Generation Y & Safety

Fred Bonewell, Chief Security and Safety Officer at CPS Energy, delivered a presentation around “Generation Y & Safety”

Many of us in the workforce who provide training today went to school at a time when the teacher was the “source of knowledge”, putting facts on a blackboard with students copying the text and then being tested on their recall of that knowledge. The generation joining the workplace for the first time now were not taught at school like this, and don’t expect to be taught at work like this. Generation Y (and Z) , which includes anyone born after 1980, were taught using active, participative methods. They were expected to research facts for themselves, and the younger millennials watched YouTube videos for homework. Instead of essays, they made papier-mâché models of cells for biology, and videos about climate change for geography. Understanding how to strive to obtain ZERO HARM with the Generation Y employees calls for a particular style of learning and leading.

Fred Bonewell Chief Security & Safety Officer at CPS Energy as a direct report to the President & CEO he oversees all of CPS Energy’s Enterprise & Public Safety, Cyber & Physical Security, Fleet Operations, Business Continuity, and Labor Relations. As a result of a behavior-based safety program, the company continues to experience a reduction in employee accidents through the promotion of safety awareness. A similar approach is being implemented externally to encourage safety among contractors as well as customers.
Bonewell has more than 30 years of progressive leadership experience in employee health and safety, risk, workers’ compensation, and labor relations. In 2016, he was recognized by the National Safety Council for Distinguished Service to Safety. He has worked for Louisville Gas & Electric, Florida Power & Light, and Enel Spa based in Rome Italy.
Bonewell is a graduate of Indiana State University.

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