Transforming a 100-year-old Appliance Maker


Transforming a 100-year-old Appliance Maker

Jai Thampi, Head of Digital Transformation, APAC-MEA, Electrolux

In this session, Jai shared Electrolux’s view on the latest trends in retail and how Electrolux is assisting its traditional channel partners win in the digital/e-commerce world. He taught the audience how IoT-enabled appliances will evolve into becoming new channels for services and new business modes.

About Jai Thampi

Chief Transformation Officer, digital innovation leader, and recipient of the 2019 global award for Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders by World CSR Congress. Been P&L leader for multi-million dollar businesses in regional and global remits for some of the world’s most admired tech, B2C, and B2B companies. Strong background in developing and implementing customer experience-focused digital solutions for traditional non-digital-native corporations. A thinker-doer who is not afraid of change or technology, and like to multiply the two. Rich practical experience that helps cut the bulls#it, deliver commercial results, and build great teams and organization culture.

SDWAN – The Digital Native Network for Digital Transformation


SDWAN – The Digital Native Network for Digital Transformation

Elsie Tan, IT Director, Evolution Wellness Holdings

Elsie Tan, the IT Director from Evolution Wellness Holdings shared during her workshop the lessons learnt and experience for SDWAN implementation in Asia.

While organisations are focusing on digital transformation and moving to cloud based applications, a scalable and flexible digital native network is becoming more and more important to ensure successful digital transformation.

SDWAN is one of the options for network transformation, however there are various SDWAN solutions available in the market and choosing the most cost effective and right solution for your organisation could be a challenging process. Besides, there are also other important aspects need to be considered for a successful network transformation such as network infrastructure readiness in your respective country or region.

About Elsie Tan

Result oriented and business savvy IT senior manager with more than 17 years of diverse experience in Asia Pacific IT industry. Proven track records in IT strategy, service management, project management, application development, system and infrastructure implementation for MNC companies. Able to work under pressure and manage complex IT projects, emphasize on flawless execution and communicate well with senior management, team members and users from different countries, cultures and business units. Demonstrated ability to lead and develop teams to achieve goals, also well known as a person who can provide solutions and recommendations for process improvement.

Software Delivery Automation with Low-Code


Software Delivery Automation with Low-Code

Marouen Zelleg, Regional Sales Manager & Riva Uy, Senior Solutions Architect, OutSystems

In this workshop the team from OutSystems shared and showed the audience live how Low-Code Application Delivery Platforms like OutSystems, enables enterprise-grade projects to be released in just weeks.

With the abundance of Data and the emergence of disruptive AI and ML technologies, competition for market share and superior user experience has never been this fierce.

Companies’ ability to leverage these readily available assets and deliver digital solutions fast can determine their success or decline.

About Marouen Zelleg

Marouen, a Low-Code evangelist and the Regional Sales Manager at OutSystems, is committed to engaging with Asia-Pacific organizations across diverse industries, transforming their needs into strategic Digital Transformation initiatives. Over the years, Marouen has been part of multiple IT organizations worldwide, focusing on Customer Experience and Business Process improvement. His multicultural and pluri-disciplinary affinity have led him to thrive in the growing Asian technology scene and earned him the role of trusted advisor among many regional industry leaders.

About Riva Uy

Riva loves technology in all shapes and sizes. She’s passionate about using tech and digitization to transform businesses and lifestyles. In the years since she’s started her career, she’s had extensive experience in the full software development lifecycle, with a flare for business analysis and solutions design. She’s delivered mission-critical comprehensive projects leading multi skilled teams.

Big Data at the Heart of Airport Transformation


We have made it our mission to create a joyful airport experience for you”

Yiang Ming Lee, Chief Information Officer, Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad

During this presentation at the CIO Leaders Summit in Malaysia, Yiang shared the journey that Malaysia Airports has taken to achieve its digital transformation via the use of big data. Discussions included:
• Introduction about Malaysia Airports (MAHB) and the Airport 4.0 digital journey
• Key challenges that drove MAHB’s adoption of big data and the start of its digital journey
• The culture and change management of the Big Data Journey and why this is so important for MAHB
• Review of current cases – ranging from aspirational areas around commercial and retail to the simpler used cases that have helped ease some areas of operations.
• MAHB’s intention in using big data as the basis of all decision-making process moving forward

About Yiang Ming Lee

An experienced senior leader with vast regional exposure in various fast-growing industries (telecommunications and finance). Strong delivery background plus adapt in areas of IT transformation.

