Gek Peng Tay

Chief Digitalisation Officer, Republic of Singapore Air Force

I am the Chief Digitalisation Officer, Chief Data Officer and the Head of RAiD at the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). RAiD is a military start-up that like-minded officers and I founded. We aim to deliver digital capabilities that bring Smarts & Smiles to our Air Force and our airmen and airwomen.

RAiD delivers:

  1. Rapid Application Prototypes
  2. Apps that serve the underserved airmen and airwomen
  3. Apps in the Command and Control Information System
  4. Data Science products that enhance the OODA loop

I see myself as a leader, teacher, and healer. I empower my team to be self-directed towards achieving the commander’s intent. Being a curious learner myself, I strive to provide a psychologically safe environment for my team to act, learn and grow. My focus in driving digital transformation is through cultural changes that build competency, confidence and collaboration.

My personal maxims are:

  1. Do meaningful things in meaningful ways
  2. Treat people as people
  3. Good is not good enough