OHS Leaders Discuss the Zero Harm Debate

19th January 2016 – Zero Harm…precautionary measure or empty promise? This highly controversial topic will be highlighted in an interactive discussion as a Keynote Debate on Day 1 of the upcoming OHS Leaders Summit, taking place on March 15 – 17 at the RACV Royal Pines on the Gold Coast.

Designed to align employee behavior and decision making, the zero harm prevention concept has been a highly debated topic across Australia in the WHS industry, raising questions that ask and ultimately test the theory and its benefits in the workplace.  Zero Harm, aimed toward causing “no harm to anyone at anytime,” continues to  raise debate around the notion of driving an unobtainable goal. While the likelihood of maintaining Zero Harm in the workplace may be low…does this theory simply promote the practice of a precautionary measure or fill an empty promise for an impossible outcome?

“With the ongoing debate around Zero Harm…its important for Australia’s WHS professionals to voice their opinion based around their experiences on this issue. This debate presents an opportunity our Summit attendees to interact with their industry peers in order to discuss, measure and benchmark their personal views and insights and we’re looking forward to thought leadership that will arise in this session.” David Witty, Summit Director, Focus Network.

Where do you and your organisation stand when it comes to Zero Harm? If you consider yourself to be a WHS key thought leader, with an opinion to share around this issue, please register your interest here for the upcoming OHS Leaders Summit, or send an email to: jennifer@focusnetwork.co

About the OHS Leaders Summit:

The OHS Leaders Summit is invitation only and intended for Australia’s most key though WHS Leaders to gather for a strategic two day event in order to discuss the challenges currently facing the industry. If you are interested in attending this event, please register your interest here.

About Focus Network:

Focus Network organises business to business events across a range of industries throughout Asia Pacific. MCI brings senior decision makers together with suppliers and organises a series of round-table discussions, face to face business meetings and keynote speaker sessions. These events give senior leaders of many industries the opportunity to learn about the latest technology and service offerings along with understanding and exchanging ideas with their peers on relevant industry topics through targeted workshops and sessions.

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