Opening Keynote Presentation – Today’s Toys, Tomorrow’s Tools – Securing IOT in the Enterprise

David Austin, Chief Information Officer, Six Flags
International Speaker from USA

We live in a time of unprecedented innovation and the number of IoT devices many of our employees have in their homes is exploding.  Those devices won’t stay home for long!   We are seeing a migration from the home to the office.  Many of these devices “today’s toys” will find a place in the enterprise.   The approach to onboarding these devices needs to be well thought out.  Building the process to bring these devices on the enterprise network requires changes in the way we have thought about provisioning, securing, and long-term management.

  • The proliferation of IoT devices in the enterprise
  • IoT can’t be stopped
  • Onboarding and securing IoT devices on the corporate network
  • Managing BYOD IoT – do we need to?