Intelligent Business Transformation

Intelligent Business Transformation 

Moderator: Pongsuk Hiranprueck, Managing Director, Show No Limit Co., Ltd

Eddie Ang, Executive Director – CAP REL Lead & Singapore General Manager, AP HQ & CAP, Lenovo

Piyapon Sereeyotin, Chief Technology Officer, Major Cineplex Group PLC

This panel discussion at the 4th annual CIO Leaders Summit Thailand discussed three key messages:

  1. Workplace transformation, the key to future-proofing organisations and making success sustainable
  • Transformation will enable organisations to build a flexible, intelligent, and collaborative physical workspace that enhances productivity and cost efficiency.
  1. Lenovo’s belief in delivering meaningful innovation, driven by direct customer feedback
  • “Innovation can be applied to every and any aspect of a business. We are the only player in the market still investing in PC innovation—delivering new form factors, supporting new applications and experiences, and fostering collaborations—to drive growth in fast-growing segments such as detachables, gaming PCs, and workstations”
  1. Transformation – drive with a customer-first perspective
  • Intelligent Transformation is only meaningful if we can serve the needs of our customers. As such, we emphasise strongly on the importance of customer centricity across the entire organisation, implementing training programmes and KPIs to make this shift possible

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