Chief Executive and Innovation Officer of Metlife opens up this years 2nd annual CIO Leaders Indonesia Summit


Zia Zaman head of innovation at MetLife Asia opens up this years 2nd annual CIO Leaders Indonesia Summit at the Westin Hotel in Jakarta.

This years summit has attracted over 100 of the countries leading CIOs and IT leaders for the day.

Zia Zaman has been working with his team to create disruptive business models to drive growth. Reimagining insurance, moving beyond the current definition of what insurance should be, is Metlifes Mars-shot objective. In pursuing it, they have discovered that they can maximize their impact not just by building businesses, but also by affecting culture change.

Mr Zaman also discussed that they specifically will need to instill a growth mindset. This mindset shift has become the principal work of leading Innovation Centers like GE, Citi, and MetLife. “If you are investing in innovation, you must make it your focus too,” Said Mr Zaman.

“Innovation is less about building a process to commercialize ideas; it’s about reorienting talent to build a culture that adapts and finds new ways to grow.”

CEO of Focus Network Tyron McGurgan said “We are very pleased Zia Zaman has joined us for this years event and been able to share insights of the major transformational changes Metlife and he’s team are carrying out across the region.”

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