Adopting AI to enhance your data and analytics capability – Veerasak Kritsanapraphan

Veerasak Kritsanapraphan, Head of Technology Innovation, True Digital Group


Veerasak recognised that all businesses are facing a competitive fight from their competitor during this digital era, outlining that with a capability of AI, they would be able to stay in the competition with their peers. He highlighted that having AI as one of the capabilities in the business/data and analytics capability would put a businesses’ analytics into the next level.

Building a resilient and agile, data driven enterprise – Panel discussion


Surachai Chatchalermpun, Country Cyber Security & Privacy Officer, Huawei (Thailand) and Vice President of (ISC)2 Bangkok Chapterice Chairman, Isc2

Alex Konnaris, Group CIO, RMA Group

Andrew Milroy, Chief Research Advisor, Focus Network

For today’s businesses, success means being data-driven. Generating value from vast amounts of data, engendering innovation, and having agile and scalable business models necessitates the use of cloud technologies wherever possible. But adoption of new technologies creates risk which must be managed.

This session discussed accelerated adoption of new technologies as businesses rapidly digitalize, as well as the new cybersecurity risks that are created. The panellists also delved into the best ways to manage these risks to build resilience into your organisation.

Building and Maintaining a Data-Driven Organisation to Remain Competitive – Jemuel Dalino

Jemuel Dalino, Application and Engineering Security Manager, Agoda


Collecting and analyzing data is no longer an issue for most enterprises. The problem now lies with how to formulate the right metrics that can align employees with organizational goals, make smarter investments, and foster a culture of learning and cooperation.

The presentation discussed Agoda’s quest for the killer KPI and provided real examples of how a team uses this KPI to help make Agoda remain competitive.

Increasing Innovation Preparedness through Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry – Athikom Kanchanavibhu

Athikom Kanchanavibhu, Vice President, Business Transformation, Zuellig Pharma Thailand


Athikom shared about digital business transformation (DX) in Zuellig Pharma Thailand, where they orchestrate digital and technology to transform internal and external stakeholders from processes, systems, and experiences. Aside from financial impact, operation efficiency improvement, and customer experience transformation, the session also shared how DX can transform digital and technology functions to increase the innovation preparedness of an organisation.

Building a more resilient and adaptable enterprise through technology – Shijo Joseph

Shijo Joseph, Group Chief Information Officer, East West Seed International Limited


Points of discussion during this roundtable included:

  • Role of Agile technology architecture in today’s enterprise.
  • Robust back office versus an agile go-to-market strategy
  • Role of digital in building a more adaptable and user experience-based enterprise.
  • Building resilience in today’s cyber world combined with hybrid work environments.

Heading towards the Future of a Secure Digital Economy in Thailand – Nuttaporn Voonklinhom

Nuttaporn Voonklinhom, President, Thai Digital Trade Association


The session provided advice for those who are interested in investing in digital business in Thailand.  It gave a broader understanding of the dimensions of marketing, investment, strategy, team selection, and support from the Thai government  including the future direction of this business for the next 2-3 years.

Building zero-trust enterprise with identity-first approach – Karunanand Menon

Karunanand Menon, Regional Principal Solutions Engineer,Okta


Identity is a powerful force multiplier for Zero Trust security initiatives. As Okta’s 2022 State of Zero Trust report makes clear, this mindset is essentially universal now: Nearly all APAC organisations surveyed have already started a Zero Trust initiative or have a definitive plan to start one in the coming months.

Karunanand gave the audience in depth insights about the key role that identity plays in a zero-trust strategy, how to successfully integrate identity into existing security practice and why adopting identity-first security will help IT leaders realise their zero trust goals.

Key Cybersecurity Trends – Andrew Milroy

Andrew Milroy, Chief Research Advisor, Focus Network


Leading cybersecurity industry analyst and Chief research and advisor at Focus Network, Andrew Milroy presented at the 5th Annual CIO Leaders Thailand Summit.APAC organisations are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. As digital transformation accelerates, attack surfaces expand and create fertile terrain for malicious actors. Current controls are woefully inadequate and new approaches to cybersecurity need to be adopted.In this session, Andrew discussed the key trends in cybersecurity in 2022 with a focus on new ways in which APAC organisations can mitigate digital risk.


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