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Towards IND4.0 Digital Manufacturing

Jonas Anthony, Manufacturing and Quality Director, Panasonic Group Malaysia

Jonas Anthony, the Manufacturing and Quality Director of  Panasonic Group Malaysia held a presentation at the CIO Leaders Summit Malaysia to discuss the Exponential growth of disruptive technologies, the importance of digital manufacturing and all things IND4.0.

“IND4.0 is a sure game changer. In the manufacturing industry a drastic transformation is coming in the way manufacturers do business; ranging from design, manufacturing of goods and how we service customers. Creating a significant level of manufacturing agility is key to making it possible to customers’ needs and to align to business ability to deliver a customised product virtually on demand.

Manufacturers need to set a course for tomorrow and be ready for networked cyber physical systems manufacturing because it would facilitate fundamental improvement in predictive manufacturing especially in order processing, material management, quality improvement, machine maintenance, staff management, energy management and productivity improvement by leveraging on IND4.0 technologies. It will significantly alter the business landscape or how entire industries operate. It will definitely force companies to change or risk losing market share and becoming irrelevant in international business.”


About Jonas Anthony

Jonas Anthony is a highly dynamic and well experienced Lean, Productivity and Quality Improvement professional with 28 years of working experience in the manufacturing industry, in Semiconductors, Telecommunications and Home Appliances.

His experience in this industry spans across R&D, QA, Production, Industrial Engineering, HR and managing a vast variety and multitude of cross functional projects.

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