Ryan Swenson

SpecialityHead of ESG & Corporate Affairs, Officeworks

Enabling the transition to a zero-carbon future requires visionary thinking, the ability to mobilise complex stakeholder groups, and a strategic mindset to articulate the associated financial, environmental and social benefits. At the same time, acting with the sense of urgency needed to address pressing issues and build a stronger and more resilient economy in the process. I am driven by these challenges and motivated by my purpose to be part of the solution that makes our time count.

In my current role as Head of Sustainable Development & Government Relations, I lead the development and implementation of Officeworks’ long term sustainability strategy. My role includes leading our response to climate change, enabling the transition to a circular economy, helping our customers shop more sustainability and upholding and respecting human rights across the global goods and services supply chain. Additionally, building and maintaining effective government stakeholder relationships.

Prior to this, Ryan was a Buying Manager for Global & Responsible Sourcing, with a background in buying across various retail sectors.

Ryan holds an MBA in Strategic Carbon Management, from the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Business from Monash University.

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