Building a Data-Driven Company: A Journey of Leveraging Company Data to Generate New Revenue Streams and Efficiency Levers in the Digital Age

Noppadol Leumnarin, Chief Information Officer – Asia Pacific at Engie, closed the CIO Leaders Summit with a presentation around “Building a Data-Driven Company: A Journey of Leveraging Company Data to Generate New Revenue Streams and Efficiency Levers in the Digital Age”.

Mastery of data and digital technologies are essential building blocks of value creation for customer and company in the digital age. Building a data-driven company is a journey of leveraging company data to generate new revenue streams and efficiency levers of the company based on Noppadol’s insight experience. Unleashing the Power of IoT, Cloud, Big Data and AI/Machine Learning to transform data into actionable insights together with the effective digital transformation strategy are the key enablers of the journey.

About Noppadol Leumnarin
Noppadol Leumnarin (Joe) joins Engie Asia-Pacific on 1st July 2016 and takes the role as CIO (Chief Information Officer) of ENGIE Asia-Pacific overseeing Digital & Information Technology (IT) for Asia-Pacific region covering 15 countries including Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia and all other countries in the region except China. In addition, He has been assigned to leading digital transformation, knowledge management and cybersecurity development in Asia-Pacific region.

Noppadol has over 25 years of diversified expertise and experience in all aspects of IT management which covering Regional IT Strategy, IT Infrastructure Operation and Network, System & Application Development, Corporate IT Initiatives and Projects, Data Center, and IT Service Delivery from various businesses.

Before joining Engie, Noppadol worked as Vice President and Regional IT Head – South East Asia at Li & Fung Thailand. He was responsible for developing Regional IT Strategy and managing IT Services across South East Asia region consisting of; 16 countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Madagascar, and Mauritius) and service over 10,098 employees in 89 offices and distribution centers.

Noppadol also has broaden experiences in business aspects from various industries in both regional and local level; he used to work for East-West Seed, GE Plastics, Schering, and Advance Micro Device (AMD).


On the Edge of Tomorrow: Innovate. Fail. Repeat.

Dr. Yong Chern Chet, Chief Innovation Officer at Ananda Development presented a workshop around “On the Edge of Tomorrow: Innovate. Fail. Repeat.”

“Innovation is not defined by what it is; but rather what it is not.”

You confidently tell yourself; I have done all the correct research and spoke to all the right people… Naturally I went down to the ground to witness for myself of course. Rightfully, I have successfully transformed entire organisations before! Surely, I am ready for innovation… or was I?

Armed with grand organisational ambitions, a large array of strategies, creative methodologies, proven change management tools, a big heart and goodness; a decent sized budget one feels well equipped to overcome whatever challenges that lie ahead until after a while you don’t feel as effective as you like to be, or you sense things are slowing down… what’s happening you ask?

This is candid and frank “no holds barred” sharing on how the leaders of the organisation approached innovation and digital transformation within what is looked as a traditional industry sector.

About Dr. Yong Chern Chet
Dr. Yong Chern Chet (Chet) joined Ananda Development in March 2017 in the role of Chief Innovation Officer bringing with him complementing executive leadership experience across a variety of areas including strategic foresight; futures studies, business model innovation, investment due diligence, risk advisory, business operations consulting and clinical practice management. Under Dr. Yong’s leadership, in July 2018 Ananda Development’s corporate innovation achievements were acknowledged via an Enterprise Innovation Award (from over 20 nominations) at the 24th Asia IoT Business Platform for the use of Big Data and Machine Learning technology to enhance business operations. Prior to joining Ananda, Dr. Yong was Vice President at Parkway Pantai and the CEO of ParkwayHealth Laboratories. As the company head and transformation architect of Parkway’s clinical diagnostics division, he achieved quick successful turnaround of the business by embedding innovation and digital capability within core operations resulting in business performance that successfully surpassed growth and profitability targets. While in management consulting, Dr Yong was the Healthcare Industries Sector Leader for Deloitte Southeast Asia and a Director for the Risk Advisory function. He was also the Head of Deloitte’s Future Healthcare Centre of Excellence; a Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) supported thought leadership initiative. As a medical doctor, he held clinical leadership and operations management roles with Raffles Medical Group. He started his clinical career with National Healthcare Group (NHG) where he underwent general surgery and orthopaedics training at the National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore.