Unlocking Innovation with Dell Technologies Multi-Cloud


Unlocking Innovation with Dell Technologies Multi-Cloud

Sumash Singh, Senior Regional Sales Director, Data Center Solutions, Dell Technologies

This session from Sumash Singh, the Director of Data Center Sales for Dell EMC in South Asia and Korea looked into the journey to undertake for a successful transformation.

“As our shift into a digital economy continues to accelerate, companies must out-innovate, out-think and outpace their competition. Companies of all sizes embark on transformational journeys to build dramatically smarter products and services. IT Transformation is a critical part of this process; it brings agility, greater efficiency, and frees up resources for innovation. Many IT organisations are embarking on a multi-cloud strategy as part of their transformation.”

About Sumash Singh

Sumash has 20 years’ experience in IT Transformation and Data Center Projects, and has recently relocated to Singapore. Serving a regional market, Sumash is frequently traveling to Philippines, Korea and Malaysia working with Enterprise customers and supporting the local teams enable customer IT Transformation initiatives.

Prior to moving to Singapore, Sumash was the Managing Director of EMC Computer Systems in Malaysia from 2016 to 2017. He was primarily responsible for the Sales and Marketing organization of EMC Computer Systems in Malaysia. Having relocated from South Africa, Sumash engaged with key customers in the Malaysian market and worked with local partners to grow the EMC share of Data Center business, prior to the formalization of Dell EMC.

Sumash is South African born, having spent most of his career in South Africa working for Multinationals, such as EMC, Symantec and Commvault.

He was the head of Data Protection Sales and Presales for EMC Southern Africa from 2008 – 2014 working across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mauritius.

In 2015, Sumash was appointed Country Manager of Commvault South Africa to grow and develop the South Africa market for the Data Management Software Producer.

Sumash is married to Michelle, and has three children. He enjoys cycling, running and is an avid Motorsport enthusiast.

Journey from Big Data to Artificial Intelligence


Journey from Big Data to Artificial Intelligence

Jay Shah, Chief Data & Artificial Intelligence Officer, MyRepublic

This session took the audience through the journey of data to artificial intelligence from the lens of a communication service provider, focusing particularly on the need to leverage on technology to help companies understand customers as “segments of one” in order to deliver a new level of customer service and experience.

About Jay Shah

As MyRepublic’s first Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer, Jay Shah drives the implementation of artificial intelligence, predictive data analytics and machine learning
into the company’s TelcoTech platform. He leads the teams that develop predictive data analytics and machine learning into the platform, providing MyRepublic with real-time insights into consumer behaviour and opening new business opportunities.

Jay is a serial entrepreneur and has launched businesses in multiple markets around the world. Prior to joining MyRepublic, he was the founder and CEO of OpenDNA, a publicly listed Artificial Intelligence business that built cognitive models to enable deeply personalised experiences for users. Previously, he also launched a tech start-up
incubator investing into early stage businesses in the UK, a VoIP business in North America and East Africa as well as mobile operator in the UK.

A strategist with a record of innovation, Jay’s accomplishments have earned him widespread recognition in the technology, telecommunications and AI industries across Europe, North America and Africa.

BP’s Digital Transformation Journey: Preparing Ourselves for the Next Generation


BP’s Digital Transformation Journey: Preparing Ourselves for the Next Generation.

Kurt Bergmans, Head of Global IT Service Operations, BP PLC

Our industry is changing faster than at any time in our lifetime. New digital business models are the principal reason why over half of the names of companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000; and yet, we are only at the beginning of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Successful companies recognise the opportunity to do things differently.

In this case study Kurt shared Vision 2020, which defines the identity, purpose and ambition of BP’s global IT organisation to modernise IT and be at the heart of BP’s Digital Transformation.

“We are currently on a journey to transform our processes, tools and most importantly our people to stay relevant and become more agile in an environment where change is constant and predictability a thing of the past.”

About Kurt Bergmans

  • Senior executive with over 20 years in international IT management, with roles ranging from COO to global programme director and currently Head of global IT Service Operations at BP.
  • Successful track record in managing global clients with a revenue of over €80 million annually
  • Vast experience in service delivery, service management and service improvement for large international companies/multinationals
  • Excellent client relationship skills with a good understanding of client needs and ability to translate these needs into solutions
  • Proven people management skills with a focus on team building and motivating employees
  • Excellent vendor and partner management skills
  • Strong focus on building and managing cross-geographic and cross-cultural teams and programs
  • Proven track record in reducing costs of running international programs as well as increasing program revenues
  • In-depth knowledge of budgeting, pricing, planning, implementing and managing remote and onsite IT services for MNCs
  • Vast experience in managing multi-million euro IT contracts for international clients including Shell, ExxonMobil, Baker Hughes, Merck, Malaysia Airlines, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Johnson &Johnson, BASF, and Dell.

