Journey from Big Data to Artificial Intelligence


Journey from Big Data to Artificial Intelligence

Jay Shah, Chief Data & Artificial Intelligence Officer, MyRepublic

This session took the audience through the journey of data to artificial intelligence from the lens of a communication service provider, focusing particularly on the need to leverage on technology to help companies understand customers as “segments of one” in order to deliver a new level of customer service and experience.

About Jay Shah

As MyRepublic’s first Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer, Jay Shah drives the implementation of artificial intelligence, predictive data analytics and machine learning
into the company’s TelcoTech platform. He leads the teams that develop predictive data analytics and machine learning into the platform, providing MyRepublic with real-time insights into consumer behaviour and opening new business opportunities.

Jay is a serial entrepreneur and has launched businesses in multiple markets around the world. Prior to joining MyRepublic, he was the founder and CEO of OpenDNA, a publicly listed Artificial Intelligence business that built cognitive models to enable deeply personalised experiences for users. Previously, he also launched a tech start-up
incubator investing into early stage businesses in the UK, a VoIP business in North America and East Africa as well as mobile operator in the UK.

A strategist with a record of innovation, Jay’s accomplishments have earned him widespread recognition in the technology, telecommunications and AI industries across Europe, North America and Africa.

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