Data Culture: The Driving force in digital transformation

Komes Chandavimol, Chief Data Strategist at Sansiri Plc presented a workshop around “Data Culture: The Driving force in digital transformation”. 

At Sansiri, we are building data culture. We focus on enhancing employee capability not only to collect data but also make meaningful use of data. To build this capability, we provide group of potentials with immersive data programs that transforms them to data champions.

About Komes Chadavimol
Komes, Chief Data Strategist, is responsible for driving Sansiri PLC to a Data-Driven Organization. He also building data science teams as well as the data foundation platform for self-service business intelligence. His role also enhance management visibility through business performance for better decision-making. Komes also had more than 15 years of working experience in various Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data. His experience includes in various areas such as ERP, CRM, Datawarehousing and Analytics. Komes has also experience with several BI tools including SAP Business Object, and IBM Analytics Tools etc. In addition, Komes also involves in many Big Data initiatives using Hadoop, R Programming, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azune. Komes is also certified in Epic/Clarity ETL and SQL reporting. Komes, received Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Master of Science in MIS, is also working on his Doctoral Degree in Management Administration.

Keeping Control of your Data in a New Secured World

Christopher Tan, Managing Director at CIO Academy Asia, moderated a panel discussion around “Keeping Control of your Data in a New Secured World”. Panellist included:

– Charles Goldberg, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Thales eSecurity
– James McLeary, Head of Information Security Office, TMB Bank Public Company Limited
– Chailuck Kantanunkam, Regional Technology Director APAC, Mullenlowe Group

This panel covered:

  • Looking at ways on how to analyse your data, classify sensitive data and uncover compliance risks
  • The importance of protecting your critical data and shielding your business from any liability
  • Adapting your data security to changes in your current environment

About Christopher Tan
Chris Tan is Director, ICT Leadership and Professional Development at CIO Academy Asia leading the Academy Pillar on thought leadership for technology leaders and professionals. Prior to this, he was with the Singapore Institute of Directors in Governance and Research. He had worked in the Civil Service College Singapore, IBM and Cap Gemini in the field of IT, and had been an entrepreneur in ICT training. He was in the aviation industry for about 10 years dealing with MRO for commercial aircraft. Chris has an MBA in IT and Management from CASS Business School (previously known as City University Business School), London.

About Charles Goldberg
Successful marketing and product management leader with 20 years of experience across the networking and security industry. Unique 360 degree perspective from customer, field, marketing and product management roles. A proven track-record of increasing market awareness, market share and revenue through creativity, leadership and collaboration. Motivational manager for direct and indirect virtual teams.

About James McLeary
Senior executive with comprehensive experience in financial services globally, directing IT security, risk, and business transformation. A modern Information Security CISO with over 20 years experience in technology. Passionate about Cyber Security, Fraud Prevention and overall Risk Management.

About Chailuck Kantanunkam
Regional responsibility to successfully establish and maintain close co-operation/alignment between the technology and business organizations to develop, deliver and manage information technology objectives, consistent with the overall global business strategy.

How to ensure CIO’s relevance and effectiveness in 2020

Gary Saw, Sales Director, Asia at Snow Software, discussed the topic “How to ensure CIO’s relevance and effectiveness in 2020” during his roundtable at the CIO Leaders Summit.

Leading CIOs know the importance of aligning themselves to business goals such as Digital Transformation. This alignment is only possible with a detailed understanding of all technology usage, especially cloud. According to Gartner, the amount of Tech spend that will be controlled outside of IT by 2020 is 50%. The result – an increase in complexity, accompanied by a decrease in visibility, which results in a loss of control from the CIO.

During the morning discussion, the roundtable looked at the drivers for the adoption of SAM and the challenges along the way of the SAM journey. Some of the key questions addressed over the peer-led roundtable were:

  • How today’s CIOs get full visibility of the IT estate and why this is crucial for the success of any IT initiative.
  • What are the implications as CIOs digitise their IT estate with a cloud first model?
  • What are the challenges faced by CIO’s given the ever-growing threat of vendor audits and increasingly complex licensing rules from large software publishers such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and IBM.

About Gary Saw
More than twenty years experience building and managing high performance sales, marketing, and channel teams, developing creative business go-to-market strategies in high growth, mid and late stage venture backed and publicly traded companies.

