Building a resilient and agile, data driven enterprise – Panel discussion


Andrew Milroy, Founder, Veqtor8


Sazali Sukardi, Senior Vice President, Strategic Research, CyberSecurity Malaysia
Shyh Haur Law, CISO, Touch ‘n Go Group

For today’s businesses, success means being data-driven. Generating value from vast amounts of data, engendering innovation, and having agile and scalable business models necessitates the use of cloud technologies wherever possible. But adoption of new technologies creates risk which must be managed.

This session discussed accelerated adoption of new technologies as businesses rapidly digitalize, as well as the new cybersecurity risks that are created. The panellists also delved into the best ways to manage these risks to build resilience into your organisation.

Digital Leadership and Data Culture to drive Digital Transformation – Sam Majid

Sam Majid, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

This presentation covered:
1. The impact of leadership to drive the organisational culture into Digital Economy
2. The MCMC cultural journey into becoming data-driven organisation
3. Data Governance together with data-driven mindset are relevant to thrive in the Digital Economy


WORKSHOP 4 – Building Adaptable Enterprise Through Technology – Ts. Tengku Intan Narqiah Tengku Othman

Ts. Tengku Intan Narqiah Tengku Othman , Chief Digital and Information Officer, SIRIM Berhad

Every enterprise is tested during the pandemic, and only adaptable enterprises can survive. It is undeniable that the usage of technologies amongst many factors for the enterprise remains resilient. IT Leaders may sometimes face difficulties to justify their investment. Although it is common sense for technologists, it is not the case for the business leaders and the Chief Finance Officer.

In this session, Intan provided an example of technologies used, and the benefits realised once they were used.


Challenges CIOs and IT Leaders are facing in the high-tech organisation – Dinesh Barathy Dason

Dinesh Barathy Dason, IT Head, Malaysia, Exyte Malaysia

Points of discussion during this roundtable included:
• The talent hunt & mismatch of skillsets
• Keeping the hybrid environment afloat
• Defending against cybercriminals & technology shortages
• Burnout & driving change
• Budget & leadership support
• Project management & analysis & problem solving
• Recognize and prepare for Web 3.0
• Covid’s Aftermath


The IT Leaders’ Playbook on Network & Security Transformation – Vignesa Moorthy

Vignesa Moorthy, CEO, ViewQwest

In this session, CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs in Malaysia who are boldly driving Network & Security Transformation and successfully empowering their businesses sat down to discuss the following points:

• What are the real-world business challenges that IT leaders are trying to solve to support the digital enterprise?
• What solutions can holistically address these challenges and scales at the pace that the business requires?
• How can enterprises best transform while maximizing their current network and security investments?


Real-Time Digital Transformation: How Your Organisations are Adapting and Can Thrive? – Rully Moulany

Rully Moulany, Regional Sales Director, Southeast Asia Markets, Confluent

Today, the need for access to real time data is undeniable across industries. Where once real time may have been something to aim for in the future, today even near real time is not enough.

Key areas discussed include:
• Unique data management challenges in your organisation
• Adopting enterprise streaming technology for different business use cases
• Gain valuable insights on real-time data


WORKSHOP 2 – Key cybersecurity trends – Andrew Milroy

Andrew Milroy, Founder, Veqtor8

APAC organisations are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. As digital transformation accelerates, attack surfaces expand and create fertile terrain for malicious actors. Current controls are woefully inadequate and new approaches to cybersecurity need to be adopted.

In this session, leading cybersecurity industry analyst, Andrew Milroy, discussed the key trends in cybersecurity in 2022 with a focus on new ways in which APAC organisations can mitigate digital risk.

WORKSHOP 1 – Build a digital-first business with data in motion – Rully Moulany

Rully Moulany, Regional Sales Director, Southeast Asia Markets, Confluent

In this presentation, Rully delved into Building a digital-first business with data in motion.

Key takeaways from this session include:
• What’s Data in Motion? Why data in motion is key for citizen experience.
• An introduction to some of the technology behind event streaming, including Apache Kafka
• Best Practices and Industry use cases in Southeast Asia


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