Advanced Human and Organizational Performance – How Personality Impacts Managing Risk

Rob Fisher, President and Director of Operations at Fisher Improvement Technologies, presented a workshop on “Advanced Human and Organizational Performance – How Personality Impacts Managing Risk”

An interactive session that touched on the most advanced science-based information and methods related to Human and Organizational Performance (HOP and HP) and specifically the importance of managing personality tendencies when managing risk.

Rob Fisher is currently the President and Director of Operations for Fisher Improvement Technologies (FIT), a Native-American (Cherokee) owned business that was recently awarded a Top-100 Native-American Owned Business in the US and a Top-50 Emerging Business in North Carolina by Rob has extensive experience in performing incident analyses, designing performance improvement systems, designing and improving corrective action programs, designing and running procedure programs, and educating staff from the senior leaders to the field. He is a sought-after mentor and trainer, and is routinely invited to speak at international, national and regional conferences on safety, procedures, performance improvement, human & organizational performance and incident analysis. FIT has most recently been recognized internationally as instrumental in reducing fatalities and serious / life-altering injuries in high hazard industries using human & organizational performance and procedure concepts.

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