Harnessing mobile devices to drive digital productivity

2nd May 2024, Brisbane, Australia

Private Event Series

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Date: Thursday, 2nd May 2024

Time: 12pm – 2:30pm (AEST)


Alchemy Restaurant and Bar, Brisbane

175 Eagle Street,
Brisbane QLD 4000

Synopsis and overview of the session

Mobile devices place the power of distributed information in the hands of many throughout the organisation, but how to overcome the challenges of reliable connectivity, information security and user downtime, to drive productivity?

As the number of mobile information workers in your organisation increases, so does the complexity of managing the device fleets ranging from mobile phones through tablets to field-based rugged  devices and laptops.  The combinations of device type, network, apps, user profiles, authorisation and authentication, and use cases, increase exponentially.

Managing tens of devices and their users’ requirements is already a full-time responsibility.  Managing hundreds or thousands in an organisation requires clear objective-setting, strong processes, up to date industry best practices and an appreciation of management tools and platforms.

The basics involve Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms, but expand to include integrations with internal directories, and organisation information systems, ringfenced ‘app stores’, user profile creation and management.

And then there is the question of information security, which includes information access policy design and policy management/enforcement; security ‘posture’ including Mobile Threat Detection (MTD) and other cybersecurity systems, and increasingly, the use of AI to predict and manage threats.

Mobile information workers and mobile technologies is not a new part of business – it’s now a mature part of organisations’ digital transformation.

However, the tools, processes and systems to make mobile technology ‘just work’ are constantly evolving.  This session is a combination of current industry state-of-the-art mobile productivity enhancement, reinforced by a moderated discussion by an experienced thought leader, and the chance to hear directly from peers about issues faced, open questions and interesting experiences.

All to make the investment in hardware, software, and connectivity work harder for your people.

Agenda at a glance

14:00 pm – 14:30 pm – ARRIVAL & REGISTRATION

14:30 pm – 14:35 pm – WELCOME ADDRESS

14:35 pm – 15:35 pm – ANALYST BRIEFING: Optimising Cyber Resilience Amid Increasing Complexity in 2024

15:35 pm – 16:10 pm – PANEL DISCUSSION: Modernising Cybersecurity in an AI-Driven World

16:10 pm – 16:40 pm – OPEN DISCUSSION

16:40 pm – 16:45 pm – CLOSING REMARKS

16:45 pm – 18:00 pm – NETWORKING CANAPES & DRINKS


Simon Hecquet, Sales Director, imei

About-Us-Headshots_Simon Hecquet (1)

With over two decades of experience in the ICT market in both Australia and the UK, Simon Hecquet brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in catering to the complex communications needs of enterprise customers.

Simon’s expertise is in helping enterprise and business organisations with digital transformation projects, mobile-first productivity improvement projects and securing information for remote and mobile workforces.

Simon uses proven processes to understand business drivers for change and has experience in assessing and maturing mobile environments for organisations such as Woolworths, Downer and ING. He demonstrates professionalism and a passion for success, operating as a a trusted presence in discussions at the C-Level, Procurement, and IT..


Tyron McGurgan, Founder and CEO, Focus Network


Tyron McGurgan is a seasoned entrepreneur, media expert, and events professional boasting over 17 years of industry experience. As the CEO and Founder of Focus Network, a premier research and advisory events company, Tyron has led the charge in providing innovative, localised insights and research platforms for senior executives and teams across APAC and the USA.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Tyron kickstarted his career journey in the events and media landscape after completing his education. His early days in print media equipped him with invaluable skills in sales, marketing, and management. Notably, he held a key leadership role at a prominent international events and publishing company, where he managed the APAC region with a team exceeding 100 staff members.

In 2012, Tyron launched Focus Network with a vision to revolutionize how businesses connect and engage with executives. Recognizing the transformative power of data in the events industry, he pioneered a company that leverages cutting-edge tools and platforms to deliver top-notch, data-driven events aimed at helping businesses achieve their objectives.

Under Tyron’s stewardship, Focus Network has evolved from an events company into a formidable Research and Advisory business, collaborating with some of the globe’s most renowned brands and organizations. The company is renowned for its ability to deliver forward-thinking events that integrate the latest research and localized insights derived directly from its analysts.

Beyond his role at Focus Network, Tyron is a revered thought leader and influencer in the events sphere. He frequently graces industry conferences and events as a speaker, sharing his wealth of insights and experiences on topics such as event technology, marketing strategies, and future trends.

Throughout his illustrious career, Tyron has remained steadfast in his commitment to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction. He is celebrated for his fearless leadership, willingness to challenge the status quo, and propensity for taking calculated risks to achieve his objectives. Tyron’s vision and dedication have been pivotal in propelling Focus Network to success, inspiring and motivating his team to push boundaries and achieve new milestones.

In his leisure time, Tyron enjoys indulging in his passion for golf or cherishing moments with his growing family.

About imei

imei is an Australian communications technology company providing Managed Mobility Services and Unified Communications Solutions throughout Australia and NZ. Since its formation in 2000 imei has been focused on mobilising organisations, and over 20 years its business and service offerings have evolved to meet the unique demands of the dynamic and converging enterprise mobility and unified communications markets.

To be the leading managed mobility and unified communications service provider, imei has made customer service an absolutely central element to everything that it does, and measures consistently high customer satisfaction Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over +80. This NPS benchmarking, operational excellence and a robust product roadmap has helped imei to continually grow market share with key multinational corporations year on year.

imei has plans for expansion into Asia-Pacific. This is fueled by an increasing demand for imei’s consistently high level of service to the broader mobile fleets for its regional and global clients.



Andrew Milroy, VP and Head of Research, Focus Network

Milroy, Andrew HD copy

Andrew Milroy leads the research and advisory business at Focus Network. His work involves empowering organisations to make decisions more effectively with data-driven insights — derived from Focus Network’s communities.

He is a well-known and respected thought leader and speaker in the APAC region. With more than two decades of leadership experience in the technology sector, Andrew has worked with clients in a variety of tech domains including cybersecurity, IoT, supply chain automation, eCommerce, fintech, cloud computing, AI, and customer experience — and EHS and HR management.

He was recently an adjunct lecturer at ESSEC Business School, Asia Pacific where he taught technology and cybersecurity strategy to Masters students.

Andrew has held regional leadership roles — predominantly based in Singapore — with Frost & Sullivan and Ovum (now Omdia). Prior to working in Singapore, Andrew gained invaluable technology knowledge and experience while working in Europe and the United States.

Andrew is frequently invited to speak, chair and moderate at major technology events. He has also been quoted on global broadcast media, including BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg and Channel News Asia.

Andrew has a BSc from Newcastle University (UK), an MA from Middlesex University (UK) and an MBA from MGSM (Australia). He also a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language.

About Focus Network

We at Focus Network like to be known as much more than just an events company; we class ourselves as a data-driven information hub for senior-level executives to leverage their learnings from, while at the same time assisting businesses in connecting with the most relevant technology partners to frame new relationships.

Since opening the doors in 2012 we have hosted over 100 C-level strategic summit platforms across multiple verticals for senior decision-makers, facilitated over 50,000 face to face business meetings with technology leaders, interviewed over 15,000 c-level executives, created over 60 bespoke private events for clients and helped formulate and execute over 300 private lunches and dinners across Asia Pacific and North America.



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