through how a Learning Team process is run. You will walk away with practical insights into how to harness the collective insights of your workforce to collaborate to solve complex issues.


Amanda Clements

A recognised thought leader in her field, Amanda is on a mission to bring a more humanistic approach to work in order to increase performance [...]

Sarah Colley

Sarah's work focuses on human-centred approaches to building a health, safety and well being culture. Sarah is a nationally registered [...]

Roundtable Session – Planning for success, securing worker engagement from day zero

Evan Kidd, Group Work Health Safety Manager, Abacus Property Group

“Turnkey” solutions seem to be again gaining popularity within the wider WHS and HR spaces, but are these destined to fail from the start?

Using “Employee Wellbeing Programs” as an example, we’ll look at some of the processes involved after the date of executive buy-in to building a program that our people are truly invested in.


Evan Kidd

Evan Kidd joined Abacus Property Group in 2014 bringing with him significant operational and strategic management experience across multiple [...]

Free Time


OHS Leaders Networking Reception


OHS Leaders Networking Dinner

2h 30min

Networking Breakfast


Opening Keynote Presentation – Psychological Safety on Lights and Sirens

Louise Dubois, Director Safety and Recovery, NSW Ambulance
Cognitive overload is a condition where a situation gives too much information simultaneously, resulting in being unable to process this information. When you are facing a complex problem with minimal guidance the situation may result in a sense of disappointment, failure. We will explore this field and assist you in designing experiences that optimises the limited capacity of the working memory while reducing risks in emergency situations.


Louise Dubois

"Louise has been actively delivering results in the area of organisational health, safety and workers compensation for over 25 years. Amongst [...]

Keynote Presentation – Developing a psychologically safe workplace: the Australia Post journey

Fiona Andrew, National Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager, Australia Post
When reasonable efforts are made to protect the mental health and wellbeing of employees, a psychologically safe workplace is created. High levels of psychosocial risk in the work environment have the potential to generate employee mental health concerns, and/or exacerbate existing conditions. The identification and mitigation of psychosocial risks, coupled with the provision of a supportive and healthy workplace has the ability to reduce the onset, severity, impact, and duration of mental health concerns, as well as produce happier and more productive employees. In this session, Fiona will share Australia Post’s journey in creating a psychologically safe workplace.


Fiona Andrew

With a passion for supporting organisations to create mentally healthy workplaces, Fiona regards herself as fortunate to have joined the [...]

Keynote Presentation – Mental Health in the Workplace: Starting the Conversation

Wayne Schwass, Founder, Puka Up for Premium Health
Statistically, one in five employees have a mental health condition. This engaging 45 minute presentation focuses on the conversation about mental health and draws on the following topics:
  • The shift from mental illness to mental health
  • Empowering every employee to speak up about mental health
  • Removing mental health stigmas within our workplace community


Wayne Schwass

Since capturing Australia’s attention as one of the most successful football players in AFL history, Wayne Schwass has gone on to make a name [...]

Networking Break


One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 5 – Effective Engagement – Moving from Empowering to Enabling

Rob Fisher, President & Director of Operations, Fisher Improvement Technologies
Learn from a pioneer in human and organizational performance how incorporating personality diversity into how people see and manage risk helps move people from simply being empowered to stop work and get help, to enable them to effectively engage in a way to prevent errors and incidents. Effective engagement and enabling also drive better use of near-miss and near-hit reporting and analysis. Using the lessons learned from engaging the volunteers for Superbowl 51, Rob will provide an 'intentional communications' tool that everyone can use when they leave.


Rob Fisher

Rob Fisher is currently the President and Director of Operations for Fisher Improvement Technologies (FIT), a Native-American (Cherokee) owned [...]

One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 6 – A workplace health and safety program must go beyond high-vis and LTI stats

Graeme Wright, Owner, Optimum Health & Management Services

Join us to see how the processes, outcomes and benefits from a 12-month trial in Perth WA has turned into a National Health and Wellness Program.

The presentation will highlight how periodically benchmarking the workforce and developing specific interventions - based on the data can help direct investment, improve the risk profile of the workforce and save lives and money.

Find out how a management style influenced the focus of the program. It was more than fruit bowls on the counter, Pilates, mediation or massage at lunch time. It was about continuous improvement. A long term, structured, evidence-based scientific approach was used to increase safety at work.

Dr Graeme Wright is a clinical exercise physiologist and corporate advisor on health and workplace performance.