★ Sales Leadership & Development
★ Geo-Coverage and Expansion across Asia
★ Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Platform & Cloud Application Sales
★ Customer & Acquisition Strategies & Implementation
★ Channel Program Development, Launch and Scale

Ready for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise? Seize the genius of AI and IoT

Mike Hooper, Director, Digital Transformation (APAC) at OpenText, discussed the topic “Ready for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise? Seize the genius of AI and IoT” on a roundtable during the CIO Leaders Summit.

What is an Intelligent and Connected Enterprise? It is one that makes use of information derived from connected people, systems and things, from all channels within and outside the enterprise. It is an organization that leverages data to gain insights that inform action. It is an enterprise powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Independently, these disruptive technologies can improve operations in endless ways. Combined, they fundamentally transform the enterprise—giving organizations a head start on transformation to stay ahead of the competition. Discover the practical and effective ways these technologies can help to achieve true digital transformation, improve customer service, streamline business operations and innovate. Seize the genius of AI and IoT today.

OpenText™ powers digital transformations to empower the intelligent and connected enterprise. Enabling companies to digitize processes and supply chains and discover value in their information with analytics and Artificial Intelligence, OpenText offers greater business insight to make data-driven decisions for success.

About Mike Hooper
Mike Hooper is the Director, Digital Transformation (APAC) with OpenText. He has 30 years of leadership experience in IT including technical, commercial, business and sales roles, with a proven ability at CxO level across multiple industries demonstrating business value and ROI. Mike is a key member of executive team, supporting regional business development, whilst leading initiatives in commercial and private sectors to develop-deliver innovative solutions to commercial and government entities based on emerging digital technologies. A thought leader with credible expertise in leading and executing transformational change, he influences and coaches large-scale growth, demonstrating and delivering significant value across commercial and government sectors.

Agile Mindset: Key to Digital Transformation in Corporate Enterprise

Verapat Chantaravannakul, Chief Information Technology Officer at FWD Life Insurance PCL, delivered a workshop around “Agile Mindset: Key to Digital Transformation in Corporate Enterprise”.

Digital Transformation is about people making changes in their mindset to innovate business processes by using technology, to better serve the customers. Verapat’s presentation took the audience through his personal experience of the digital transformation age.

About Verapat Chantaravannakul

Verapat has joined FWD Life Insurance Thailand since 2016 as Chief Information Technology Officer, overseeing all aspects of IT initiatives, software development and IT infrastructure. He is passionate about digital transformation, starting from the paradigm shifting in people mindset and working closely with the business units to deliver new value to the customers.

Prior to this role, Verapat was the CIO of Generali Insurance Thailand and the Business Transformation and IS Director for Bupa Health Insurance. Before getting into the insurance industry, he was in the packaging industry as the Cluster IT Leader for Tetra Pak ASEAN, leading the IT manager’s team of ASEAN countries and India.

Verapat is infusing Agile at scale and DevOps practices into the corporate, in which he strongly believes, will be the key success factors to the Digital Transformation. Above all, he believes that: Digital Transformation is about people making changes in their mindset to innovate business processes by using technology, to better serve the customers.

Building sophisticated digital platforms that can map digital customer journeys

Saurabh Gupta, Associate Director Digital Asia-Pacific at Frost & Sullivan, delivered a workshop around “Building sophisticated digital platforms that can map digital customer journeys”.

In this increasingly complex digital world, organisations today, need to deliver experiences that supports customers across the entire customer journey. As much as the customers expect engaging and consistent digital experience at every touchpoint, they also need seamless delivery regardless of the fact that they are just browsing for information or use the channel only for non-purchase activities. This session covered the different phases of digital customer journey and the technology or platforms required to deliver these expectations including BI, CRM, Portal, WCM, Marketing and search automation. It also also looked at how, organisations can and should build optimised and new age digital platforms that can map as well as enable these journeys to drive sales and loyalty.

About Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh is an Associate Director with the Digital Transformation Practice at Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific and has over 12 years of consulting and analytics expertise, in digital roadmaps for government and large technology, healthcare and retail clients. He leads Customer Experience Strategy across B2B and B2C environments and identifies cutting-edge technologies, innovations as well as process and operational improvements to improve customer’s involvement across the purchase journey.

Saurabh leads discussions with C-level, to identify business levers, gaps and technology investments including ROI as well as long-term sustainability. His expertise lies in identifying and developing practical solutions that provide tangible results. His experience in technology implementation and understanding of various digital and data-intensive technologies, and infrastructure enables development of implementation levers and readiness plans, identification of implementation and post-implementation risks and most importantly enabling solutions and means to bridge the gaps.