Building The Self Driving WAN of The Future


Moving from Software-defined to a Self-driving Wide Area Network

Kunal Jha, Regional Director, Silver Peak

Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity has been a long, tenuous issue for companies, because traditional WAN architectures have a rigid nature, complexity, and high cost, making it more difficult for businesses to react effectively to market changes. For years, WAN connectivity was focused on remote branch offices, which rarely had the gravity to demand a better solution from headquarters IT; but with more cloud applications (which are being deployed outside of the data center), WAN architectures have come under greater scrutiny.

Today, SD-WAN is reshaping the branch network architecture. It offers a much more flexible approach to networking, allowing enterprises to combine and configure multiple network technologies, and yet ensure performance, improved security, and lower costs. This session explained how you can build a next-generation enterprise WAN.

About Kunal Jha

Kunal Jha is the Regional Sales Director of Silver Peak. As a technology sales professional since December 2002, Kunal has enjoyed helping customers of all sizes succeed in a variety of endeavors. The common theme though, has always been technology. He is deeply passionate about the potential for technology to continue transforming our lives, our companies, our future and our world.

As a part of the ASEAN Sales Team at Silver Peak, Kunal engages with senior IT Decision Makers across the region and helps them in their digital transformation journey by introducing them to the next level Evolution of Wide Area Networking.

Successful Digital Transformation – A Futuristic Factory


Towards IND4.0 Digital Manufacturing

Jonas Anthony, Manufacturing and Quality Director, Panasonic Group Malaysia

Jonas Anthony, the Manufacturing and Quality Director of  Panasonic Group Malaysia held a presentation at the CIO Leaders Summit Malaysia to discuss the Exponential growth of disruptive technologies, the importance of digital manufacturing and all things IND4.0.

“IND4.0 is a sure game changer. In the manufacturing industry a drastic transformation is coming in the way manufacturers do business; ranging from design, manufacturing of goods and how we service customers. Creating a significant level of manufacturing agility is key to making it possible to customers’ needs and to align to business ability to deliver a customised product virtually on demand.

Manufacturers need to set a course for tomorrow and be ready for networked cyber physical systems manufacturing because it would facilitate fundamental improvement in predictive manufacturing especially in order processing, material management, quality improvement, machine maintenance, staff management, energy management and productivity improvement by leveraging on IND4.0 technologies. It will significantly alter the business landscape or how entire industries operate. It will definitely force companies to change or risk losing market share and becoming irrelevant in international business.”


About Jonas Anthony

Jonas Anthony is a highly dynamic and well experienced Lean, Productivity and Quality Improvement professional with 28 years of working experience in the manufacturing industry, in Semiconductors, Telecommunications and Home Appliances.

His experience in this industry spans across R&D, QA, Production, Industrial Engineering, HR and managing a vast variety and multitude of cross functional projects.

One Transformation – 3 Journeys


Frederic Ducros, Chief Transformation Officer, AirAsia

Frederic Ducros, the Chief Transformation Officer from AirAsia started of the CIO Leaders Summit Malaysia with a keynote session that explored the 3 journeys necessary for a deep and lasting transformation:

  1. Transformation from a vision in one head, to many visions in many heads, to a shared vision in all heads
    – How exploring and confronting with reality and others views, through experiments and open spaces, may help refine and realise a strategy, especially when entering new spaces.
  2. Transformation from the work of one hand to work in all hands
    – How getting the basics right, the way we run and approach processes, projects and products will help you get out of your own way, and drive real innovation and transformation.
  3. Transformation in all hearts
    – How shifting from ‘bringing change to people’ to ‘bringing change with people’ then ‘bringing change through people’ will help you adopt a better role for Digital, IT and Transformation Office heads and teams.

About Frederic Ducros 

Frederic worked for 20 years in consulting with KPMG, Deloitte, Oracle and

Frederic is now Chief Transformation Officer for AirAsia, where he helps the executive team, management teams, and change agents (a.k.a. “Founders’ Circle”), by driving and supporting:

  • drive the end-to-end review and continuous improvement of all processes across all entities and departments, and the selection/deployment of approaches, tools and technologies to map, monitor, run and automate processes to run the business more efficiently.
  • improve and coordinate the way (and tools and technologies with which) management, change agents and all staff capture ideas and opportunities, and select, start, monitor, and close projects that bring the value and transformation needed.
  • drive and pace the collective, iterative, refinement of new ways of working, with executives, heads of departments, and staff.
  • lead the development of 1000+ change agents, via reverse learning, experiential activities and games, action learning sets.

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