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Making Digital Transformation Stick: The Journey of Collaboration Excellence

Tanya Freeman, Group Director Information & Digital, Urbis Digital Transformation is often directed solely at customer interaction however, […]

Technology Leadership for The Future

Ross Dawson, Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Strategy Advisor & Founding Chairman, Advanced Human Technologies Group Technological change is […]

Shifting Gears to Data Curation and Digital Workforce Management for Integrated, End-to-End Process Automation

Matt Hanmer, VP Sales, Australia & New Zealand, AntWorks™ Whilst the use cases for stand-alone Robotic Process Automation are numerous, […]

Innovation through Technology; Evolving your Network in a Hybrid World

Lyncoln de Mello, Head of Cloud and Infrastructure, Brennan IT As an industry leader, working closely with Australian businesses for over 20 […]

A Mobile-First Strategy for Securing the Modern Digital Workplace

Luke Knowles, Sales Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, Wandera   Digital transformation is easy to talk about, but difficult to achieve. […]

How the Role of IT Leaders and Emerging Technology are Converging in the Future

Damien Scalzo, Chief Information Officer, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services This workshop from Damien explored the following in an interactive […]

Taking the ‘Jazz Hands’ out of your Digital Transformation

Glen McLatchie, Group Chief Information Officer, SKYCITY Entertainment Group SKYCITY Entertainment Group knew they had to respond to the myriad of […]

2020 and Beyond – Tomorrow’s World: Where is the Next Disruption Coming From?

Andrew Weyer, Vice President, Information Technology Australia, New Zealand, DHL Supply Chain The biggest future revenue and profit impact of […]

CISO and CIO Metrics for the Board

Moderator: Luke Hannan, Master of Ceremonies, Panellists: Keith Pinto, Chief Information Officer Australia, Lendlease Megan […]

Today’s Toys, Tomorrow’s Tools – Securing IOT in the Enterprise

David Austin, Senior Vice President, Information Systems & Chief Information Officer, Six Flags “We live in a time of unprecedented […]

Interview with Damien Scalzo from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia/New Zealand

Damien is the CIO of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia/New Zealand. For over 15 years, Damien has combined his business and technology […]

Interview with Megan Hemingway from Seven West Media

Megan started her career as a developer, moved into data as her area of specialty and then found herself as a project manager and ultimately a […]

Interview with David Austin from Six Flags

David Austin was named Senior Vice President, Information Systems & Chief Information Officer for Six Flags in December 2017. Mr. Austin had […]

Interview with Andrew Weyer from DHL Supply Chain

For the last 17 years Andrew Weyer has lead customer centric professional services teams in DHL Supply Chain across Australia and New Zealand, Middle […]

Finding your Technology Mojo

5.30 AM, on a crispy morning, year 2030. Jason gets out of bed and walks into the bathroom. Lights turn on automatically and Alexa says, “Good […]

Right-Sourcing – Own Your Competitive Advantage

The challenges, risks, and benefits of Outsourcing vs Insourcing Soon after the financial crisis of 2009, outsourcing gained drastic momentum as […]

Digital Transformation – The Art of Influential Storytelling

Digitisation to Digitalisation to Digital Transformation, it’s a journey every organisation is on, really by evolution rather than choice or genuine […]

Interview with Ross Dawson, Futurist

Ross Dawson works globally as a futurist, keynote speaker and strategy advisor, inspiring audiences with a deeply positive and pragmatic focus on […]

Protecting a world powered by the cloud, data & software – Thales Brochure

Click to view the PDF brochure Protecting a world powered by the cloud, data & software. The people we all rely on to make the world go round – […]

Applying Open Banking to Bring Agility, Cost Reduction, and a Focus on Quality

With customer experience being at the heart of every organisation’s plans, businesses are increasingly working towards a dynamic platform to […]

Interview with Duncan Cavanough, Head of IT & Operations, AFL Telecommunications Australia

