Occupational Violence And Aggression In The Workplace

Kim Flanagan, Head of Workplace Health, Safety & Risk, Monash Health, David Savio, Geneafety, Healthscope, Steven Parker, Director – OHS, Wellbeing & emergency management, Western Health and Tim Reinders, Director Health Safety & Wellbeing, Melbourne Health provided the Keynote Panel Discussion on Occupational Violence And Aggression In The Workplace at the OHS Leaders Summit. Kim Flanagan, Head of Workplace Health, Safety & Risk, Monash Health opened up this discussion by sharing Monaash Health’s strategic approach to this issue by creating an extensive campaign that addresses the culture barriers in the industry. He shared the companies OVA Campaign Video and opened up the conversation by speaking on this cultural shift.















Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) is a significant safety issue for the healthcare and service industry today. Increasingly, and throughout all sectors of the industry, healthcare and service industry workers are subjected to acts of violence and aggression that would not be tolerated in other parts of society.




Kim Flanagan is currently the Head of Workplace Health, Safety and Risk as well as the Executive Director for Monash Children’s Hospital Project for Monash Health. He has worked for 18 years at executive level for companies such as

NBN Co Limited, UGL Limited, Ford Motor Company, Finemore Holdings Limited and BHP.









David Savio is the Head of Workplace Health & Safety and Workers’ Compensation at Healthscope where he has a strong track record in change management, governance and systems improvement. He has integrated health and safety with innovation and productivity, which has resulted in improved culture and bottom line performance.

David has worked with government agencies and clients across a broad range of industries. He has also spent a number of years working offshore where he learnt the importance of partnering health and safety with operations.

David believes in driving a positive and productive workplace culture by empowering, engaging and enabling people so that they can achieve their potential.







melhealtTim Reinders has a background as a maintenance technician before becoming involved in OHS about 15 years ago. Tim has worked in the mining industry, local government as well as 3 difference hospitals. He has completed a Graduate Diploma of OHS and an MBA.Tim is currently responsible for 9 staff and a department that manages OHS, injury management and Health & Wellbeing for 9000 staff. The department provides strategic and operational advice to managers and staff, investigates incidents and develops reports, manages all aspects of workplace injuries and workers compensation matters and develops and implements health and wellbeing initiatives.










Steve Parker has approximately 30 years experience in occupational health and safety with roles in health care and government settings. He is currently the Director – OHS, Wellbeing & Emergency Management Services at Western Health for the past 8 years.


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