Software Delivery Automation with Low-Code


Software Delivery Automation with Low-Code

Marouen Zelleg, Regional Sales Manager & Riva Uy, Senior Solutions Architect, OutSystems

In this workshop the team from OutSystems shared and showed the audience live how Low-Code Application Delivery Platforms like OutSystems, enables enterprise-grade projects to be released in just weeks.

With the abundance of Data and the emergence of disruptive AI and ML technologies, competition for market share and superior user experience has never been this fierce.

Companies’ ability to leverage these readily available assets and deliver digital solutions fast can determine their success or decline.

About Marouen Zelleg

Marouen, a Low-Code evangelist and the Regional Sales Manager at OutSystems, is committed to engaging with Asia-Pacific organizations across diverse industries, transforming their needs into strategic Digital Transformation initiatives. Over the years, Marouen has been part of multiple IT organizations worldwide, focusing on Customer Experience and Business Process improvement. His multicultural and pluri-disciplinary affinity have led him to thrive in the growing Asian technology scene and earned him the role of trusted advisor among many regional industry leaders.

About Riva Uy

Riva loves technology in all shapes and sizes. She’s passionate about using tech and digitization to transform businesses and lifestyles. In the years since she’s started her career, she’s had extensive experience in the full software development lifecycle, with a flare for business analysis and solutions design. She’s delivered mission-critical comprehensive projects leading multi skilled teams.

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