AFL Telecommunications Australia is part of AFL Global based in the US. AFL Global is subsequently owned by Fujikura Limited, Japan and employs […]

Articulating Cyber Security Risk to the Board – Jason Anderson

WORKSHOP 3 Jason Anderson, Head of Information Security, QSuper This session will look at how to go about articulating cyber security […]

Protecting the 3rd Largest City in WA – Gary Hale

WORKSHOP 2 Gary Hale, Chief Information Security Officer, Curtin University During Gary’s workshop he shared his views and challenges […]

AI & Machine Learning: Friend or Foe – Rhys MacFarlane

WORKSHOP 1 Rhys MacFarlane, Chief Security Officer, Luxury Escapes Rhys held a workshop that addressed the rapidly escalating threat of […]

A CISO’s Playbook: Defence – Dynamic Security Strategies for an Uncertain Future – John Kouroutzoglou

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION John Kouroutzoglou, Information Security & Compliance Manager, Domain Group  This interactive roundtable […]

Converged Security (Physical and Virtual Security) – Nitin Singh

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION Nitin Singh, Director of Cyber Security, Victoria University  Nitin’s roundtable discussion questioned whether the […]

Everything you need to know about Digital Transformation, but were afraid to ask – Travers Stow

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION Travers Stow, Chief Information Officer, Sigma Healthcare Travers held a roundtable discussion that unravelled digital […]

Security in a Digital First Age – Chary Chigurala

PANEL DISCUSSION Moderator: Chary Chigurala, Head of IT, Laminex Panellists: Berys Amor – Director of Technology, Corrs Chambers […]

Creating an Innovation Culture – Michael Henry

WORKSHOP 1 Michael Henry, Global Head of Digital Experience, BHP Michael’s workshop discussed how the rules of the game have changed, and how […]

Open Banking and API’s – Himanshu Shrivastava

Himanshu Shrivastava, Managing Director, Citibank Singapore Himanshu’s presentation looked at Citibank’s Journey towards API and Open Banking […]

Rhys MacFarlane, Chief Security Officer – Luxury Escapes

Experienced Chief Security Officer – skilled in Physical Security, Loss Prevention, Risk Management, Internal Investigations, Leadership and Network […]

Interview with John Kouroutzoglou, Information Security & Compliance Manager – Domain Group

John Kouroutzoglou has been involved in physical and cyber security for over 15 years. He has worked in government and in the private sector at […]

Establishing a Cyber Security Centre

Marianne Cologon, Acting Chief Information Security Officer at Australian Digital Health Agency, presented a workshop on “Establishing a Cyber […]

Critical infrastructure and risk

Garry Bentlin, Chief Security Officer at TransGrid, presented a workshop around “Critical infrastructure and risk” How we work with risk in […]

Case study on third party risk assessment – Practical approach

Lakshmana Ganugapati, APAC Information Security Director at Aon, presented a “Case study on third-party risk assessment – Practical approach” […]

Implementing a risk-based approach to privacy and data protection

Fred Thiele, Chief Information Security Officer at Velocity Frequent Flyer, presented a workshop around “Implementing a risk-based approach to […]

New Zealand’s cyber security strategy

Paul Blowers —Chief Information Security Officer, New Zealand Police Force, Special Advisor National Cyber Policy Office, Department of Prime […]

Cyber Crime, the changing landscape, insider threats

Jennifer Stockwell, National Cyber Security Advisor at Telstra, moderated the panel: Cyber Crime, the changing landscape, insider […]

Working with suppliers to uplift their cyber security maturity

Wouter Veugelen, Chief Information Security Officer at Primary Health Care Limited presented the case study: Working with suppliers to uplift their […]

Context, Collaboration, and Culture

Richard Addiscott, Director of IT Planning and Security at Curtin University presented the session “Three C’s of an effective information security […]