Dr Graeme Wright

• Graeme holds a PhD from the University of Western Australia. He is an accredited Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist with ESSA [...]

Keynote Presentation – Being Accountable Without Being Guilty: Combining Strong Optimistic and Caring Safety Leadership with Legal Risk Management

Katherine Morris, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright
Given the introduction of the industrial manslaughter laws, there is considerably higher legal risk exposure for custodial sentences and penalties in the millions of dollars. It is incumbent on OHS leaders to comprehensively address this new context, not minimize it or shy away from it. This inevitably means strongly focusing on safety culture and measuring and documenting this, sharp focus on eliminating fatal risks, evidencing satisfaction of due diligence duties and strong legal risk management. The most significant opportunity and challenge for OHS leaders is however to fundamentally change the accountability of business leaders and organisations following a fatality or permanent disabling injury. The address will cover these issues and raise challenges as to what this accountability looks like.


Katherine Morris

Katherine Morris is a partner at Norton Rose Fulbright, specialising in work health and safety law. She has over 18 years’ experience working [...]

Networking Lunch


One-to-One Meetings


Workshop 7 – Title & Synopsis coming soon

Emma Blee, Director Health, Safety and Wellbeing, RMIT University


Emma Blee

Highly qualified and experienced Work Health and Safety and Human Resources leader with a strong strategic and operational background. Expertise [...]

Roundtable Session – Occupational Violence, Learn the Defensive Moves

Louise Dubois, Director Safety and Recovery, NSW Ambulance

The community is aware that violence occurs in emergency departments and towards paramedics across the nation. It is less well known that patients, clients, family and bystanders are also violent and aggressive towards paramedics. Some of the violence is caused by people affected by alcohol, drugs and mental illness. However, a large number of assaults are by angry people under stress.

This session will show the amplitude of occupational violence challenges, teach you what you can do to reduce it in your workplace and show you a few defensive moves. Who knows these moves could save your life!


Louise Dubois

"Louise has been actively delivering results in the area of organisational health, safety and workers compensation for over 25 years. Amongst [...]

Roundtable Session – The Health Benefits of Good Work

Keith Govias, Chair, Health Benefits of Good Work

The Health Benefits of Good Work (HBGW) is an initiative from the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) of The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP). This initiative is based on compelling Australasian and international evidence that good work is beneficial to people’s health and wellbeing and that long-term work absence, work disability and unemployment generally have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

This session will explain how employers can get involved with the program and the value that applying the principles can bring to their workplaces.


Keith Govias

Keith is a Retail Safety specialist who has worked with some of Australia's leading retail brands. He has been the Chair for the Australian [...]

Roundtable Session – How Organisations Can Support Peoples Capacity and Resilience to be the Solution to Their Own Mental Health and Wellbeing

Dr Sara Curtis, Client Partnerships Manager, Vitality Works
Lisa McKeown, HSE Leader, Laing O’Rourke
At Laing O’Rourke we are striving to create a healthy environment for our people that promotes excellence and acknowledges the evolving changes and demands of their personal and family lives. The starting position for any Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy is based on the approach that the best way to view mental health is that we all have it and we fluctuate between thriving, struggling and being ill and possibly off work. Good mental health encompasses much more than the mere absence of poor mental health. Being mentally healthy also includes positive states of mental health such as feeling engaged and empowered at work, being motivated, productive and having a work life balance than enriches the home life rather than impeding it. When people thrive so does the organisation. A focus on thriving is more relevant than ever. The changing nature of work needs thriving people who flourish in the face of uncertainty and change. Positive mental health is about people who engage with us having positive experiences where they feel satisfied, engaged and empowered through their work so that they are motivated to perform at a high level. It is about being confident and capable to successfully set and achieve challenging goals. Where work is integrated effectively into an overall health life that leads to improvements in performance and mental health at work. The Mental Health and Wellbeing framework:
  • People as the solution to their own sustained health. Giving decision making to the people who do the work and are most impacted by it.
  • Looks at the positive aspects people can do to support their own health and wellbeing.
  • The programmes delivered under this strategy as an ethical responsibility will not be about compliance enforced upon our people. The programmes will engage our people in its development, facilitate their active participation where they choose to do so and be flexible to our people and organisations changing needs.
As leaders and people – the more we learn to help others integrate tools and behaviours that build mental health and resilience; the more good days we will have.


