How secure is your digitally transformed environment?

Craig Pitts, Global Information Security Architect Lead from Mondelez International conducted a roundtable discussion at the 2017 CIO Leaders Summit Australia on ‘Just how secure is your digitally transformed environment?’ Now that you’ve moved to a SaaS, PaaS or IaaS world and your systems are all ‘in the cloud’, just how resilient is your new environment?  Can you cope with a malware attack?  How about e-mining request?  Is your sensitive data still safe from breach?  Are you covered for privacy and export laws? All these questions and more were raised during this interesting round table that certainly left delegates thinking.

Craig has over 17 years experience at an enterprise level and has had broad exposure to a range of skills including Board and Executive management and interaction, IT and Information Privacy, Security, Identity, Project and Risk management, requirements gathering (business and technical), compliance with regulations, standards and risk managed profiles. Specialties: Snr IT Management and Executive interaction, diverse team management (national and international), local, regional and global delivery, Board and CxO engagement, IT Security, IT Projects, Project Management, Business management, Structured IT management, IT Controls frameworks.

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