On the Edge of Tomorrow: Innovate. Fail. Repeat.

Dr. Yong Chern Chet, Chief Innovation Officer at Ananda Development presented a workshop around “On the Edge of Tomorrow: Innovate. Fail. Repeat.”

“Innovation is not defined by what it is; but rather what it is not.”

You confidently tell yourself; I have done all the correct research and spoke to all the right people… Naturally I went down to the ground to witness for myself of course. Rightfully, I have successfully transformed entire organisations before! Surely, I am ready for innovation… or was I?

Armed with grand organisational ambitions, a large array of strategies, creative methodologies, proven change management tools, a big heart and goodness; a decent sized budget one feels well equipped to overcome whatever challenges that lie ahead until after a while you don’t feel as effective as you like to be, or you sense things are slowing down… what’s happening you ask?

This is candid and frank “no holds barred” sharing on how the leaders of the organisation approached innovation and digital transformation within what is looked as a traditional industry sector.

About Dr. Yong Chern Chet
Dr. Yong Chern Chet (Chet) joined Ananda Development in March 2017 in the role of Chief Innovation Officer bringing with him complementing executive leadership experience across a variety of areas including strategic foresight; futures studies, business model innovation, investment due diligence, risk advisory, business operations consulting and clinical practice management. Under Dr. Yong’s leadership, in July 2018 Ananda Development’s corporate innovation achievements were acknowledged via an Enterprise Innovation Award (from over 20 nominations) at the 24th Asia IoT Business Platform for the use of Big Data and Machine Learning technology to enhance business operations. Prior to joining Ananda, Dr. Yong was Vice President at Parkway Pantai and the CEO of ParkwayHealth Laboratories. As the company head and transformation architect of Parkway’s clinical diagnostics division, he achieved quick successful turnaround of the business by embedding innovation and digital capability within core operations resulting in business performance that successfully surpassed growth and profitability targets. While in management consulting, Dr Yong was the Healthcare Industries Sector Leader for Deloitte Southeast Asia and a Director for the Risk Advisory function. He was also the Head of Deloitte’s Future Healthcare Centre of Excellence; a Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) supported thought leadership initiative. As a medical doctor, he held clinical leadership and operations management roles with Raffles Medical Group. He started his clinical career with National Healthcare Group (NHG) where he underwent general surgery and orthopaedics training at the National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore.

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