Analytics, IT Architecture, Security and Data Management

In an early intelligence report sample, taken for the 2016 CIO Leaders Summit Australia, Analytics, IT Architecture, Security and Data Management indicate some of the most common service and technology investment areas, for the delegates attending the upcoming Summit, taking place on February 10 – 11, at the Westin, Sydney. 

In addition to these findings, some of the most common challenges facing these delegates include areas such as: Digitisation, Mobility and IT Transformation, which will be addressed throughout the course of the two-day Summit in a series of delegate and sponsor led sessions. Among Analytics, IT Architecture, Security and Data Management, common areas of investment taken from this report include…

  • Authentication / KPIs
  • Automation
  • Business Intelligence
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Governance
  • Managed Services
  • Mobile, Wireless & Network Technology
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Virtualisation

The CIO Leaders Advisory Board have constructed a timely program to reflect these key challenges and service/technologies, offered by the attending sponsor bodies. In addition to sessions that include delegate and sponsor led Keynote Presentations, Speaker Sessions, Panel Discussions and Think Tanks, all attendees are given an opportunity to break off into one to one meetings, selected, prior to the Summit.

“By designing a program, based around these findings…we’re able to help the attending CIO’s learn about and ultimately find the solutions that their enterprise needs as well as hear about the best practices that their industry peers are practicing, to tackle the challenges they’re facing. Its also very important for us to ensure our clients the most relevant meetings onsite, in order to find solutions for our delegates and generate business for our clients.” Tyron McGurgan, CEO Focus Network. 

All delegates are put through a qualification process with Focus Network before they are provided an invitation to the gathering. Some of the key responsibilities these senior IT leaders must meet before we will accept them include: controlling a personal budget and are serving as the ultimate decision maker within their division. The strict requirements around our delegation and selection process ensures that the attendees consist only of leading IT professionals from Australia’s most reputable organisations. 

All sponsor companies onsite consist of and are seen as the most innovative within their industry field. These companies have either been directly requested to attend the Summit, or have been sought out after, due to their enterprise solutions that the delegate attendees are actively seeking. 

If you are a CIO or Head of IT, interested in attending this event, please register your interest here to attend the upcoming Summit as a VIP Delegate attendee.

If you have an innovative product or solution to offer to Australia’s IT leaders and would like to attend the upcoming Summit as a Sponsor, please register your interest here.  

About Focus Network:
Focus Network organises business to business events across a range of industries throughout Asia Pacific. MCI brings senior decision makers together with suppliers and organises a series of roundtable discussions, face to face business meetings and keynote speaker sessions. These events give senior leaders of many industries the opportunity to learn about the latest technology and service offerings along with understanding and exchanging ideas with their peers on relevant industry topics through targeted workshops and sessions.

For further information, please contact:

Jennifer Hoch
Marketing Manager
Focus Network
Suite 2, Level 2,
2-10 Loftus Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Email: [email protected]

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