Optimising the Value of Cloud Investments, Adopting ‘Cloud as a Lifestyle’ Change

29 May 2024, Singapore

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Date: Wednesday, 29th May 2024

Time: 12pm – 2:30pm (SGT)


The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore – The Fullerton Bay Pods

80 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049326
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Synopsis and overview of the session

Economic instability, combined with declining hardware prices and a perceived increase in the cost of using cloud resources, have led some organisations to re-assess the financial benefits of their cloud investments. Accelerated cloud migration during the pandemic with ‘lift and shift’ strategies, often created inefficiencies and unexpectedly high costs, with some organisations responding by repatriating workloads to on-premise solutions.

Despite these concerns, cloud computing remains core to innovation and business growth, especially in uncertain times. It drives collaboration, fosters agility and scalability and acts as a force multiplier for other critical technologies such as AI and IoT. Indeed, it is a ‘lifestyle’ change. Fully leveraging the benefits of cloud requires holistic integration between product development, operations, and technology teams, and importantly, a change of mindset and culture.

Are you actively involved in cloud deployments, which don’t always deliver desired benefits, and seeking to re-evaluate your current cloud strategy and implementation? Are you uncertain if your FinOps strategy is accelerating business value through cloud transformation? Are you optimising the value of your cloud investments?

Collaborating with global industry experts from Ollion and drawing on Focus Network’s research insights, we invite you to join an exclusive group of IT leaders at an upcoming lunch roundtable discussion, to address these questions, and to delve deeper into ways of: 

  • Minimising wasteful use of cloud resources and manage the cost of cloud deployments
  • Understanding the causes of failed cloud migrations
  • Hybrid approaches and the role of cloud in enterprise architectures
  • Fostering greater collaboration, innovation and agility by driving greater integration between product development, operations and technology teams
  • Adopting cloud as a lifestyle change by shifting operational models.

Agenda at a glance

14:00 pm – 14:30 pm – ARRIVAL & REGISTRATION

14:30 pm – 14:35 pm – WELCOME ADDRESS

14:35 pm – 15:35 pm – ANALYST BRIEFING: Optimising Cyber Resilience Amid Increasing Complexity in 2024

15:35 pm – 16:10 pm – PANEL DISCUSSION: Modernising Cybersecurity in an AI-Driven World

16:10 pm – 16:40 pm – OPEN DISCUSSION

16:40 pm – 16:45 pm – CLOSING REMARKS

16:45 pm – 18:00 pm – NETWORKING CANAPES & DRINKS


Jordan Windebank, Managing Director, Asia Pacific – Ollion

Jordan Windebank

Jordan Windebank is a seasoned leader with over 25 years of experience in enterprise technology, primarily focused on spearheading large-scale cloud and DevOps adoptions across the Asia-Pacific region. As Managing Director at Ollion, he directs a top-tier team of technical experts dedicated to transforming major organizations through advanced cloud-native solutions and strategic innovations.

Jordan’s leadership is best characterized by his strategic oversight of cloud technology deployments that have consistently resulted in significant business outcomes. These initiatives have driven substantial increases in customer adoption, achieved considerable cost reductions through optimized technology resource utilization, and enhanced risk management pertaining to security, obsolescence, and regulatory compliance. This strategic focus ensures that technology investments align tightly with business goals, fostering environments where innovation and agility lead to competitive advantage.

Under his guidance, Ollion has become a beacon for cloud transformation, with Jordan’s team facilitating some of the most impactful cloud migrations in the region. His approach goes beyond mere technical upgrades, focusing instead on how cloud technologies can be leveraged to propel business growth, scalability, and market differentiation.

Jordan is a strong proponent of a business-centric viewpoint in technology, where the true value of digital transformation is measured by its ability to foster business value creation. This perspective is critical in his engagements with C-suite executives at Fortune 100 companies, where he advises on the intersection of business technology and mature execution strategies.

A thought leader in the tech industry, Jordan’s insights into cloud technologies emphasize the importance of strategic alignment between business objectives and technology initiatives. His work facilitates organizational agility, operational efficiency, and sustained business innovation, setting the stage for future-proof growth in rapidly evolving markets.

