Edmund Situmorang

Group Chief Technology Officer, Asian Bulk Logistics

Edmund Situmorang as the Group Chief Technology Officer of ABL, has over 15 years of senior management experience in multiple businesses across verticals and horizontal streams, from financial Industry such as banking, insure-tech and fintech fields, as well as tech development in artificial intelligence and blockchain. He is passionate about Strategy, Technology (speciality in AI, IoT and Blockchain), and Human Capital Development with a motto of “Invest in People”. Has been invited in many International Leader’s Summit to speak keynote on CyberSecurity, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, MetaVerse, Digital Transformation and Marketing. Actively engaging as a community resource as well as fostering the startup community. Has been studying abroad since early teens, graduated High School in the Philippines and finished his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and took on Master’s in Business at the age of 17. Worked in United States for 11 years as Programmer and Strategist, and enthusiastic about technology especially in the development of meta-verse and blockchain.