James Thang

Group CIO, UCSI Group



As UCSI Group Chief Information Officer, James Thang and his technical team lead the entire UCSI Group of Companies toward Digital Transformation and recently, he is named as one of the ETCIO SEA Transformative CIOs 2022.

Under James Thang’s innovative technology deployment parking automation project in 2022 that made UCSI University become the first university in Malaysia to implement LPR – Licence Plate Recognition parking management system. This project is to complement James Thang’s more extravagant plan towards having UCSI Group embrace the Industrial Revolution 4.0 where in the same year, James Thang along with his team launched an E-Money mobile application named UCSIPAY. With the app up and running, UCSI University is now the first local educational institution with E-Money License, granted by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). The integration between the automated parking management system and the cashless parking payment via UCSIPAY is James Thang’s brilliance to eliminate long queues at parking payment machines, ensuring ease of entering and exiting the campus by reducing the parking payment cycle from an average of 40 seconds to less than 10 seconds per person.