Jordan Windebank’s extensive experience and visionary leadership have established him as a pivotal figure in redefining enterprise technology strategies across the industry

Andre Sirimanne, Head of Solutions, Asia Pacific – Ollion

Andre Sirimanne

Andre Sirimanne is an experienced technologist with a focus on implementing strategic technological transformations in the financial sector. Currently, he is the Head of Solutions at Ollion, where he leads a team of Solution and Delivery Architects across the Asia-Pacific region. His role centers on managing strategic cloud projects and developing customized architectural solutions.

During his time at Standard Chartered Bank as the Chapter Head of Architecture, Andre led the Enterprise Technology Architecture Chapter, focusing on governance, consultancy, and evangelism. His efforts were key in aligning IT products and services with broader architectural strategies and improving stakeholder relationships.

Previously, Andre served as Senior Architect Lead at Standard Chartered, where he was responsible for shaping technology solutions that complied with IT policies and regulatory requirements. His notable contributions include developing cloud patterns for core banking system deployments and establishing a Technology Resilience Maturity Assessment framework.

At J.P. Morgan, Andre, as Vice President and Senior Solutions Architect, was involved in significant data center migrations and application stabilization projects that supported critical business operations. Earlier, at Barclays Capital, he managed global connectivity products and was crucial in strategic architectural planning for DNS and DHCP services.

Andre holds several professional certifications, including AWS Certified Developer and Solution Architect, Certified Cloud Security Professional, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional. He is also a certified practitioner of Human-Centered Design from the LUMA Institute.

Dedicated to practical and effective solutions, Andre is committed to continuous improvement and values collaboration and straightforward communication in all his professional endeavors.


Ross O’Brien, Principal Advisor, Focus Network

Ross O'Brien

Ross is a writer, commentator, research manager and consultant. His analysis centres on the impact information technologies have on Asia’s economic and social development.

Ross is a recognised thought leader on technology-enabled sustainability, having conceived and developed two global indexes which assess the role of new technologies in the fight against climate change: The Green Future Index and The Blue Technology Barometer. The Green Future Index is used as a benchmarking tool by several national and pan-national government organizations worldwide, including the European Commission.

Ross has written and delivered reports and presentations for C-level executives for over two decades as an independent consultant and has served as a non-executive director on the board of Weyland Tech, a developer of mobile business and fintech applications.

Being based in Hong Kong for over 20 years, and in Asia for nearly 30, Ross has conducted market research and consulting projects in over a dozen Asian economies, including months-long engagements in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh. He has also worked in professional service teams at Asian technology firms including Huawei and PT Telkom.

About Ollion

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Andrew Milroy, VP and Head of Research, Focus Network

Milroy, Andrew HD copy

Andrew Milroy leads the research and advisory business at Focus Network. His work involves empowering organisations to make decisions more effectively with data-driven insights — derived from Focus Network’s communities.

He is a well-known and respected thought leader and speaker in the APAC region. With more than two decades of leadership experience in the technology sector, Andrew has worked with clients in a variety of tech domains including cybersecurity, IoT, supply chain automation, eCommerce, fintech, cloud computing, AI, and customer experience — and EHS and HR management.

He was recently an adjunct lecturer at ESSEC Business School, Asia Pacific where he taught technology and cybersecurity strategy to Masters students.

Andrew has held regional leadership roles — predominantly based in Singapore — with Frost & Sullivan and Ovum (now Omdia). Prior to working in Singapore, Andrew gained invaluable technology knowledge and experience while working in Europe and the United States.

Andrew is frequently invited to speak, chair and moderate at major technology events. He has also been quoted on global broadcast media, including BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg and Channel News Asia.

Andrew has a BSc from Newcastle University (UK), an MA from Middlesex University (UK) and an MBA from MGSM (Australia). He also a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language.

About Focus Network

We at Focus Network like to be known as much more than just an events company; we class ourselves as a data-driven information hub for senior-level executives to leverage their learnings from, while at the same time assisting businesses in connecting with the most relevant technology partners to frame new relationships.

Since opening the doors in 2012 we have hosted over 100 C-level strategic summit platforms across multiple verticals for senior decision-makers, facilitated over 50,000 face to face business meetings with technology leaders, interviewed over 15,000 c-level executives, created over 60 bespoke private events for clients and helped formulate and execute over 300 private lunches and dinners across Asia Pacific and North America.



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