Melissa Pollock

Head of Life Safety, Scentre Group

Mel Pollock has a background in safety, human resources and more recently wellbeing, coaching and neuroscience. She has worked across various industries including local government, emergency services, manufacturing, oil & gas, FMCG, facilities management, water utilities and her current role with Scentre Group, owner and operator of Westfield in Australia and New Zealand.

Mel is very passionate about helping workplaces to make people “better” rather than sending them home in the same condition they arrived. She see’s the opportunity the safety profession has with our focus on both traditional prevention of injury/illness coupled with a focus on wellbeing as a means to achieve this goal. She is also very curious in relation to the “things we do” in safety and willing to question, critique and remove things to ensure we are achieving the correct outcome or measuring to achieve desired change. In short, she loves working with people to pull things apart and achieve safer and better outcomes, at the same time assisting to create teams/places where people feel trusted and have ownership over their work and working safely.