Dr Sarah Curtis

Dr Sarah Curtis (PhD) – National Account Manager Sarah has worked in the health and wellbeing arena for 25 years and has vast expertise in [...]

Lisa McKeown

A Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience of working in the construction industry across a wide range of [...]

Closing keynote presentation


Master Of Ceremonies Closing Remarks


Networking Drinks




We invite only the leading international and local experts to provide sessions on site, this allows for attendees to be taught by front-line executives that compress years of meaningful experience into a systematic, well organised learning program.


Keeping in line with the main goal of the event in achieving new relationships, we provide a huge amount of networking opportunities for attendees through breakfast, luncheons, cocktails and informal introductions.


Allowing both buyers and sellers the opportunity to engage with one another onsite in a series of prearranged business meetings. These provide both parties a great opportunity to build new relationships by interacting face to face.


Being able to experience different sessions is what makes this event unique; whether you are looking to attend an interactive workshop, roundtable, 1-1 meeting or panel discussion.


Interact and relax amongst your peers at the official Networking dinner where you will have the opportunity to be part of the entertainment.


The summit is personalised for YOU, this means that what is important to your business is important to us. We create personalised itineraries around sessions you want to attend, allowing for your time to be spent wisely while out of the office.




Should you wish to attend this years upcoming 9th Australian OHS Leaders Summit on the 10th – 11th of March 2021, please purchase your tickets below

1 Ticket


  • Access to onsite mobile App
  • Meals & refreshments over the two days
  • One night complimentary accommodation at the Sofitel
  • Access to all interactive workshops, keynotes and roundtable sessions
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  • Access to onsite mobile App
  • Meals & refreshments over the two days
  • One night complimentary accommodation at the Sofitel
  • Access to all interactive workshops, keynotes and roundtable sessions
  • Entry to pre-dinner Networking Drinks Reception
  • Seat allocated at the OHS Leaders Dinner
  • Access to Closing Networking Drinks Function
  • Access to presentations & event photos
    slides and photos


  • Access to onsite mobile App
  • Meals & refreshments over the two days
  • One night complimentary accommodation at the Sofitel
  • Access to all interactive workshops, keynotes and roundtable sessions
  • Entry to pre-dinner Networking Drinks Reception
  • Seat allocated at the OHS Leaders Dinner
  • Access to Closing Networking Drinks Function
  • Access to presentations & event photos
    slides and photos


Interview with Matt Airhart, President and COO, VelocityEHS

Matt is the President & COO of VelocityEHS which is one of the largest, most-respected environment, health and safety (EHS) software companies. […]

Inteva Products: Driving Ergonomics Globally with the Humantech Industrial Ergonomics Software by VelocityEHS.

Automotive supplier Inteva Products has developed a consistent, sustainable, and global ergonomics process with the help of the Humantech […]

Interview with Jim Huemmer, Principal, Shiftwork Solutions

Jim is the Director of Shiftwork Solutions, a specialist consulting firm where they optimise rosters, hours of work and shiftwork […]

Interview with Katherine Morris, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

Katherine is a partner at Norton Rose Fulbright, specialising in work health and safety law. She has over 18 years’ experience working across […]

Meet leading Health & Safety executives from a range of industries.

Interact and engage with some of the strongest and most powerful brands from across Australia.

'This year was even better than last! The calibre of attendees is like no other event in the Australian marketplace. This was a very impressive group of the countries most senior safety professionals and presenters, while the one to one meetings with suppliers has allowed me to really understand where I need to be investing. Count me in for next year.'



'Our First year we took a 7 meeting package, the second year we took a 14 meeting package and now in our 3rd year we were gold sponsors. Our business has now done 10x since working with the OHS Leaders team and we have already signed up to be diamond sponsor for 2021.'



'The OHS Leaders Summit continues to provide a fantastic opportunity to listen to peers, their journeys, opinions & lessons learnt. Once again I am going away feeling inspired and energised. Thank you.'



'We have joined this summit for the last 5 years and have been the major sponsor for the last 3. This event has been invaluable for our business, the opportunity to meet with the countries most senior safety leaders one on one has been fantastic. It all starts here at the summit and then it’s up to your teams to foster these relationships.'



'It’s the only event my colleague and I attend. High quality presentations, high quality providers, engaging workshops, and plenty of networking opportunities.'



'Great networking opportunity, with providers and delegates. Learnt new ideas, what is working well in the industry, international perspective was enlightening. Very positive experience and is refreshing to hear from new approaches in industry that are delivering results.'









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