Attitude, Language & Approach – Keys to CIO Success – Frank De Sa

Frank De Sa, Chief Information Officer, Just Group Limited

The presentation was based around “Attitude, Language & Approach – Keys to CIO Success”, and delved into:

  • Technology has evolved from the domain of the geeky to the domain of everyone!
  • Have IT Departments really understood and embraced this fundamental shift?
  • Are vendors, marketers, and researchers controlling our destiny or do we use them strategically as inputs into decision processes for our businesses?
  • Why is IT/Business Alignment still on the agenda? Why is our language and attitude critically important to our success?  Why do we still refer to ‘the business’ as ‘the business’ vs IT?
  • Is digital transformation simply the latest buzzword to sell more software and services or does it have meaning within IT departments?

Attracting and Retaining IT Top Talent for the Future of Work – Panel Discussion


Amanda Bennie, Head of Technology, Cbus Property
John Tait, Head of Technology, T2 Tea
SAR Raheem, APAC Region Manager, Security & Compliance, The Access Group


Andrew Milroy, Chief Research Advisor, Focus Network

Key points discussed include:

  • how to recruit, reskill and retain technology talent for the future of work
  • Building organisational resilience through a blended workforce of full-time equivalents
  • How to provide flexible work experiences to be the employer of choice.

Understanding risk and the perils of not identifying your risk growth – Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis, Sales Manager, ExtraHop

A quantitative risk assessment is great for getting really precise about the potential financial impact, the actual dollars attached to any given risk. But most organisations don’t need that, and shouldn’t wait for it, to start understanding where their risk is growing most and the urgent risks they should work to mitigate.

Damien hosted this roundtable discussion where he provided insight into understanding risk and the perils of not identifying your risk growth.

How do you implement a cyber resilient strategy as part of your digital transformation program – Claire Nicol

Claire Nicol, Commercial Sales Director, Mimecast

Some of the key questions that were answered included:

  • How do you get your Exec team and Board to see the value of your CR strategy or the risk of doing nothing?
  • How do you create a cyber positive culture as part of this strategy?
  • How do you introduce automation into your environment to ensure you’re making the best use of APIs and ecosystem?

Building and Maintaining a Data-Driven Organisation to Remain Competitive – Shaheen Saud

Shaheen Saud, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, RPS

With a plethora of data and platforms at their fingertips, why are most organisations still struggling to derive meaningful business insights to deliver their intended business outcomes?

Here is a workshop delivered by Shaheen on how to “build and maintain a data-driven organisation to remain competitive”

Security And IT Ops Convergence Will Drive The Future Of Endpoint Management – James Sillence

James Sillence, VP Technical Account Management, Tanium

As organisations modernise their approach to endpoint management, they’re increasingly looking at new technologies and processes to manage and secure their environments.

James discussed how security and IT ops convergence will drive the future of endpoint management and highlighting that a strong collaboration between IT ops and security will prove essential to business’ success.

Scaling Digital Twins – Hind Benbya

Scaling Digital Twins, Hind Benbya, Professor | Head of IS & Business Analytics, Deakin University

The workshop introduced current and emerging uses of digital twins and detailed the challenges faced and lessons learned in designing and deploying different digital twins from two mature cases.

Big Things Have Small Beginnings – Alex Ji

Alex Ji, Chief Information Officer, New Aim

The workshop was titles “big things have small beginnings” and delved into how the highest-performing digital and analytics teams approach business decisions in exactly the same way. It all comes down to starting with something small but critical.

Alex explained specific applications of this mental model and why measurable value from beginning to end is also crucial.

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