Workshop – CIO Track – Making Digital Transformation Stick: The Journey of Collaboration Excellence

Tanya Freeman, Group Director Information & Digital, Urbis

Digital Transformation is often directed solely at customer interaction however, driving efficiency internally requires an equivalent focus. Success is often a secret recipe and transforming your colleague’s everyday can turn an ally into a cynic. Stresses of a small team and big aspirations are a daily challenge. There is a bold way forward: Tanya Freeman guides you through how Urbis made collaboration a journey of excellence.

We will discuss the key ingredients to your team’s journey in successful digital transformation. Key stories are:

  1. Small team, big ideas – Motivating your IT leadership team to think bold
  2. Taking the leap – with allies and grassroot MVPs and innovation tools
  3. Growing the tech team for free, embedding the culture
  4. Reuse: Ditch the 80/20 rule – capture value at every angle

Transforming and creating the future way of working, Urbis is changed the way colleagues work every day.