Kelvin Genn, Director of Risk and Service Delivery Support, Cater Care Group Speaks on Disruptive Safety


Kelvin Genn, Director of Risk and Service Delivery Support, Cater Care Group Disruptive Safety provided the Keynote Presentation, “Disruptive Safety,” speaking on the pertinence of re-defining the way that work, particularly workplace health & safety is done.

Disruptive safety is a aligned with Safety II, however, it takes a more radical view of change that needs to be engaged with. The biggest issue facing safety today is that it represents barriers to in innovation and improvement. The disruptive model reconnects safety as an innovation and business success driver through the tools and strategies of disruption.



Kelvin currently holds a board position with the Cater Care Group as the Director of Risk and Service Delivery Support, Board Member for the Food Safety Information Council, and Board Member for Art of Work. He is also a committee member with the Safety Institute of Australia.

Most recently, Kelvin was working for Sinclair Knight Merz as the Global General Manager for Safety and Wellness to deliver an international leading program for health safety environment and community (HSEC) in the engineering and project management business.

He have worked with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care to develop the national accreditation system for all health care providers across Australia. And has also worked with the UK National Health Service Institute for Innovation and Improvement to deliver the Productive Leader and Productive Ward programs in Australia and New Zealand.

Formerly, he was the Director of Clinical Quality and Safety for NSW Health, responsible for leading the development and implementation of the state-wide clinical quality and patient safety framework standards guidelines, and indicators to improve clinical health care safety and quality for patients of NSW the public health system where he was responsible for shaping the state and national agendas for clinical health care safety and quality through provision of expert advice to the NSW Health Management Board and the NSW Minister of Health; and by representing the views and interests of NSW Health in state and national forums.

He is a strategic systems thinker with experience in Human Factors and organizational re-engineering. He developed his systems thinking approach working in the military aviation environment for 10 years for the Royal Australian Air Force. Following this, for 10 years, Kelvin led a systems and risk management program across Asia Pacific and Europe with Compass Group Plc, the world’s largest support service company.


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