Building The Self Driving WAN of The Future


Moving from Software-defined to a Self-driving Wide Area Network

Kunal Jha, Regional Director, Silver Peak

Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity has been a long, tenuous issue for companies, because traditional WAN architectures have a rigid nature, complexity, and high cost, making it more difficult for businesses to react effectively to market changes. For years, WAN connectivity was focused on remote branch offices, which rarely had the gravity to demand a better solution from headquarters IT; but with more cloud applications (which are being deployed outside of the data center), WAN architectures have come under greater scrutiny.

Today, SD-WAN is reshaping the branch network architecture. It offers a much more flexible approach to networking, allowing enterprises to combine and configure multiple network technologies, and yet ensure performance, improved security, and lower costs. This session explained how you can build a next-generation enterprise WAN.

About Kunal Jha

Kunal Jha is the Regional Sales Director of Silver Peak. As a technology sales professional since December 2002, Kunal has enjoyed helping customers of all sizes succeed in a variety of endeavors. The common theme though, has always been technology. He is deeply passionate about the potential for technology to continue transforming our lives, our companies, our future and our world.

As a part of the ASEAN Sales Team at Silver Peak, Kunal engages with senior IT Decision Makers across the region and helps them in their digital transformation journey by introducing them to the next level Evolution of Wide Area Networking.

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