The human element in a strong cyber risk framework

Steven York, Chief Security Officer, Bank of Queensland, discussed around the topic The human element in a strong cyber risk framework. Cyber […]

Cyber Security and Innovation: Protecting business IoT, cloud and mobile systems

Jonathan Jackson –  Head of Technical Solutions, Asia Pacific & Japan at BlackBerry has engaged the audience on Cyber Security and Innovation: […]

How to determine the right cyber strategy for your business

Martin Holzworth, Group Security, Chief Information Security Officer at Super Retail Group has provided insights on ‘How to determine the right […]

Interview with Mark Micallef, VP at Cloudera

Who are Cloudera and what is their position in the Australian IT Security landscape? Australia is a fairly advanced market for big data, much of […]

The 2nd annual CISO Leaders Summit Australia lived up to expectation and delivered content rich presentations delighting delegates and sponsors alike.

Focus Network who hosts the CISO Leaders Summit Australia (Melbourne) worked to bring together the top IT Security executives from around Australia […]

The value of organisational culture in a new secure world

Steven York, General Manager, Group Compliance, Information Security & Business Resilience, Group Risk for the Bank of Queensland discusses […]

The life-cycle of cyber crime

Ben Case, Detective Sergeant Cyber Crime Operations, Australian Federal Police and David McLean, Manager Cyber Crime Operations, Australian […]

Why security is a business proposition not technology

The second panel discussion focused on ‘Why security is a business proposition not technology’ and was moderated by General Manager for Cyber […]

Strength through collaboration

Scott Ainslie Regional Director of Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) speaks about ‘Strength through […]

The five compelling issues for security in the next 5 years

Brian Hay, General Manager at Cyber Security and former Detective Superintendent of QLD Police discusses ‘The five compelling issues for […]

The changing nature of cyber-attacks: current trends

‘The changing nature of cyber-attacks: current trends’ was the workshop topic presented by Dr Mamoun Alazab, Cyber Security Lecturer at […]

Securing the cloud: it’s security Jim but not as we know it

Ian Gibson, Chief Information Officer for SuperChoice discusses ‘Securing the cloud: it’s security Jim but not as we know it’. Chief […]

Managing Risk: Is Cyber Risk Different?

  Meena Wahi, Director of Cyber Data-Risk Managers talks about ‘Managing Risk: Is Cyber Risk Different?’ In her roundtable discussion at […]

Website security and key management

Michael Klieman, Vice President Product Management at Symantec addresses the delegates at the 2017 CISO Leaders Summit on ‘Website security and […]

Mobile application and security testing

Asia Pacific Director for Cloud Security Alliance, Anthony Lim speaks about ‘Mobile application and security testing’. Anthony Lim, […]

Cyber security and innovation: protecting business IoT, cloud and mobile systems

Jonathan Jackson, Head of Technical Solutions APAC and Japan at BlackBerry speaks to delegates on ‘Cyber security and innovation: protecting […]

Cyber security nightmares: lessons for Australian businesses

Kobi Ben-Naim – Senior Director of Cyber Research at Cyber Ark discusses ‘Cyber security nightmares: lessons for Australian […]

Cloud Security Governance

The first panel discussion focused on cloud security governance and was moderated by General Manager for Cyber Security Brian Hay who was joined […]

Strategy unabridged

Our first keynote presentation for the 2017 CISO Leaders Summit in Melbourne today was ‘Strategy unabridged’ by Stuart Mort –  Cyber […]

The 2017 CISO Leaders Summit Australia has kicked off and we are pleased to present our MC for the day – General Manager of Cyber Security Brian Hay.

The 2017 CISO Leaders Summit Australia has kicked off and we are pleased to present our MC for the day – General Manager of Cyber Security […]

The stage is set for the 2017 CISO Leaders Summit Australia, Melbourne

14th February 2017 – Focus Network are pleased to announce the CISO Leaders Summit Australia (Melbourne) is in its final stages of registration, […]

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