Big Data at the Heart of Airport Transformation


We have made it our mission to create a joyful airport experience for you”

Yiang Ming Lee, Chief Information Officer, Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad

During this presentation at the CIO Leaders Summit in Malaysia, Yiang shared the journey that Malaysia Airports has taken to achieve its digital transformation via the use of big data. Discussions included:
• Introduction about Malaysia Airports (MAHB) and the Airport 4.0 digital journey
• Key challenges that drove MAHB’s adoption of big data and the start of its digital journey
• The culture and change management of the Big Data Journey and why this is so important for MAHB
• Review of current cases – ranging from aspirational areas around commercial and retail to the simpler used cases that have helped ease some areas of operations.
• MAHB’s intention in using big data as the basis of all decision-making process moving forward

About Yiang Ming Lee

An experienced senior leader with vast regional exposure in various fast-growing industries (telecommunications and finance). Strong delivery background plus adapt in areas of IT transformation.

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