Recent engagements in Thailand include: working on a Large Customer Experience engagement for a Retail Client in Thailand (ongoing), Data Center Modernisation/Digital Government roadmap for Government Agency, Market Entry Strategy in Thailand for a Japanese Conglomerate etc. Across the region, he’s worked with large Healthcare companies, Education conglomerate, and Korea/Japan based technology players in Customer Experience Strategy, Go-To-Market Strategy, Market Entry and Portfolio Rationalisation.

Saurabh holds a Master in Business Administration (Marketing and Technology) and is an Electronics Engineer. He’s trained by INSEAD and Harvard University on Digital Technologies and Leadership Engagement. He holds Project Management PMP Certification and is certified Lean Six Sigma. He’s recognised at Frost & Sullivan with President’s award, as one of top talents in the company.

Breaking Down Silos – is moving from a component team to a feature team structure required to scale?

Joel Dickson, Development Manager at Agoda, delivered a presentation around “Breaking Down Silos – is moving from a component team to a feature team structure required to scale?”

Joel Dickson talked about how Agoda broke down silos and shifted from a component team to a feature team structure. Implementing GitHub as a central platform and creating a “pull request culture” that fostered agility & flexibility allowing Agoda to scale exponentially.

About Agoda
Agoda is transforming travel for millions of customers across the globe. Headquartered in Asia, Agoda is one of the world’s largest online travel accommodation platforms. Founded in 2005 and now part of Booking Holdings (Nasdaq:BKNG), Agoda has a network of over 1,000,000 vacation rentals and hotels worldwide. Our web and mobile products provide a first-rate reservation service in 38 languages that uniquely combines local knowledge and local connections to provide the best deals for business and leisure travelers.

About GitHub
GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. Over 24 million people use GitHub to build amazing things together across 67 million repositories. With the collaborative features of and GitHub Business, it has never been easier for individuals and teams to write faster, better code.

SD – WAN – The Application Driven AGILE Network

Derek Granath, Vice President, Product Marketing at Silver Peak, moderated a Panel Discussion around “SD – WAN – The Application Driven AGILE Network”. Panellists included:

– Athikom Kanchanavibhu, Vice President of Information Technology, Shera Public Company Limited
– Voranuch Dejakaisaya, Chief Information and Operations Officer, Bank of Ayudhya Plc.
– Preecha Kamnoetsing, Regional IT Manager, APAC & MEA, Troy Siam Company Limited

This session discussed how organizations can utilize an SD-WAN to consolidate and simplify the branch:

• What a “Thin Branch” is and how it benefits the entire enterprise
• Is SD-WAN for your organization?
• What considerations should you consider when choosing an SD-WAN solution to build a better WAN including:
– Active use of broadband services for enterprise applications
– Security
– Centralized orchestration
– Application acceleration (WAN optimization)
• New ways to gracefully migrate to SD-WAN at your own pace

About Derek Granath
Derek has more than 20 years of technology product marketing, product management and business development experience with a focus on high-performance enterprise and service provider networking systems. At Silver Peak, he leads the Product Marketing and Technical Marketing Engineering teams responsible for product positioning and messaging for service provider and enterprise SD-WAN offerings.

About Athikom Kanchanavibhu
Athikom is Vice President of Information Technology at Shera Public Company Limited. Responsible for overall strategy and execution of all IT pillars and digital transformation program in Thailand and investment countries. Before joining Shera, he has been working with leading consulting firm like Accenture, IBM, AtoS and global FMCG company like Nestle. Currently, Shera has undergone cloud infrastructure and domestic WAN transformation in the past 6 months and is in the journey to transform its global WAN landscape.

About Voranuch Dejakaisaya
Voranuch Dejakaisaya is the Chief Information and Operations Officer at Bank of Ayudhya PCL and has been in this role since January 1, 2017. Prior this role she was IT SEA Leader of GE Capital before transferring to be CIO at the Bank of Ayudhya in year 2009. Bank of Ayudhya is in the group of MUFG bank Japan, be the 5th largest bank in Thailand with number of branches in country over 630 branches, 6500 ATMs, 20,000 staffs.

About Preecha Kamnoetsing
Regional IT Manager, responsible for all IT Systems and IT Services in TROY’s Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa (including China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey).

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