Andrew Milroy

Chief Research Advisor, Focus Network

Andrew Milroy is Focus Network’s Chief Research Advisor. He is a well-known technology thought leader and speaker in the APAC region. He has held regional leadership roles with Frost & Sullivan, Ovum (now Omdia) and IDC. He is also the founder of Veqtor8, a cybersecurity advisory firm.

Andrew offers unique insights, having worked closely with technology decision makers in all major APAC economies. In recent years, he has been focusing on cybersecurity projects which he leads and delivers globally. He is also experienced in creating unique research content in the cloud computing, AI, business analytics, customer experience, IoT and IT services domains.

Now based in Perth, he is frequently invited to speak, chair and moderate at major technology events. He is an adjunct lecturer in cybersecurity at ESSEC Asia Pacific, in Singapore and a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language.

Andrew holds a BSc from Newcastle University (UK), an MA from Middlesex University (UK) and an MBA from MGSM (Australia).